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Guide to Belkin Router VPN Passthrough

Belkin Router VPN Passthrough

With acclerating online privacy concerns, the latest router models feature VPN functionality. So, you can simply enable VPN on your router instead of doing so on each connected device. Belkin routers come with the VPN Passthrough feature to help you secure your online privacy. And, you might need to use this feature quite often. On…

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Belkin Router Use as Access Point — How to Proceed?

Belkin Router Use as Access Point

Configuring the Belkin router as an access point might help you expand the network. There is no need to enable the AP mode if you use a home router. Small business owners don’t require access points to perform internet-based work. But, if you run a medium-large scale enterprise, ensure to enable the AP feature. It…

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Belkin Router Red Light No Internet: How to Fix?

Belkin Router Blinking Red

Belkin router users have reported that they have been experiencing the red light with no internet issue more often. The Belkin router might be a flashing red light or a solid red light. And, we are clear about what it indicates. A Belkin router would showcase a solid or blinking red light when there’s probably…

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Belkin Router Port Forwarding — How to Proceed?

Belkin Router Port Forwarding

Port forwarding allows the Belkin routers to set up firewalls on the network. Many tend to confuse port triggering with port forwarding. But, both these processes work in different ways. With port triggering, you can set up the router to access public services outside the network. But, port forwarding prevents the Belkin router users from…

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Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update: Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update

Every electronic device comes with in-built instructions/programs that we call firmware. A firmware is an inseparable part of any device. Apart from its very true presence of firmware, firmware updates are very much required for the functional operation of the device. If you own a Belkin router N600, then you need to update its firmware…

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Belkin Router Not Working After Reset? Here’s How to Fix it

Belkin Router Not Working After Reset

A router reset can be useful to eliminate connectivity issues. But, what if the Belkin router fails connecting to the Wi-Fi enabled devices after the reset? This can cause a lot of problems, especially when you have urgent work to complete. Many consider replacing the existing router when it stops working. But, you should never…

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Belkin Router Keeps Disconnecting: How to Fix the Wi-Fi Signal Performance?

Belkin Router Keeps Disconnecting

Repeated disconnections from your Wi-Fi network can indicate a wide range of smaller issues. And, you can resolve this problem by fixing these minor issues by applying the appropriate methods. The ‘Belkin router keeps disconnecting’ is quite a commonly-reported issue. So, you are not alone if your device keeps getting disconnected from your Belkin router.…

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