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Belkin Router Not Working After Reset

Belkin Router Not Working After Reset? Here’s How to Fix it

Belkin Router Not Working After Reset

A router reset can be useful to eliminate connectivity issues. But, what if the Belkin router fails connecting to the Wi-Fi enabled devices after the reset? This can cause a lot of problems, especially when you have urgent work to complete.

Many consider replacing the existing router when it stops working. But, you should never do that without consulting with an expert. Because this Belkin router usually occurs for not setting up the device correctly.

Did you turn off the device during the resetting process? Then, it could prevent the router from working after restoring the factory settings. Additionally, the router fails to provide an internet connection after a power surge.

Repair the device’s hardware units to resolve this problem immediately. Besides, an incorrect internal gateway IP could trigger this issue. Change the router’s default IP address to use the internet without hurdles.

Why is the Belkin Router not Working after Reset?

There are several reasons behind this Belkin router error. If you connected with incompatible devices after reset, it could cause this problem. Check the system requirements to avoid getting this connection issue. Check the wireless router’s status lights. If the orange LED is blinking, then something is wrong with the modem.

Turn on and off the modem to fix this Belkin router problem. If the WPS light is flashing amber after the reset, it indicates there is no internet connection. Press the WPS button for a few seconds, and then follow the on-screen instructions. It might resolve this unwanted communication issue. An old Belkin router model might not work on the latest PCs.

Change the malfunctioning router to resolve this problem. Did you change the router cables after the reset? Then, you might have plugged in faulty ethernet or power cables. And, this is restricting the Belkin router from connecting to the internet. Repair these router units and use the Wi-Fi without network interference.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix the Belkin Router not Working after Reset

Did you come across this Belkin router error for the first time? Then, you might be finding an easy solution to fix it.

Moreover, troubleshooting this Belkin router’s software issue isn’t that difficult. But, you need to first figure out the reason behind this problem.

Once you find that, follow these instructions to reconnect the router to Wi-Fi:

Clear the Router & Modem Cache

Networking devices, like routers and modems, store cache after a reset. And, sometimes, it can prevent them from starting or connecting to the internet. Clear the router/modem cache to remove this complicated software issue.

Don’t know how to perform this? Power cycle the Belkin router and the associated modem immediately. First, turn off both these devices and unplug the power cords.

Unplug the ethernet or LAN cable from the computer. Turn off the Wi-Fi enabled devices for at least 10-15 seconds. Now, plug in the router’s power cords in the electrical outlet. Wait for a few minutes and reconnect the modem’s power cables.

Restart these routers and then the modem after 2-3 minutes. All the lights of the Belkin router will start blinking for a while.

Other status lights will turn off, and the power LED will turn solid green. Open the laptop and check if the network name is on the Wi-Fi list. If yes, tap on it and open a browser to check the wireless network speed.

Is the power light blinking red? It indicates the router fails to connect to the modem. Place the modem close to the Belkin router to fix this problem after clearing the cache.

Reconfigure the Router Settings

Always check the router manual before changing the settings. Otherwise, the device might stop working after performing a hard reset. Change the Belkin router configuration to resolve this problem. And, you have to access the router’s web interface to do that.

But, it will be difficult to get into the configuration page if there is no internet. Connect the laptop or PC to the mobile hotspot to reconfigure the Belkin router settings. Once you have done that, open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write the gateway IP. Press the Enter key to open the Belkin router’s setup wizard.

Tap on “DNS”, toggle off “Automatic” from ISP and check the primary and secondary addresses.

Not aware of the router’s DNS addresses? The primary DNS address is, and the secondary is Click “Apply Changes”, close the setup window and restart the router. Wait until the power LED blinks and access the internet without hassle.

Check the Router’s Security Settings

Incorrect security settings can prevent Belkin from providing Wi-Fi. Thus, changing the network configuration will help you get rid of this problem. Turn off the router, restart it after a few seconds, and open a web browser. Enter the internal IP address and hit the admin panel’s button.

Now, move towards the “Wireless” tab and go to the “Encryption” section. Change the encryption type to WPA from Wired Equivalent Privacy. Set a new passphrase key, click “Apply”, and close the window. It will immediately resolve the “Belkin router not working after reset” error.

But, if that doesn’t fix the issue, check if the security mode is set as “Disabled”. Change it to WPA/WPA2-Personal to avoid getting this issue on the Belkin router.

Lastly, Set up the Belkin Router….

Setting up the router correctly after performing a factory reset is important. Otherwise, the device might not turn on or fail to connect to the devices. Thus, plug in the ethernet cable in the modem after reverting to previous settings. Now, connect the LAN cable to the computer or laptop LAN port.

Open the web browser, head to the address bar and write the default gateway IP. Enter the password and username when the login window opens. Move towards the “Wireless” tab when the admin interface opens and tap on “Setup”. Set a wireless network name and select “Continue” afterwards.

Now, it’s time to generate a secure password for the Belkin router. It should have numbers, letters and special characters like “*#@”. Click “Next” follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Belkin router setup.

But, if that doesn’t work, reset the wireless router again. Press the Reset button for 15-30 seconds with a small object. Wait until the device restarts, and it will start working again.