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Linksys Velop Solid Red Light

Linksys Velop Solid Red Light: Meaning & How to Fix?

Linksys Velop Solid Red Light

Your Linksys Velop mesh WiFi system would show various light activities depending on its functioning. It should show a solid blue light when using it, which indicates an internet connection.

On the other hand, a solid red light means that the system has lost internet access. So, you cannot connect to the internet if the light shows a solid red. And, that can cause quite a lot of inconvenience to you, and you would want an immediate solution.

The Linksys Velop solid red light is one of the common issues that users might come across. And, you can fix this internet connection problem by some simple methods in most cases.

If you do not know where to start, the information given below should help you. Apply the methods mentioned below to ensure an effective solution to Linksys Velop internet problems.

Linksys Velop Solid Red Light: 6 Effective Methods to Troubleshoot the Problem

As you know, various issues with your mesh system can be responsible for internet problems. So, you need to consider all the possible causes and apply appropriate solutions for them.

Here are some fixes that should be effective in resolving the problem in most cases:

  • Reboot the System

You must resolve any temporary errors before moving on to fix more complex issues. And, that can often offer an effective solution to the Linksys Velop solid red light.

So, you must try this simple fix first before you apply more advanced solutions. You must restart the main router after letting it remain idle for a minute.

Does the problem persist after you restart the main router? If yes, then the problem might lie in one of the nodes. So, you might also need to restart them to fix the issue. If this method does not work, you must check for a service outage. 

  • Check the Service Status

You might face a service outage due to various possible reasons. And, you have to wait for your internet service provider (ISP) to fix the issue in such cases. Reach out to your ISP to verify whether there is an outage if required. If there is an outage, the mesh system should face no issues after the problem is resolved.

You might have to restart your Linksys Velop system after the service is resumed. Then, check whether the Linksys Velop solid red light persists. If it does, you must look for issues with the cable connections. Also, make sure that your ISP has activated your network. 

  • Resolve Cable Connection Problems

You need a firm cable connection to set up a reliable internet connection on your Linksys Velop. Check the cable connection if the previous solutions did not work in your case.

Ensure the cables have a firm connection with the main router’s WAN ports. You can also reconnect them to the router’s ports to resolve connection errors. Depending on the router model, you should hear a click when you connect a cable to the port.

Does the Linksys Velop red light persist even when there is no connection issue? Then, you must check the condition of the cables you are using. Also, make sure that you are using the right type of cable.

Replace the cable if it seems that they are damaged. You must fix cable connection issues immediately if they are causing internet problems. 

  • Relocate the Mesh Units

Do you see the Linksys Velop solid red light connecting to a node? Then, the problem might lie in the node instead of the main router. Make sure that your main router can receive an internet connection first.

If it can, then the node you are connected to might be at fault. You might have placed it in a location where it cannot receive signals from the main router.

So, you must try relocating the nodes or the main router for a solution. Ensure to move them to a place where they receive a strong signal. And, that can fix the internet problems on your Linksys Velop mesh system in many cases. 

  • Disable MAC Address Filtering on Your Router

Your mesh WiFi nodes might fail to connect to the internet because the router blocks them. If you are wondering, that is possible when you have enabled the MAC Address Filtering.

This feature blocks traffic from specific devices on your router. You will find it on most of the latest Linksys router models. Disable it through your router’s web interface if the previous fixes were ineffective.

Find out your router’s default IP address and enter it in any browser. This should open the login page on your screen. Enter the admin credentials to access the interface and navigate Mac Address Filtering.

Disable it if you find it enabled and save your settings. And, that should fix the Linksys Velop solid red light if it occurred due to insufficient permissions. 

  • Update Your Linksys Router’s Firmware

The firmware plays a crucial role in your router’s performance. And, you might come across internet problems if your router has outdated firmware. So, you must consider that as a possible cause of the Linksys Velop solid red light.

You can get the latest firmware from the support site. Apart from that, some router models also allow you to look for updates through the interface.

In any case, you would have to log in to your router. Open the login page as mentioned earlier and use your admin credentials. Then, navigate to the firmware update section once you access the interface.

Search for the latest firmware or opt for uploading a firmware file from your computer. Reboot the router after the firmware and check on the problem.

What if the Linksys Velop Solid Red Light Persists?

Do you face internet problems after applying all of the aforementioned solutions? Then, you must consider resetting your router to resolve any misconfigurations. However, this would not work if there was a hardware problem in the device. You must also consider calling the Linksys support team for a solution.