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Linksys Velop Not Getting Full Speed

Linksys Velop Not Getting Full Speed: How to Fix the Problem?

Linksys Velop Not Getting Full Speed

Linksys Velop mesh system usually offers you a great download speed. However, it is vulnerable to various issues that affect the speed. And, these issues might show up on your mesh system quite often.

In such situations, you would find that your network cannot achieve its full speed. This issue is quite annoying, and you would want an immediate solution to it.

You can usually fix the speed issues on your Linksys Velop system all by yourself. All you have to do is apply some of the common troubleshooting methods given below. And, they can fix your Linksys Velop not getting full speed in most cases.

7 Ways to Resolve Speed Issues on Your Linksys Velop Mesh System

Most Wi-Fi systems usually slow down with time due to various reasons. And, you can fix the speed issues by applying the appropriate solutions in such situations.

The solutions might differ in each case depending on the cause of the issue. You can usually fix the ‘Linksys Velop not getting full speed’ with one of the following methods in most cases:

  • Restart the Velop System

Temporary issues with any node in your mesh system can affect the speed of the entire system. And, you might find it quite difficult to identify the node that is at fault. So, you might want to simply restart all of the nodes in such situations. Doing that can also significantly reduce the time taken to fix the problem.

So, turn off each node device as well as the main router of your Linksys Velop system for a minute. Then, turn each of them back on once you are ready. Connect your device to the network and check on the ‘Linksys not getting full speed’ problem. 

  • Resolve Frequent Overheating

Does your mesh system slow down suddenly after having worked without any previous issues? Then, you must check whether the main router or any of the nodes are overheated. If they are, then you must let them cool down first by turning them off. The overheating might have occurred due to prolonged usage.

Apart from that, you must also consider lack of airflow as the cause of overheating. Make sure the main router and all the nodes in the mesh system receive proper airflow. You must also keep other electronic devices away from the router and nodes.

Apply any other necessary steps for keeping all devices in the mesh system cool. And, that can often fix the ‘Linksys Velop not getting full speed’ effectively. 

  • Disable the VPN

Are you using a VPN network along with your Linksys Velop mesh system? If yes, then the cause of the problem might lie there. After all, there might be something wrong with the VPN service that affects the network speed. Disconnecting from the VPN server might effectively fix the problem in such situations.

Launch the VPN app if you are using one and turn it off for some time. This would block certain websites on your device but can fix the Linksys Velop not getting full speed.

Are you using a VPN server on your router? In that case, you must log in to the interface and disable the server right away for a while. 

  • Fix Broadband Connectivity Issues

A slow internet speed might also indicate a problem with your broadband connection in many cases. So, you must check whether the problem lies in the broadband cable if the previous solutions fail.

Make sure the broadband cable is connected properly to your main router or modem. Apart from that, you must also make sure that the cable is not damaged.

Reconnect the broadband cable to the port, if required, and check whether that does the trick. If the problem persists, you can also try using a different cable.

The Linksys Velop not getting full speed might also have something to do with the cable’s speed. So, make sure that the cable allows the maximum speed that your Velop mesh system offers. 

  • Reduce Network Congestion

Have you connected a lot of devices to your mesh system? If yes, then that could explain your Linksys Velop not getting full speed. After all, network congestion reduces the network speed that each connected device receives. So, you would usually get a slow connection when too many devices are connected to the network.

Needless to say, you can fix the problem in such situations by disconnecting some devices. So, remove as many devices from the network as possible. The lesser the connected devices, the better the speed you should receive. You must also consider changing the position of the nodes if this fix is ineffective. 

  • Relocate the Nodes

Regardless of the number of nodes you have set up, you need to place them at a suitable location. Otherwise, they might fail to receive good signal strength from the main router.

And, that would cause internet speed issues for the devices connected to the nodes as a result. So, make sure that all the nodes of your Velop mesh system are placed at optimal locations.

This solution has worked in fixing the ‘Linksys Velop not getting full speed’ issue in many cases. If it does not work for you, you might not have set up enough nodes in your mesh system. 

  • Add More Nodes to Your Mesh System

Are you unable to receive a good internet speed in certain areas of your home or office? Then, you must consider setting up more nodes. This should increase the range of your network significantly and fix the speed issues. Investing in more mesh units would be worthwhile in such situations.

Other Solutions You Can Try

As mentioned earlier, your Linksys Velop not getting full speed can have a wide range of causes. And, the aforementioned solutions might not always be enough to fix the issue.

In such situations, you must make sure that you have selected the right bandwidth. The problem might also lie in an individual mesh unit. Apart from that, you must also consider updating the firmware or resetting the system.