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Linksys Router FTP Problems

How to Fix Linksys Router FTP Problems?

Linksys Router FTP Problems

Routers enable a steady and stable internet connection for your home. Additionally, you can use your router to access your files from outside your home network. File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a standard protocol to transmit files between computers through a TCP/IP network and the internet. You need to enable this feature if you want to access the USB Storage files, and that’s too from outside your network.

You need to configure the USB Storage Tool, and it’s situated in the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. Users utilise FTP to make file sharing more reliable and convenient. However, users have been complaining about Linksys router FTP problems. Such issues can appear due to the corrupted setup of the FTP enabling process.

Make sure that you set up your Linksys smart Wi-Fi router properly to enable the FTP operation and solve glitches. Let’s see how to fix Linksys router FTP problems through the right procedure and some extra hacks.

How to Enable FTP Feature on Linksys Routers?

Suppose you require your file from your home network, but you’re not at home; you can depend on FTP sharing. If you own a Linksys smart Wi-Fi router, then you can easily set up the FTP feature and address Linksys router FTP problems.

Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully so that the setup doesn’t corrupt. Let’s get started with the basic guidelines:

  1. Sign in to your Linksys cloud account.
  2. Once you reach the homepage of your Linksys cloud account, go to the Smart Wi-Fi Tools section. Click the USB Storage option under that section.
  3. However, the option might differ from one Linksys smart router to another. Check out if there’s an option named External Storage instead of USB Storage and click on that.
  4. Next, click the tab called FTP Server.
  5. Toggle the option that says ‘Enable FTP Server’ to its ON position.

You have successfully enabled the FTP feature. But, you have to configure the Folder Access settings of your Linksys router before you access the USB storage that is connected to the Linksys smart Wi-Fi router.

How to Use the FTP Feature or Access the USB Storage of your Device?

Hopefully, you have configured the Folder access settings for your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router. Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. Go to the Status tab of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi dashboard. Take a look at the FTP server field and note down the value it contains. It’s the IP address of your connected device.
  2. Explore a web browser and type in the FTP URL on the browser’s address bar.

When accessing your USB Storage through File Transfer Protocol, ensure that you don’t use a computer connected to the same home network or your Linksys router. Now, you can access the USB storage of your device through a web browser. There shouldn’t be any Linksys router FTP problem if there has been no mistake while enabling and accessing the USB Storage.

Tricks to Eliminate Linksys Router FTP Problems

Other solutions can eliminate Linksys router FTP problems by enabling the FTP feature correctly. Users have reported that they have been experiencing issues with connecting to the FTP client.

On the other hand, you might face trouble establishing FTP connectivity by using FTP software. Here are some easy fixes to resolve Linksys router FTP problems.

  • Go to your FTP account and look out for what’s wrong with that connection. There must be a log of errors to let you know if anything is not working. And, you can investigate the matter by going through the error code.
  • Don’t forget to check the client connection settings when using the File Transfer Protocol. Ensure that you have opted for the right username, port, hostname, password, and encryption type. If not, then take your time and configure them properly to eradicate Linksys router FTP problems.
  • Another thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should mention FTP client port commands in uppercase. Additionally, set the standard FTP port on 21. These configurations are necessary for automatic translation by a Linksys router.
  • To get an uninterrupted FTP connection, you should not go for multiple FTP transfers in your FTP client at the same time. Make sure that you disable simultaneous FTP connections to one single FTP client.
  • If you want to continue with simultaneous transfers, try to minimise it. Reduce the number of multiple FTP connections at the same time. This will definitely eliminate the conflict leading to the Linksys router FTP problems.
  • If none of the solutions works for you, you can set the FTP client in passive mode.

Can you Password-Protect the Folders that You Shared?

When accessing your documents, movies, or any other files through FTP, you want to keep it protected. After all, you don’t want anyone on the same network to take a sneak peek at what you’re watching.

Instead of free access to your shared folders, you can secure them with a password so that only you can access them. Use the Secure Folder Access for Linksys router and say goodbye to invasion.

You must assign a username and password for your media content over FTP. Once you log in to the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi dashboard, go to the Folder Access tab. Turn the Secure Folder access option On by toggling it. Now, you have to click the Add User option to specify who can access the shared media.

After that, type a username, assign a strong and hard-to-guess password, and specify the read and write privilege for that particular user. You can even control the type of file you want them to view. Just go for the Select Share link, and you can select folders for the user.


The trend of OTT platforms might be hyped nowadays but enjoying your favourite and saved media files is also great. Use File Transfer Protocol on your Linksys router and go through your collection of movies and other files. If Linksys router FTP problem pops up, use the above-mentioned solutions to get through.