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D-Link Router Resetting

D-Link Router Reset Button: Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore

D-Link Router Resetting

Routers are best-known for controlling the home and office networks. But, often, you might face major to minor issues. Resetting your D-Link router can save you time and effort by rolling your router back to initial settings. Users have reported that resetting has been useful in most cases of unusual issues with network speed, coverage, and much more.

If you own a D-Link router, you can use the D-Link router reset button to give instant relief from the problematic bug. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only reset your router through the reset button. There are other ways to reset your D-Link router without accessing the reset button. Let’s check every detail about the D-Link router reset button and how to reset the router.

How to Perform Factory Reset through D-Link Router Reset Button?

Accessing the D-Link router reset button is the easiest thing for resetting a router manually. Additionally, it’s helpful when you can’t enter your router’s web interface.

In case you are experiencing any kind of flaw with the network connection, then resetting is one of the available options that you should try. Using the D-Link router reset button is pretty easy, and you need to follow the steps below:

Check the Status of your D-Link Router

Your D-Link router should be connected to an electrical outlet. Additionally, it should be powered on. Otherwise, you can’t perform a successful factory reset. If you have turned off your router, then connect its power plug to a nearby power outlet and turn it on.

Find the D-Link Router Reset Button

After that, you have to locate where the D-Link router reset button resides. The location of the Reset button might vary from one router to another. So, you should look at the user manual of your router model to find the exact location of the button. The D-Link router reset button stays hidden generally. Check out the backside of your D-Link router and double-check it with the help of your router’s user manual.

Get a Paperclip

This is the only tool you need to make the manual factory reset happen. Use a paper clip and straighten it to press the Reset button with the sharp edge. Instead of a paper clip, you can use a ballpoint pen. Press and hold that D-Link router reset button for 10 seconds.

Let the Reset Button Go off

After 10 seconds, you can release the reset button. The D-Link router will restart. Additionally, the router has got all its factory settings back. When all the WLAN lights stop blinking, you can set up your router. To enter the admin panel of the D-Link router, you have to provide the default username and password.

How can you Reset the Router without the D-Link Router Reset Button?

If your router’s configuration page is working, you need not use the physical D-Link router reset button. You can simply enter the router’s admin panel if you can remember the username and password. Then, you can reset the router without accessing the D-Link router reset button. Here’s what you need to do:

Launch a Web Browser on your Computer

Your computer should connect to your router. It means that you have to connect a device to your D-Link router’s network if you want to get the administration page. Well, you can go for either a wired or a wireless connection. Now, you need to open any web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.


Browse the Web Administration Page of the D-Link Router

After you have explored the web browser, you have to enter the address of the D-Link router’s web interface. You can type the following address to reach the router’s admin panel: http://dlinkrouter.local/. As an alternative, you can enter one of the following IP addresses:


This will redirect you to the admin panel of your D-Link router.

Provide User Credentials for Login

Once you have reached the login prompt of the D-Link router, you need to enter the right username and password. If you haven’t modified the router’s login credentials, they must be Admin for the username and blank/nothing for the password. But, if you have changed the credentials, you have to enter your previously set login details. Then, click the Login button.

Perform the Reset Operation

Depending on the D-Link router model you acquire, the web administration page might vary in its appearance. Look for Tools, and under that, you can find the Factory Reset or Restore option. Click on that, and your router will take a reset without the D-Link router reset button. This might take a little while, so keep patience.

When Should you Reset your Router Through the D-Link Router Reset Button?

Router users have confirmed that a quick factory reset can help with many bugs and unexpected glitches. However, there are two ways to perform a factory reset or simply a reset. You can use the router’s configuration page, and then you can go for a factory reset through that page.

Otherwise, there might be instances that might force you to use the D-Link router reset button. If you have forgotten the username or password to your router’s web interface, then you can simply press and hold the Reset button. The benefit of using the D-Link router reset button is that you need not access any other tricky solution.

Simply press and hold down the button for 10 to 15 seconds, and you are good to go. If you don’t want to reset your D-Link router, then you can try rebooting first. Rebooting also helps by cleaning the unnecessary cache and fixing blockage in many instances.