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D-Link Router

D-Link AC5300 Router 2022 Review

D-Link AC5300 Router

D-Link routers come with a wide variety of features and specifications for users. You would surely find one that perfectly suits your requirements. Here, we will look at the D-Link AC5300, which is among the most popular of their launches. So, you might want to try it out if you are looking for a new…

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D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Extender Review 2022

D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Extender

A wireless extender can help you improve the range of your Wi-Fi to suit your requirements. Are you unable to access your wireless network from specific areas of your home? Then, an extender can offer a long-term solution in such cases, and you can choose from a wide range of options. Many prominent router manufacturers…

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D-Link Cloud Router 1200 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

D-Link Cloud Router 1200

D-Link has offered the best cloud routers over the years, and AC1200 is no exception. Millions of people use this wireless router to secure the office network. And, it allows the users to exchange the routes of two different private cloud networks. This D-Link router helps change the wireless networks without disrupting traffic. Many large-small…

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D-Link Router Lights – Everything You Must Know

D-Link Router Lights

Your D-link router has many components that are crucial for its functioning. And, the lights are undoubtedly among the most important ones of them. After all, they help you identify various issues with the router or its network. The lights also help you make sure whether the router is functioning properly. Your router’s lights might…

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How to Update Firmware on Dlink Router?

Update Firmware on Dlink Router

Your D-Link router can usually provide you with a fast and reliable connection. Any trouble faced while establishing a connection might indicate various issues with the device. In such situations, you must take the necessary steps for an effective solution. Depending on the problem you face, you might need to proceed with a wide range…

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D-Link Router Not Working? 5 Ways to Fix it

D-Link Router Not Working

Your router is one of the critical components of your home network. If you have got a D-Link router, it’s a great choice. D-Link routers are best known for their optimum performance and durable features. However, these are also technical gadgets which means that they are prone to technical glitches and mechanical failure. If you…

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D-Link AC 750 Router Review: An Unbiased Opinion 2022

D-Link AC 750 Router

D-Link is a name that you can trust for network components such as routers, extenders, and modems. Nowadays, a home or office is incomplete without the right network setup. And, a router is something that you should have for the right network coverage even when you are on wireless means. If you are looking for…

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D-Link Router DIR-601 Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

D-Link Router DIR-601 Review

D-Link is widely known for offering advanced wireless routers, and DIR-601 is one. This next-generation router provides the best internet coverage. Currently, millions of people are using this D-Link N150 home router. Besides, many entrepreneurs use this high-end device to enjoy high-speed internet access. D-Link has included the Wireless N technology to improve the router’s…

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D-Link Wireless N300 Router Review

D-Link Wireless N300

D-Link offers you a range of wireless routers to provide an optimal experience for all users. With wireless technology advancing constantly, you can always upgrade your existing network. Are you looking for better performance from your home Wi-Fi? Then, the D-Link N300 router can become your go-to choice. This model might offer you the upgrades…

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D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Cloud Router (Review 2022)

D-Link Wireless AC750 Review

D-Link acquires widespread recognition for offering high-end wireless, and AC750 is no exception. It is envisioned to be the best dual-band wireless router. Currently, hundreds of people use this D-Link router to get high-speed internet access. It is also easy to use and comes with standout features. This compact-sized router is ideal for small homes…

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