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Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update

Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update: Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update

Every electronic device comes with in-built instructions/programs that we call firmware. A firmware is an inseparable part of any device. Apart from its very true presence of firmware, firmware updates are very much required for the functional operation of the device. If you own a Belkin router N600, then you need to update its firmware from time to time.

What are the advantages of a Belin router N600 firmware update? A firmware update confirms that your device is free from unnecessary bugs and provides you with the optimum performance. If your router is experiencing blinking lights, dropping connectivity, and random resetting, then you should consider a Belkin router N600 firmware update.

Let’s check what steps are mandatory to update any Belkin router.

How to Install a Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update?

Even if you don’t experience any trouble with your Belkin router’s functions, you should consider a Belkin router N600 firmware update. The latest firmware on your router allows you to access every new feature, and you don’t have to compromise with the features available on your Belkin router. The addition of the latest firmware might strengthen the security connections of the router.

However, updating a Belkin router involves a few basic steps. If you are an amateur in router issues, this guide will help you. Here’s what you have to follow one by one:

Confirm Your Belin Router’s Model and Build Number

You should be aware of the model and version number of your Belkin router. Without the right model and version number, you can’t find the latest firmware version for your router. Hence, you can flip your Belkin N600 router and take a look at the sticker attached to its bottom.

Note down these details on a notepad or somewhere safe. You are going to need them while looking for a compatible firmware version and its download. You can refer to the user manual of your router, as well.

Download that Particular Firmware Version for your Belkin N600 Router

This step is one of the crucial parts of a Belkin router N600 firmware update process. You need to download the right firmware for your router from the official support website of Belkin routers. Navigate to Belin router’s official website and search using your router’s model and build number.

After a successful search, you will come across a downloadable package from the website. Check out the firmware version details and click on the link to download the package for your Belkin N600 router. This file of the firmware version will be saved to Downloads for most Windows PCs and Mac devices.

Accomplish the Belkin Router N600 Firmware Update

After you have saved the downloadable file of the latest firmware version, you can proceed with this step. This part of the process involves the web interface of the Belkin N600 router. Therefore, make sure that you connect a computer to your Belkin router. As this process will engage updating the router’s firmware, make sure that you use a wired connection between your router and PC.

Wireless connections might fluctuate from time to time. It’s not desirable at all for the Belkin router N600 firmware update to face a network interruption. You might have to start over the firmware update process if it happens. After you have confirmed a wired connection between a computer and the router, you can proceed with the  following guidelines:

  1. Explore a web browser on your PC and type ‘’ in the address bar of the web browser. It will take you to the login window of the web interface.
  2. Now, click the Login option from the top-right corner of the page. You have to provide the default password on the Password field, if you haven’t set another password on your own. Click the Submit button to sign in to the web interface of the Belkin router.
  3. Right now, you should be on the homepage of the Belkin router’s web interface. Next, you have to select the Utilities option from the left navigation pane.
  4. Choose the Firmware Update option, and it will let you browse to select the downloaded file of the firmware update. Click the Browse button and select the right file.
  5. After choosing the file, you can proceed with the Update option. A prompt will appear, and you need to click the Go button.


The Belkin router will start updating its firmware, and once it’s done, it will take a reboot. You have to click the OK button to proceed with the last step of the Belkin router N600 firmware update.

When you are proceeding with the overall firmware update process, you have to keep a few things in your mind, such as:

  • Don’t turn off or reboot the Belkin router when the firmware is installed.
  • Additionally, you should not close any tab of the web browser you’re using.
  • In case your internet connectivity is low, then you have to repeat the process after you power cycle your router and modem.

However, there’s no need to download the same firmware update if the download process was not corrupted.

How to Check if your Belkin Router Requires a Firmware Update?

A firmware update is really important for every networking component. If you’re not facing any issue with the Belin router, it doesn’t mean that you don’t require a Belkin router N600 firmware update. You can check whether your Belkin router requires a firmware update or not by logging in to the router’s web interface.

Go to the Advanced tab, followed by the Administration option and click the Firmware Update option. If your router doesn’t show any update available, then you need not go for a firmware update. Otherwise, act accordingly and go for a Belkin router N600 firmware update.