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Sagemcom Router

Sagemcom Router Block Device — How to do that?

Sagemcom Router Block Device

Whether you want to reduce bandwidth usage or deny online access, there are many reasons to block devices on the router. Sagemcom included this function in its latest wireless routers. Enable the MAC filtering feature to limit user access. Besides, the Sagemcom router also comes with a Parental Control feature. It prevents kids from accessing…

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Is Your Sagemcom Router Blinking Green? Things You Should Know

Sagemcom Router Blinking Green

Sagemcom routers might not be as famous as Netgear, TP-Link, D-Link, etc. But, they are doing appreciable jobs in maintaining a stable internet connection around your home or office. However, users of Sagemcom routers have reported noticing a blinking green light for hours. Everything is bearable when you need not compromise on your internet connection.…

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Sagemcom Router Blinking? (AVOID Doing This!)

Sagemcom Router Blinking

Blinking lights on your router may or may not indicate a problem, depending on which light is blinking. In case it is the LAN lights, then you have nothing to worry about. After all, blinking LAN lights usually indicate data transfer on most routers. In case the internet light is blinking, it usually means that…

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Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode — Is it Safe to Enable?

Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode

Sagemcom included several high-end features in the routers – Bridge mode is one of them. It allows the device to function as a DHCP server without IP conflicts. This router option lets you connect two routers without facing connectivity issues. Extend the Wi-Fi coverage by enabling the Sagemcom router bridge mode. Moreover, you can connect…

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Sagemcom Router Firmware Update: Everything You Need to Know

Sagemcom Router Firmware Update

Every router comes with a definite firmware version. When the router manufacturer releases the next firmware version, you have to download and install the firmware version. There’s no exception for Sagemcom routers. You need to perform the Sagemcom router firmware update to cope with the latest compatibility factor. With the latest Sagemcom router firmware update,…

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Sagemcom Router Reset — How to Proceed?

Sagemcom Router Reset

  Sagemcom allows the users to restore the router’s default settings from the setup wizard. A factory reset improves the router’s performance and speed. It helps you to troubleshoot complicated connectivity issues. Every wireless router should reset the device after every three months. This will increase network security and prevent malware attacks. Did you forget…

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How to Fix Sagemcom Router Red Light Blinking or Solid?

Sagemcom Router Red Light Blinking

Sagemcom routers are growing fast in the market due to their reliable networking services. Be it your home or office, you can depend on a Sagemcom router without a second thought. However, a constantly blinking or solid red light on your Sagemcom router might be annoying you. If you have waited long enough and still…

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Is Sagemcom a Good Router Brand? (Know Before Purchase)


Sagemcom is quite a new name in the broadband, audio-video and energy & telecom industries. It manufactures fine-quality routers and they are appropriate for home networks. Perhaps, Sagemcom routers are not as popular as other leading router brands, such as D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear, etc. But, Sagemcom routers are a perfect networking component for home networks.…

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Sagemcom Router DNS Configuration: A Comprehensive Guide

Sagemcom Router DNS Configuration

Routers are one of the primary network devices to manage internet facilities across homes and offices. Whenever you connect your router to a particular Internet Service Provider, it automatically obtains the setting details from the ISP. One of these default settings is the DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it translates web addresses…

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