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Linksys Router

Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router Review and Features

Routers take an important part to forward data packets between the computer network. Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router is one of the preferable model manufactured by Linksys. This useful gadget was launched in December 2002. Nowadays, it became preferable among these users. If you are willing to buy this router then you can follow…

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Quick-Fix Linksys Error Code 2318 with Easy Steps

Linksys Error Code 2318 is a frequently occurring error that triggers up especially due to the internet connectivity issue. However, due to some third-party antivirus, you might notice this error pop up. It is quite annoying to encounter this kind of error while using the Linksys smart WiFi account. Therefore, you need to resolve the…

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A Complete Review Of Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, 3-Pack White (AC3900) – Know Before You Buy

With new technological advancements, WiFi routers have been helping us to connect to the internet for many years. Linksys is a well-known brand that offers different WiFi systems in the market every day. By its ephemeral nature, Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System comes with some high-end features that enable you to connect seamlessly to…

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Linksys Extender Setup RE6400: A Simple Setup Guide

Sometimes, you may not be able to use your wireless router in certain areas of your home or office. The problem might appear due to the areas not being in the range of your router. Moreover, the signals might also get blocked in certain areas. However, you can easily get rid of this situation by…

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How To Setup Linksys RE7000? A Complete Guide

The Linksys RE7000 comes along with a Wi-Fi Extender which can grant you high-speed internet even in the dead zones. This extender comes with the latest wireless AC technology which is useful for streaming high-quality videos and gaming on multiple devices.  You will get the same strength of the Wi-Fi signal in every corner of…

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