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linksys router error 2117

How to Fix the Linksys Router Error 2117 — The Ultimate Guide

linksys router error 2117

Linksys is best known for offering quality routers with high-end specifications. Millions of people use these devices to get high-speed internet access. Users can browse the internet or play online games without any network interference.

Linksys enhanced the web security with MAC filtering. Besides, the wireless routers let users connect more than 253 devices. But, sometimes, you might get the Linksys router error 2117 while using the internet. Restart the device immediately to fix this connection problem.

This error occurs when routers fail to detect the network from the cable connection. A faulty ethernet cable is a primary reason behind such an occurrence. A corrupted firmware can also cause this issue in the latest Linksys routers.

Improper setup can prevent the device from connecting to the Windows computer. A virus-infected program can conflict with the wireless router. Moreover, this error message can pop up for using damaged power cables. Replace them with an expert’s help to eliminate the communication issue.

Easy Solutions to Fix the Linksys Router Error 2117

Remove the third-party applications from the computer. Go to the Control Panel, click “Programs”, and choose “Programs & Features” afterwards. Move towards the address bar to search for the required software.

Once you find that, right-click on it and select “Uninstall”. Restart the router, and it won’t further display the error message. But, if the error persists, then configure the security settings.

Access the web interface, and tap on “Security” from the “Advanced Settings” menu. Disable the SPI Firewall and MAC filtering option to solve this issue. Moreover, you should change the encryption type to “WPA2-Personal” from the “Wireless” tab. Set a 10-12 character password, tap on “Apply”, and close the configuration window. Connect the PC with the Linksys router to check whether it shows a 2117 error. If that didn’t work, follow these solutions to solve this critical connection error:

Change the DSL Connection Type

Incorrect DSL setup could prevent the router from finding the network. Re-configure the DSL connection to fix this connection error. Don’t know how to change the DSL settings? Open a web browser, write the private gateway IP and press the Enter key. Enter the login details and click the “Sign In” option to open the setup page.

Move towards the “Setup” section, and click “Internet Connection Type”. Choose “PPPoE” from the list and generate a secure password. Additionally, you need to enter a unique username for the DSL connection. Tap on “Keep Alive” and set a time. Click “Save Settings” and go to the “Status” tab afterwards.

Check the default gateway subnet mask and wait until the login status displays “Connecting”. Tap on “Connect” to complete the DSL setup process. Turn off the Linksys router for a few minutes. Turn on the device, and then connect the ethernet and power cables. After this, the Linksys router error 2117 won’t pop up on the screen.

Check the Wi-Fi Status

An unstable internet connection can trigger the Linksys router error 2117. Did you disable the Wi-Fi connection from the smartphone? This is why the router is facing problems connecting to the wireless network.

Turn on “Wi-Fi”, open a web browser, and enter the default gateway IP. Press the “Enter” key to access the wireless router’s login page. Go to the “Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account” section and enter the password.

Provide the correct email address and click “Log In” afterwards. Wait until the new window opens, and choose the “Troubleshooting” option. It will resolve this connection issue from the advanced routers.

Additionally, the users should check the Wi-Fi status from the “Network Status” section. Did you notice the “No internet access” message? This indicates something is wrong with the router. Select “Report” and follow the instructions to fix this error in minutes.

Use the System File Checker Tool

Corrupted or missing system files can cause the Linksys router error 2117. Use SFC to scan and replace these files with a cached copy. But, first, disconnect the router from the Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Hold the Windows and X keys simultaneously to choose the “Command Prompt” program. Alternatively, you can hold the Windows and R keys to open the Run box and write “cmd”. Press the “Enter” key and wait until the new window opens.

Now, enter “sfc/scannow” and hit the “Enter” button to initiate the scanning process. SFC might take a few minutes to detect the system file corruption. A confirmation message will appear; choose “Yes” to repair those files immediately.

Close the Command Prompt window restart the Linksys router and the computer. Connect the device with the right network name, and it won’t further show the error message. If the router fails to connect to the internet, use the DISM tool instead.

Remove the Unwanted Files

It takes less than a minute to remove the temporary files from the device. Hold the Windows and I keys together to open “Settings” and choose “Control Panel”. Click “System & Security”, choose “System”, and write “Storage” in the search bar.

And, then choose “Storage Spaces” from the next window, and tap on the link. Select the “Temporary Files” option, and enter a preferable time to remove them.

Tap on “Clean Now” to delete these unwanted files immediately from the device. Close the window, first disconnect the Windows device from the wireless router. Reconnect it, open a web browser and check if the Linksys router error 2117 is there. If yes, update the router firmware from the manufacturer’s website or web interface.

Alternative Ways to Fix Linksys Router error 2117

Reconfigure the settings to fix this wireless connection error. Open a web browser, write in the URL bar, and hit the “Enter” button. And, when the login page opens, write the username password and click “Log In”. Go to the “Advanced Settings” menu to change the router’s IP address and other details. Click “Apply” to complete the setup process.

Moreover, you shouldn’t tap on the “retry” option when this error message appears. Instead, click on the checkbox to solve the problem. Besides, the users should hold the “Reset” button for at least 5-10 seconds. Release it when the green power LED starts to blink. Reboot the router, and it won’t further cause any network problems. Contact a router expert to get more feasible solutions.