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Arris Router Enable Wireless Greyed Out

Arris Router Enable Wireless Greyed Out — How to Fix it?

Arris Router Enable Wireless Greyed Out

Arris router’s settings might be greyed out for several reasons. It could be because of disabling the important wireless security options. Outdated firmware could lead to this error. Did you login to the router with an incorrect ID? This might cause issues while enabling the router functions.

Check the Arris router’s login credentials beforehand to avoid getting this problem. Moreover, the “Arris router enable wireless greyed out” error occurs due to misconfiguration. Don’t change the router settings without consulting with an expert. And, sometimes, hardware issues could trigger this problem in Arris routers.

Look for the faulty router units to resolve this critical issue. Ensure the “Airplane Mode” is off when connecting the Windows devices to the router. The router’s wireless settings might be greyed out if this option is on.

A virus-infected file could generate this problem. Run an antivirus program, identify the corrupted file and uninstall it immediately.

3 Solutions to Fix “Arris Router enable Wireless Greyed Out”

Rebooting the Arris router might solve this greyed-setting problem. Change the wireless router’s IP address if that doesn’t work. First, open a web browser, enter the default Arris router gateway IP. Press “Enter” when the login page opens and write the username and password.

Did you get an error message while accessing the login page? It indicates you have entered an incorrect router IP address. Most Arris routers have the “” gateway IP. Enter that in the browser’s URL bar and open the login page without hassle.

Go to the “Status” page, tap on “LAN Setup”, and locate “IP Address”. Enter the right IP address and move towards the “DHCP Server” section. Change the IP pool starting and ending address, click “Save”.

Open the setup wizard, and it won’t display the “Arris router enable wireless greyed out” error. If the error persists, follow these below-mentioned solutions to overcome it:

Power Cycle the Router and Modem

Power cycling these networking devices fix the minor software glitches and errors. It also improves the router’s Wi-Fi speed and connectivity. Many have fixed this Arris router error using this troubleshooting method.

First, you need to turn off the wireless router. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes, and then power off the modem. Disconnect the Ethernet or LAN cable from the router ports. Remove the Arris router’s power cables from the electrical outlet.

Now, it’s time to unplug the modem’s and PC’s power cables. Plugin the router’s cable after a few minutes. Check whether the power and the internet LED are blinking. And, restart the router if the status lights keep flashing.

Now, reconnect the modem and PC’s power cable immediately. Open a web browser, enter the local IP address in the URL bar. Enter the login credentials when the next page opens. Click “Login” to open the Arris router’s configuration page. Enable the wireless setting and security options without further inconvenience. Update the Router Firmware

Most advanced routers update their firmware automatically. But, this feature is not available in the older Arris router models. To install the latest firmware update, you need to access the router’s web GUI. And, it is pretty easy to open the wireless router’s setup wizard.

First, open a web browser, write the private gateway IP in the address bar, press “Enter”. When the login page opens, go to the “username” box and write “admin”. Tap on “password”, write “admin”, and click the “Login” option. The Arris router’s setup page will appear on the screen.

Did you get the “page is not available” error message? It indicates you have provided incorrect login information. Check the product label to know the device’s default username or password. Enter that to access the admin panel without further interruption.

How to install the latest Arris Router Firmware?

If you have successfully opened the setup page, go to the “Advanced” section. Here, you will get the Arris router’s current firmware version.

Is the router using outdated firmware? Access the manufacturer’s website to update the firmware.

Tap on “Support”, go to the search box to write the Arris router model. Choose the OS, and wait until the page shows the available updates for the firmware. Go for the latest one, and click “Download” afterwards.

Open the Arris router’s configuration page, and click “Administration”. Navigate to the “Upload” section and select “Choose File”. Tap on the router firmware file that you have downloaded from the support page. Click “Upload Now” when the next page appears.

Don’t close the setup page or turn off the router in the middle of the upload process. The Arris router will reboot automatically once it completes the firmware update. Wait until the power LED stops blinking, and then open a web browser. Go to the setup page, and there won’t be any greyed-out router options.

Reset the Wireless Router

Still, struggling to fix the “Arris router enable wireless greyed out” issue? Reset the device to its default factory settings to overcome the problem. And, there are two ways by which you can restore the router’s previous settings. You can either use the “Reset” button or the web interface.

How to reset an Arris router with a Button?

Locate the Reset button on the Arris router. It will be on the device’s back panel. Take a small object, and press the button for at least 1-15 seconds. Release the button when the wireless router’s power LED turns green. Access the configuration page and change the wireless settings without any hurdle.

How to reset an Arris router from the Web Interface?

Open a web browser, enter the local IP address in the URL bar, press “Enter”. When the next web page opens, enter the login details. Hit the “Enter” button and tap on “Security” when the web GUI appears. This option might be displayed as “Utilities” in the latest Arris router models.

Choose “Factory Reset” or “Reset” from the next web page. Wait for a few minutes until the router reverts to the default settings. Restart the Arris router, go to the setup page and enable the wireless options.

Alternative Ways to Fix “Arris Router Enable Wireless Greyed out”

Update the Windows device’s software if the above solutions don’t work. Did you connect a Mac device to the Arris router? The chances are high that it has an outdated operating system. Install the latest macOS to get rid of this router error. And, you should reset the network settings to re-enable the router’s wireless options.