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Factory Reset D-Link Router

Factory Reset D-Link Router – A Step-by-Step Guide

Factory Reset D-Link Router

D-Link routers are best known for providing high-speed internet. These high-end devices have an average data transmission speed of 300mbps. Most D-Link’s wireless routers come with wireless N technology and have an 8022.11n Wi-Fi standard. D-Link included next-generation security features in these devices. Moreover, these home routers are also easy to install and configure. Access the router’s web interface to set up the device in minutes.

Besides, the users can connect more than 4 Wi-Fi-enabled devices with these routers. But, it is important to acknowledge the device’s IP address for that. Not aware of the D-Link router’s default gateway? Or, need to change the password or network name? Reset the device to its default factory settings to do that.

Moreover, a router reset also eliminates complicated network issues. It improves the Wi-Fi speed and enhances network security.

2 Easy Methods of Factory Reset D-Link Router

Many D-Link router users avoid resetting the device after the initial setup. But, you should never consider doing that in the first place. Reset the device at least once a month to prevent data breaching. Though, most D-Link router users tend to confuse rebooting with resetting.

But, both of these processes work in different ways. When you reset the router, it removes the stored router data, including the password.

A factory reset will fix if the D-Link router is generating technical issues. Additionally, the users can remove the router malware by resetting it. But, before that, you should restart the device. Sometimes, updating the firmware can fix connectivity issues.

But, if these solutions don’t work, opt for the factory reset D-Link router. And, there are two ways by which the D-Link router users can reset the device. You can either use the reset button or web interface for resetting the D-Link router.

Method 1: Factory Reset D-Link Router using Web Interface

Every D-Link router user should locate the private IP address first. Or else, it might take an ample amount of time to complete the resetting process. Additionally, you need to know the router’s login credentials, and it will be difficult to access the router’s admin interface without that. Check the label present at the D-Link router’s backside to find these login details.

Even the users can get the username or password in the router’s manual. Otherwise, contact the router administrator immediately. D-Link has assigned “192.168.01” as their router’s IP address. But, this might vary from one wireless router model to another. And, the old D-Link router users need to enter “”. Even some of the D-Link routers have the “ IP address.

Right-click on the Wi-Fi name and select “Open Network and Sharing Center” if you are unaware of the IP address. Head to the “Connections” tab and tap on “Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” afterwards. When the window opens, select “Details” and proceed to the “IPv4 default gateway” section. Here, you will find the right D-Link router IP address.

What else needs to be Done?

Open the web browser, go to the address bar and enter the router’s default gateway. Press the Enter key to be directed to the D-Link router’s login page. Enter the default username in the “username” section and password in “passphrase/password”. Select “OK” or hit the “Enter” button to access D-Link’s web interface.

When the setup wizard opens, navigate to the “System” tab. This option might be displayed as “System Tools” in the latest D-Link routers. Now, click on the “Restore” or “Factory Default option and tap on “Reset”. Choose the “Ok” button to revert the system to its factory settings. Wait for a while and then restart the D-Link router to reconfigure the required settings.

Failed to reset the D-Link router? Then, you might have entered an incorrect IP address or password. Check these details once and then implement these resetting steps again.

How to find the D-Link Router’s IP Address?

An incorrect IP address can cause issues while resetting the D-Link router. Thus, you should know the device’s default gateway beforehand. There are different ways by which you can find what the router’s actual IP address is.

Hold the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings menu if you use a Windows device. Tap on “Command Prompt” from the list of the built-in Microsoft applications. Wait for a few minutes, and when the window opens, write “ipconfig”. Press the Enter key and head to the “default gateway” option to check the D-Link router’s IP address.

Did you connect the D-Link router with a MacBook? Then, first locate MacoS’s “System Preferences” menu and go for the “Network connection” option. Choose the right D-Link router’s model, right-click on it and go to the “Advanced” tab.

Now, click on “TCP/IP” to get the wireless router’s default IP address. Alternatively, you can access the Mac terminal and write the “netstat -nr|grep” command line. Press the Enter key afterwards to know what the D-Link router’s IP address is.

Method 2: Factory Reset D-Link Router with a Button

The old and latest D-Link routers have a Reset button. Use that to reset the device to its default factory settings. In some of the D-Link routers, this button is located at the back of the device.

But, sometimes you might find this button hidden inside a small hole. Use a paperclip to press the Reset button in certain circumstances. Once you find the button, turn off the D-Link router and disconnect its power cables.

Connect the power cords after a few minutes and turn on the router. Hold the D-Link router’s “reset” button for at least 10-15 seconds. Release the button when the green LED light starts blinking. This indicates that the router has restored the previous settings. But, if this light isn’t flashing, something might be wrong with the router.

Unable to Reset the D-Link Router? Here’s How to Fix It

A malfunctioned D-Link router can often lead to this issue. Moreover, a faulty ethernet cable can prevent you from resetting the device. Replace the ethernet cable to resolve this issue from the D-Link router.

Sometimes, damaged ports can cause issues while resetting the router. Even a damaged Reset button can lead to this error. Fix these router units immediately to complete the resetting process.

Some D-Link routers require more than 15 seconds to reset. Hold the Reset button for 30-40 seconds in such cases. Ensure the router is on while performing the resetting steps. Don’t exert too excessive pressure while holding the button with the paperclip. It might damage this essential router unit. If these solutions don’t work, contact a router repair expert immediately.