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Essentials Of Hikvision Tech Support: Learn What To Do When Things Go Wrong

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera enables you to keep an eagle vision on a remote location. Its function is to raise the overall security in its installation area. Every security camera comes with different vision capacity along with the additional features like night vision, an alarming crime detection facility and zooming capacity. In this updating time to keep a location secure from crime, CCTV camera plays a vital role. However, Hikvision is the most common brand to manufacture CCTV devices. To get a better performance of your Hikvision gadget it is better to keep servicing the CCTV camera after a certain period. But if your CCTV is getting stuck or resisting to work properly, then continue reading this article. If your Hikvision device stops working, then without thinking more you can try these ways to get rid of the issue. If the solutions don’t work, you should contact the Hikvision tech support team.

Common Hikvision CCTV Camera Problems

If you are not a tech-friendly guy then it might be difficult for you to identify the cause which stops Hikvision device to function. However, if the condition is severe, then immediately professional help. It will be better if you get in touch with the Hikvision tech support team.

  • Playback system of the security camera stops functioning.
  • Hikvision device is unable to record video even when LED is on.
  • Night vision gets deemed because of the infrared issue.
  • Users are not abling to connect NVR security with an enable iPhone/ iPad device.
  • DVR system of the device gets flashing green and red signals.
  • The vision ability of the camera gets blurred.

If any of this is the cause that affects your CCTV device, then proceed with the following section to fix the issues. Moreover, if the problem still persists, then reach a Hikvision support technician without much delay.

Ways Of Fixing Common Security Camera Problems

To get your security camera in a working condition try these fixes.

Way 1: Check Connection And Power Of The Hikvision Security Camera

The issue of a security camera getting stuck is very general, but at the same time resolving it is very important. If your security camera does not show any signal to your displaying device then at first check the user manual to know the proper connectivity procedure.

However, if you are a user of a wireless home security camera and struggling from this glitch, then try to utilize a network cable. The purpose of using network cable is to check the WiFi network connection status. Also, verify the power supply whether it works or not.

In case, you are a user of a wired or PoE security camera then ensure that the video signal and power supply is in a proper transmitting condition. Meanwhile, if you use NVR security camera then confirm that the connectivity of the system is working properly.

Way 2: Check The Camera Settings

In some cases, due to the improper settings security camera is not able to record throughout the day. In this case, check the settings of your CCTV camera. By enabling the proper settings you can get all the recordings on your connecting device. Use your security camera software application to activate the 24*7 recording facility.

Way 3: Get The Latest Firmware Of Your Security Camera

Most of the CCTV manufacturers develop their firmware from time to time. If in your system the security camera firmware gets corrupted, then this can be the main reason for your security camera problem. To resolve this, download and install the new release of your security camera firmware in your device. By doing this you may see that your CCTV camera problem is resolved.

These are the common ways of fixing common Hikvision security camera problems. Hope this article provides you with sufficient information for solving any issues related to a CCTV device. To get Hikvision tech support, contact a professional.