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Linksys Router Error 2123

Linksys Router Error 2123: How to Fix the Unexpected Error?

Linksys Router Error 2123

Your Linksys router might come across a wide range of errors anytime. And, you can identify the issues with the help of the error codes you see. Apart from that, you might also get a message regarding the problem.

Some error codes might show up more commonly than others. One such error code is 2123, accompanied by an “unexpected error” message. And, you do not get any further explanation for this issue.

The Linksys router error 2123 is quite a complex problem, and it is hard to know the cause. But, it probably has something to do with a misconfiguration in your router. So, resetting the router might provide you with an effective solution. Follow the method we have mentioned below to resolve error code 2123 on your Linksys router.

Reset Your Linksys Router

You must reset your Linksys router, and you might keep facing the error code 2123 until you do that. So, you perform a reset without further delay. You can do that by implementing one of the following methods:

Using the Reset Button

This is the simplest way to reset the default settings on your router. You should find the Reset on the back panel of all routers regardless of the brand. Also, it is usually located inside a pinhole. So, you need to use an object that can reach the button. Before that, you must power cycle the router by unplugging it for 2 minutes.

You can use a straightened paper clip or any object to press the Reset button. Depending on the model you are using, you should hold down the button for 10 seconds.

On older Linksys models, it takes longer to perform a reset. Observe the power light and release the Reset button when this light goes stable.

Once the power light is stable, that indicates you have accomplished a reset. You can then set up the router again as per your requirements and preferences.

Through the Interface

You can also perform a reset through your Linksys router’s if you prefer. But, you cannot proceed with that if you have forgotten the admin credentials. You would also need your Linksys router’s default IP address to access the interface login page. Find it on the service manual or the sticker at the bottom of the device.

Log In to the Interface

Enter the admin credentials on the login page to access the interface. If you cannot access the interface, you need to use the Reset button to perform a reset. Once you open the interface, you can restore the default settings in a few simple steps.

Go to the Administration tab

The Administration tab contains settings regarding various important aspects of your Linksys router. And, you would find the option to restore the default settings there. Go to Factory Defaults under the Administration tab to do that.

Restore the Factory Defaults

You would see a Restore Factory Defaults button under the Factory Defaults section. Needless to say, you must click on it to reset your router. Then, observe the power light and wait for it to go stable. Once it is stable, you can perform the setup once again.

Set Up Your Linksys Router

The problems causing the Linksys router error 2123 should be removed when you perform the reset. But, your task is not done yet as you need to configure your router properly. Any further misconfiguration would again cause the error code 2123 on your Linksys router.

Log In with the Default Credentials

Restoring the factory defaults will restore the default credentials on your Linksys router. So, you need to use the default username and password to access its interface. You can find them on the router’s sticker if required. Then, you must use them to access your Linksys router’s interface.

Configure Your Linksys Router

You can start the setup once you have accessed the router’s interface. Go to the Setup tab to start the procedure and configure all the important aspects of your router. Once you are done, you should not further face the Linksys router error 2123.

Here are the important configurations you must make on your router:

Admin Password

Using the default password might compromise the security of your router’s interface. After all, people can easily find the default password if they know your router’s model.

So, you must change the admin password as soon as possible. But, how do you do that? If you are wondering, you must go to the Management section under the Administration tab. Enter a new password and re-enter it in the field given below to confirm it.

Wireless Settings

You must enter an SSID for your wireless network and enable your router to broadcast it. The SSID is invisible to nearby devices if the broadcast is disabled. You must also select a suitable Network Mode and Security Mode for your router. You should also set a strong Wi-Fi password and save your settings.


The Security tab in your Linksys router’s interface includes a wide range of security options. Go through them and make sure all of them suit your requirements. You must set up optimal security on your router to protect it. And, your Linksys router provides you with many advanced features for doing that.

Access Restrictions

Do you want to block some devices from your network or set up parental controls? Then, you can do that through the Access Restrictions tab on your Linksys router’s interface. Depending on the model, you can get advanced access control features on your Linksys router.

What if the Linksys Router Error 2123 Persists?

Are you unable to fix the Router Error 2123 by re-configuring your router? Then, there could be a hardware issue with the router. And, you might have to replace it in that case. But, you must contact a professional to inspect your device before deciding to do that.