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Linksys Router Speed Problem

How to Troubleshoot the Linksys Router Speed Problem?

Linksys Router Speed Problem

Linksys earned massive recognition for offering the best wireless dual-band routers. These devices support the 802.11n standard and deliver 800Mbps speed. Users can download large files within minutes using their high-end routers. It also improved the media streaming and remote working experience. But, many faced a Linksys router speed problem while browsing the internet. Usually, this occurs when the router fails to connect to the modem.

Unplug and then reconnect the ethernet cable for at least 2-3minutes. Connect the Linksys router to the power adapter. Ensure the power LED light is not blinking when the device is on. Place the smart Wi-Fi router near the computer/laptop.

Change the bandwidth frequency from the device’s admin panel. Disconnect the Bluetooth or other wireless devices while using the Linksys router. It could resolve the speed issues from the old to the latest Linksys routers.

Easy Solutions to Fix the Linksys Router Speed Problem

Never connect more than five devices in the same client network. It could slow down the speed of this networking equipment. Moreover, outdated firmware can be the reason behind such an occurrence.

Incorrect MTU size can cause internet dropping issues. Did you configure the router’s settings? Then, you might have changed the default IP address. Change that immediately to increase the Wi-Fi speed. But, if that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to resolve the router speed problem:

Reconfigure the MTU Size

MTU plays an integral role in data transmission through the internet. The largest protocol data unit communicates on a single wireless network. And, the different routers use different MTU sizes to optimise the Wi-Fi speed.

If you have selected an incorrect value, it could impact the device’s file transfer speed. Thus, changing the MTU could solve this network error. First, open a web browser, head to the URL bar and enter the private gateway IP.

Press the “Enter” key to be directed to the login page. Enter the default Linksys router password and click “Sign in”. Wait until the setup wizard opens and go to the “Connectivity” section. Click “Internet Settings” and choose “MTU” afterwards.

Set the MTU type to “Manual”, enter “1500”, and tap on the “Apply” button. Select “Yes” when the confirmation message appears. Restart the Linksys router and use the internet without further interference.

Change the Media Prioritization Settings

Linksys routers feature a media prioritisation feature. It improves the online experience by prioritising important applications or devices. And, it can prevent the wireless routers from providing the optimal speed. Reset this Linksys feature to overcome the speed issue. But, first, you need to enter the default IP address to access the configuration page.

Then, click “Media Prioritization” from the smart Wi-Fi tools section. Can’t find this section? This section will be displayed in some of the Linksys routers as “Network Map”. Now, toggle off the “Priorsyion” option and re-enable it after a few seconds.

Move towards the “Device List” section and add the required devices. Assign a bandwidth frequency for each device to fix the Linksys router speed problem.

Change the Downstream Bandwidth Value

Linksys router users need to set the “Downstream” option to “0”. This feature lets you choose a downstream speed. When you set the value too high for the router, it would cause speed issues. Thus, keep the bandwidth speed low to avoid getting this network issue.

Additionally, you need to disable the WMM support feature. Don’t know where to find this feature? It is located under the “Applications & Gaming” section of the setup page.

Disable the QoS feature to maximise the Linksys router’s speed. Restart the router, reconnect the computer, and slow down the Wi-Fi speed. But, if the error persists, reset the wireless router immediately.

Press the Reset button for at least 10-15 seconds and disconnect the cables. Release it when the green power LED starts to blink. Plugin the power cables change the router settings to fix this complicated error.

Power Cycle the Router and Modem

More than 80% of Linksys router users have resolved this issue with this solution. And, it takes less than a minute to power cycle a router/modem. First, turn off the wireless router unplug the power and the ethernet cable.

Then, disconnect the power cable of the modem and computer. Wait for at least 20-30 seconds, and then reconnect the network cables. Plugin the power cables to the outlet. Press the power button to reboot the Linksys router.

Additionally, you need to turn on the modem and the PC. Now, wait until the router’s status light stops blinking. Choose the right Wi-Fi name to connect the computer to the router. It will improve the internet connection speed and fix the lagging issues.

But, if the error remains, update the router firmware from the admin panel. Alternatively, you can turn on the “Auto Firmware Update” feature. It installs the latest firmware on the device when an update is available.

Check the IP Version

Disable the IPV6 connection to avoid getting the Linksys router speed problem. Thus, you need to change the IP version from IPv6 to IPv4 to fix the issue. First, hold the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings menu. And, then select “Network & Internet” and click the “Advanced Settings” option. Go for the “Change Adapter” option and choose the correct network name.

Tap on “Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” and right-click on it to select “Properties”. A window will appear on the screen with the list of checkboxes. Search for “Internet Protocol Version 6” and toggle off the option. Close the Settings window restart the computer and Linksys router afterwards. It will operate without dropping the internet speed. Play online games or watch online movies without any potential problems.

Alternative Ways to Fix the Linksys Router Speed Problem

Linksys routers come with four-eight antennas to provide fast Wi-Fi speed. And, if all the antennas are not in the same direction, it would slow down the speed. Adjust them to get rid of the Linksys router speed error.

Additionally, you should set the router’s “Security Mode” to “WPA2-Personal”. Switch to the 5GHz band to increase the Linksys router speed. Contact a router expert for more effective troubleshooting tips.