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Funny IP Addresses

Top 15 Funny IP Addresses You Can Consider

Every device that can connect to an internet network has a unique identifier called an IP address. It’s a combination of numbers and letters that are more than just a string of numerics. There are a handful of IP addresses that are quite funny and interesting.

We have mentioned the top 15 funny IP addresses and how they stand out from each other. Indeed, you will notice repetitive sequences and unusual iterations in those IP addresses. Let’s review them and know more about IP addresses, shall we?

IP Address: A Brief Overview

Before you jump to the top 15 funny addresses, you should be aware of what an IP address is and what it looks like. An Internet Protocol or IP address indicates an alphanumeric address of a specific device connected to the Internet. For example, an IP address version 4 can look like this: 

On the other hand, an Internet Protocol address version 6 can be 2001:db8:0:1324:0:567:9:1. Additionally, the web has to depend on multiple protocols for data transmission, navigation, and more. Keep in mind that every IP address is unique. Since multiple devices connect to a Wi-Fi network, the ‘one device, one IP address,’ standard helps differentiate the network from others.

Apart from this, devices over the internet use IP addresses only. Whereas other devices, such as Bluetooth ones, use MAC addresses but not IP addresses. Therefore, everything in your home that connect to the router or access point has an IP address. For instance, the following devices have IP addresses:

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Smart home appliances and more

With IP addresses assigned, these devices are capable of receiving data and sending information to the internet or other connected devices.

Top 15 Funny IP Addresses to Consider

So far, you have seen what IP addresses are and how they help network-enabled devices connect to the web. You can easily spot your computer, smartphone, or router’s IP address. And, that string might seem boring. However, we bring you the top 15 funny IP addresses that might get you some dopamine.

Let’s check them out:


Doesn’t it seem like a perfect scoreboard from a tier of 4 judges at some reality show? Well, this is a local IP address. In addition, a handful of modems and routers use this IP address as their default gateways.


This IP address is totally made up of 1s. Reportedly, this IP address is located in the Asia/Tokyo timezone.


This is one of the most famous IP addresses globally right now. However, it’s commonly used on servers. In addition, this particular IP address is a non-routable Internel Protocol version 4 address with various uses.


As you can see, 4 consecutive numerics construct this IP address. That’s why we think that it deserves to be on the list of the top 15 funny IP addresses. For this IP address, 1 represents the network part, whereas 2.3 indicates the host part.


Do you like palindromic numbers fascinating? If yes, then will be your favourite IP address. Each part has a palindrome number. Additionally, every part separated by a period has a difference of 22.

6. 1ce:1ce:babe

Do you pronounce it ‘ice ice babe’? Well, we do it too. Period!

7. 2001:420:80:1:c:15c0:d06:f00d

This is Cisco’s IP address. In addition, it refers to the famous saying, ‘Eat your own dog food’.

8. aced:a11:7e57

Here’s another popular from the list of the top 15 funny IP addresses. Well, you can memorise this IP address with the phrase, ‘aced all test’.

9. 2001:db8:beef:beef:beef:beef:beef:1

You can definitely tell that it’s a beef-dominated IP address. This is because this IP address 5 parts that say beef, and it’s an alphanumeric code.

10. 1:5ee:bad:code

Do you see a bad code? Well, if you pay a little attention to this random IP address then you will figure out what it says. We think that it says, ‘I see bad code’. What do you think?


Here comes another IP address based on palindrome numbers. Besides this, every part starts with 1 and ends with 1. Not to mention, it’s a non-trivial undulating sequence for an IP address.

12. 867.53.0.9

However, this is a fake IP address. On top of that, it seems to be curated by someone who fancied the ‘80s hit ‘867-5309/Jenny’.


Here’s another funny and unique IP address that you might find fascinating. On an interesting note, this IP address repeats the sequence 123.

14. fc00::bad:c0f:fee

The last 2 parts of this IP address sound like bad coffee. 

15. 123.456.789.000

In the end, we got a series of consecutive numbers here for the first 3 parts. The last part consists of 3 0’s.

Reasons You Want to Change Your IP Address

Hopefully, you get a kick from the above-mentioned list of the top 15 funny IP addresses. However, can you change your device’s default IP address? Yes, it’s possible. For regular internet users, their IP addresses remain static. This means that any particular device’s IP address doesn’t change every time it connects back to the internet. 

Static IP addresses are quite convenient when it comes to following general standards of web browsing. Well, any regular user may generate random IP addresses if they want to. Here are a few reasons why you might consider generating random IP addresses:

Data Collection and Parsing

Every leading industry collects data and parses for several causes and use cases. For example, we find the process beneficial for the following circumstances:

  • Capturing price listing in detail for price aggregators
  • Strengthening cybersecurity firms in testing and research
  • Escalating business intelligence by getting trustworthy analytics
  • Letting SEO experts work on a relevant metric with high accuracy

Now, a static IP address can interrupt your data collection and parsing capabilities. That’s why you can try some random IP addresses. Additionally, you can check out the top 15 funny IP addresses and use them if possible.

Private Browsing

Anonymity is one of the most-searched topics on the internet. General users fear that tech companies are collecting too much data from them, and that’s why users prefer to go anonymous on the web. One evident way to ditch the web tracking software is to hide your default IP address.

You can mask it with a random or famous IP address. Undoubtedly, this will help your privacy. However, you have to be sure about any third-party IP address-generating software. Check out their reviews and authenticity before using them. Otherwise, compromising your data is just a matter of time.

Fooling Geolocation Restrictions

Government authorities can ban some specific content over the internet. Therefore, citizens in that specified country might be unable to view the content with their default IP addresses. To bypass such restrictions, you can use random IP addresses and see if you can view them.

For example, you can access Netflix content unavailable in your region. You can use an IP address that generally indicates a device in the USA. This is because most Netflix shows and movies are available in the USA. 

Risks Related to Generating Random IP Addresses

The top 15 funny IP addresses might seem interesting. In addition, random IP addresses offer a few perks with data collection, geolocation restrictions, privacy maintenance, and more. However, you should trust only valid IP address generators. Using a free tool for generating an IP address can be devastating, such as:

  • With a free IP generator result, you won’t get a satisfactory speed on the internet connection. You will notice a great downfall in your regular internet browsing speed. In reality, many users rely on such free IP generators, and the server can’t handle the workload for obvious reasons.
  • In addition to this, the quality of such free random IP addresses is skeptical. You might encounter CAPTCHAs, IP bans, and other serious issues with free famous IP addresses
  • Usually, developers behind these free IP address-generating tools don’t give away those services for free. Instead, you might have to compensate with your digital identity. For instance, you might notice too many ads after downloading such a generator. If you click on any advertisements, it can inject malicious files into your device.

What are the Ways to Generate Random IP Addresses?

You can try reputed VPN services and To Browser for generating random IP addresses. On the other hand, you can manually assign a dynamic IP address to your device. You can even rotate ISP and Data Centre proxies to generate random IP addresses for safe and private browsing. Furthermore, check out the top 15 funny IP addresses and if you can assign any of them.

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