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Belkin Router Keeps Resetting Itself

Belkin Router Keeps Resetting Itself — Why Does it Occur & How to Fix it?

Belkin Router Keeps Resetting Itself

Belkin allows the users to restore the factory settings from the setup wizard. But, sometimes, the device might reset even without accessing this page. In some cases, the router stops working after the reset.

Did you press the reset button accidentally? It could be the reason behind such an occurrence. Overheating or outdated firmware could also lead to this router error.

Sometimes, the Belkin router keeps resetting itself for faulty power cables. Replace them immediately to fix the unwanted network disruption. Many users connect more than ten devices to the Belkin router. This increases the bandwidth usage and slows down the Wi-Fi speed.

In some instances, the Belkin router reset itself to remove the connected devices. By doing this, it improves the network speed and router’s performance. Restart this Belkin product to stop it from resetting.

Solutions to Consider if the Belkin Router Keeps Resetting Itself

Many Belkin router users tend to confuse resetting with rebooting. But, both these processes work in different ways. With a router reset, you can remove the stored data, including SSID and password.

Besides, it helps restore the previous configuration. Resetting the devices increases the network security and resolves connectivity issues. However, rebooting the router won’t do that.

But, if the router is resetting on its own, it might cause many problems. You might end up losing the internet connection in the middle of the work. Don’t let such a router issue hinder the internet-based work. Follow these solutions to eliminate this resetting error immediately:

Check the Power Connectors

When the Belkin router keeps resetting itself, always check the power resources. Because a damaged power adapter or outlet could generate this issue. A loose power cable can be the reason behind the technical problem. Disconnect the power units once and reconnect them after a while. And, if you find any wear and tear, replace them immediately.

Ensure the Belkin router uses a compatible power adapter. Check the switches and consider getting a UPS if you face random power outages. It will prevent the router from being damaged and provide a constant power supply.

Besides, this equipment minimises the chances of router resetting and rebooting. Contact an expert and install a UPS to fix this error.

Power Cycle the Router and Modem

Is the Belkin router still resetting on its own? Power cycle the device to overcome this problem. Additionally, you should reboot the modem connected to this Belkin device. First, turn off the router and modem. Wait for a few minutes, and then unplug the power cords, LAN and ethernet cable. Plugin these cables after 15-30 seconds and press the router’s power button.

Turn on the modem after this and wait until the power LED blinks. Now, it’s time to connect the computer/laptop to the router. Ensure to choose the right network name and browse the internet. Don’t close the browser or turn off the router. Wait for a few minutes and check if it’s resetting itself. If not, then you have solved this Belkin router issue successfully.

Check the Ethernet Cable

The ethernet connection might be the reason why the router keeps resetting. Thus, you should also diagnose this unit to get over this connection error. Many take a professional’s support to detect the router’s ethernet-related problem.

But, you can do that without any technical assistance by unplugging the cable. Plugin the ethernet cable after 2-3 minutes. And, then check if it’s providing a stable internet connection.

If there is no Wi-Fi on the laptop, this implies something is wrong with the ethernet cable. Besides, it could be caused by the damaged ethernet port. Repair the Belkin router ports and connect a new ethernet cable immediately. And, if that doesn’t fix the problem, check the laptop’s ethernet port.

Did you break the laptop’s ethernet port after the accidental drop? Contact an expert for an instant port replacement.

Update the Router Firmware

Installing the latest firmware might solve the “Belkin routers keeps resetting itself” error. If you haven’t updated the device for a year or two, it’s high time to do that. Moreover, a firmware update also resolves potential security issues.

But, before that, you should check the Belkin router’s model and firmware version number. Don’t know where to find that? It is mentioned at the router’s backside.

Once you find that, open a web browser to access the Belkin support site. Then, go to the search box, write the model number, and press the “Enter” button. Now, check the product image that appears on the next page.

Tap on “Downloads/Firmware” if you find that images match the router you use. Choose the firmware version that will be compatible with the device. Click the download link, select the file type and choose “OK”. The file is saved inside the PC’s default download folder. Open the file to install the firmware of the Belkin wireless router. Restart the device, and it will never reset automatically.

Change the Modem

Do you use Belkin’s router-modem combo? Then, check if the modem is working or not. Because if the modem stops working, the router might start resetting itself. Restart the modem and add only one smart device at a time. It could resolve the “Belkin routers keeps resetting itself” error.

But, if that doesn’t work, replace the modem immediately. Get the latest modem that will work with the router without hassle. Setup the modem, connect it to the router and enjoy uninterrupted internet services.

Alternative Ways to Fix the Belkin Router Keeps Resetting Itself Issue

Change the Belkin router’s position and keep it in a cool area. Ensure there is enough airflow to prevent the device from overheating. Besides, you should adjust the external antennas to resolve this critical problem. Change the bandwidth frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5Ghz using the setup page.

After you access the admin panel, head towards “Advanced Settings” and tap on “Wi-Fi”. Select “Bandwidth”, change the wireless band and click “Save”. Reboot the Belkin router to stop it from resetting continuously. Contact a router expert if any of these solutions don’t work.