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D-Link Router

D-Link DAP 1320 Reset: Things You Can’t-Miss

D-Link DAP 1320 Reset

Wireless networks have reduced the clutter of unnecessary cables and cords. When it comes to wireless networking, you have to rely on smart wireless routers for conveying Wi-Fi signals all over the house. D-Link Wi-Fi extenders are a very reliable option for broadcasting wireless signals all over the house. Whether it’s a duplex building or…

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D-Link Router Reset Button: Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore

D-Link Router Resetting

Routers are best-known for controlling the home and office networks. But, often, you might face major to minor issues. Resetting your D-Link router can save you time and effort by rolling your router back to initial settings. Users have reported that resetting has been useful in most cases of unusual issues with network speed, coverage,…

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How to Setup VPN on D-Link Router?

VPN on D-Link Router

There have constantly been raising concerns regarding privacy and security in the online world. And, you need to take the essential steps to ensure that your data is safe and private. There are various ways to ensure that, and using a VPN is among the most effective ones. You can encrypt your internet connection using…

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Why Does My D-Link Router Keep Disconnecting? [Solved]

D-Link Router Keep Disconnecting

Wireless connections have eliminated the chances of tripping over wires and getting overburdened with the cables connecting to computers from routers. However, everything comes with a price to pay. The only issue with a wireless network can be a frequent drop in the connection. If you have a D-Link router and you might face this…

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How to Set a Password for Your D-Link Router?

Set a Password for Your D-Link Router

The password is a crucial security measure for your router. So, you must always protect your D-link router’s wireless network with a password. After all, every other security measure might become ineffective in the absence of that. You can set a password for your router during the setup process. But, you might want to keep…

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How to Connect D-Link Extender with Modem Router Xfinity?

Connect D-Link Extender with Modem Router Xfinity

Wireless connection has become a key component of home and office networks. But, wireless connection with a comparatively lower range can be utterly disgusting. When you stay in a duplex building or have plenty of rooms, then a wireless network with a small range isn’t enough. It’s not always the bandwidth of the wireless connection.…

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How to Change Channel on D-Link Router?

Change Channel on D-Link Router

Wireless connection modes are the most convenient way to keep your devices connected to the internet. Wireless routers from D-Link are quite in demand for extraordinary internet speeds and reliability. However, when multiple routers surround you, locating and connecting to the desired D-Link router might be frustrating. How can you solve this issue? Well, the…

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D-Link AC5300 Router 2022 Review

D-Link AC5300 Router

D-Link routers come with a wide variety of features and specifications for users. You would surely find one that perfectly suits your requirements. Here, we will look at the D-Link AC5300, which is among the most popular of their launches. So, you might want to try it out if you are looking for a new…

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D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Extender Review 2022

D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Extender

A wireless extender can help you improve the range of your Wi-Fi to suit your requirements. Are you unable to access your wireless network from specific areas of your home? Then, an extender can offer a long-term solution in such cases, and you can choose from a wide range of options. Many prominent router manufacturers…

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D-Link Cloud Router 1200 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

D-Link Cloud Router 1200

D-Link has offered the best cloud routers over the years, and AC1200 is no exception. Millions of people use this wireless router to secure the office network. And, it allows the users to exchange the routes of two different private cloud networks. This D-Link router helps change the wireless networks without disrupting traffic. Many large-small…

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