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Sagemcom Router Not Working: How to Fix the Problem Effectively?

Sagemcom Router Not Working

Your router might often stop working under various circumstances. And, the solution for it depends on which component has stopped working. Regardless of the cause, you can usually fix the problem all by yourself. All you need to do for that is apply the right solution. Many Sagemcom router users have reported that their routers…

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Why is Arris Router Flashing Blue & How to Fix it?

Arris Router Flashing Blue

The lights on your Arris router can help you know what is going on in the device. And, that is why they are a crucial component of your router. You might find the lights working differently depending on the router’s functioning. A blue light on your Arris router might indicate various aspects. Do you find…

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Arris Router Factory Reset: The Ultimate Guide

Arris Router Factory Reset

Arris routers are great for a fast and reliable network at your home and office. Yet, network glitches such as slow network speed or forgetting passwords can trigger the need to perform an Arris router factory reset. A hard or manual reset of any router can help minimise any kind of technical glitch. However, you…

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Arris Router Forgot Password – Tips to Remember It

Arris Router Forgot Password

We all know that it is mandatory to change WiFi or the Arris router password for more tight security. It might be possible that you have recently changed your username and password. And, later, you were unable to recall the password – Arris router forgot password. You don’t need to work because all Arris routers…

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Tips for Arris Router Firmware Update

Arris Router Firmware Update

Many times you might see that your internet speed is slow. Normally people are very fond of the Arris router due to its connectivity. You can fix the slow internet with Arris Router Firmware Update. This is one of the ways that you can perform to improve speed. Over here, we will discuss the steps…

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Arris Router Enable IPv6: How to Set?

Arris Router Enable IPv6

IP addresses are digital addresses for every computer and other network device. Assigning definite IP addresses makes it easy for the internet to identify where to carry out the email or other piece of information. IPv6 is a network layer protocol that makes the network services more extensive and secure. Therefore, you can enable more…

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Arris Router Enable Wireless Greyed Out — How to Fix it?

Arris Router Enable Wireless Greyed Out

Arris router’s settings might be greyed out for several reasons. It could be because of disabling the important wireless security options. Outdated firmware could lead to this error. Did you login to the router with an incorrect ID? This might cause issues while enabling the router functions. Check the Arris router’s login credentials beforehand to…

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Fixed: Arris Router Ethernet Ports Not Working

Arris Router Ethernet Ports Not Working

You can usually get a more reliable connection with your router by using an ethernet cable. But, even ethernet connections are not free from vulnerabilities after all. And, you might face certain problems while using an ethernet connection with your router. Many Arris router users have reported that the ethernet ports on their routers are…

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Arris Router Blinking Orange? Here’s How to Address

Arris Router Troubleshooting

Blinking lights on the Arris router, modem, or equivalent network devices can be threatening. The US/DS light can keep blinking for a few minutes; whether it’s an Arris router, modem, or a router-modem combo, US/DS light can keep blinking for a minute. The duration of the blinking light can vary from device to device according…

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