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A Complete Solution Guide To Try Before Opting For Foscam Support

Foscam is a well-recognized brand of Security camera. Its different products include Wireless IP security cameras, Surveillance of Home Security, and Security NVR Kit. Though Foscam manufactures well quality security cameras, it also comes with some problems. Before you start looking for Foscam Support, we have something for you.

In the following section, we shall discuss the probable fixes for some of the potential threats that your security camera may pose. Try them out. If the methods do not work for you, then without much delay seek professional help for Foscam Support.

Common Problems That Arises In The CCTV Security Devices

If any problem gets installed in the security cameras then it can decline the total security process of that particular location. In this case, at first, you need to identify the cause of the issue to apply the proper solution steps. Though it is a difficult task to identify the proper cause of the issue. Hence, you may take the help of a professional to get the better Foscam Customer Support. The most common problems of Foscam security camera are as follows.

  • iPhone or the iPad device is not able to connect with the NVR security camera.
  • Foscam generates the blurred image on the display.
  • WiFi connection problem with the security device.
  • It stops in functioning for 24*7.
  • LED is on but the security function does not work.

Irrespective of the causes, you need to repair it sooner to enable the security. Here, you will get some of the ways which may help you to fix this problem. But the better way to get a Foscam Support is you need to reach a technician who is working in this field for years.

Steps To Solve Foscam Security Camera Issues

These are the experimental steps of fixing Foscam Security Camera issues.

Step 1: Check The Connectivity And Power Switch Of CCTV Camera

A loose connection of wire can result in the not working condition of the CCTV camera. In such case you need to check all the wire connections location and as well as the power cable of your Security camera device that whether it works properly or not. This is a very common thing you need to perform if you see that your security camera has stopped working.

However, if you are using a wireless home security camera then it is better to check the WiFi connection at first with the help of network cable. And, also you need to ensure that your using router is working properly.

In case you are getting difficulty in processing then contact our team to get the best Foscam support.

Step 2: Check Whether The IP Address Get Overlapping

Every security camera needs a unique IP address to connect with a device through the internet or a computer network. If the same IP address is using by another device then this results in conflicting issue and resists your security camera to function. You can check it by using the process.

There are two ways of verifying the status.

Way 1: To check, open the Run command box by pressing the Windows key and the letter R at the same time. And then on this run bar type “Arp -a” and hit the enter button to verify the status of the IP conflict.

Way 2: To use this way of checking the IP conflict status you need to open the Run box. And to do this, type Run on the Windows search box and then select the topmost search result. Now on the run bar type “ping cameraIPaddress -t.” Remember that in the place of the camera IP address put your IP address which generally looks like “”, but you need to verify before using. After that press Enter and if it shows a message like Unreachable/ Timed out. This will identify whether the security camera is showing disconnecting status or not.

To overcome this fault you need to alter your camera’s IP address. As this is a difficult task to perform so the better way to resolve any issue is you need to take the help of an expert to get Foscam Customer Support

Step 3: Get The Latest Version Of Firmware For Your Security Device

If the firmware of the security camera gets damaged then it may disturb its function. The better way to fix it is to update the firmware of the CCTV camera on your computer device. To do this at first open a browser. And, then go to the manufacturer’s site to download the latest version of firmware. After downloading, install it by following the proper onscreen instruction. This may be sufficient to fix an issue if it is software related.

These are the steps of solving the common problems of Foscam CCTV camera devices. For major issues, you need to call a professional to get the better Foscam Customer Support.