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Arris Router Firmware Update

Tips for Arris Router Firmware Update

Arris Router Firmware Update

Many times you might see that your internet speed is slow. Normally people are very fond of the Arris router due to its connectivity. You can fix the slow internet with Arris Router Firmware Update. This is one of the ways that you can perform to improve speed.

Over here, we will discuss the steps and even why it is important to update the firmware on the arris router. Along with that, you also gain benefits due to the Arris Router Firmware Update. This will guide you to all the details that you need.

Important of Arris Router Firmware Update

For your information, the firmware is the operating system, and it controls all the features. Since the firmware is lower in position than other software, thus the updates are not frequent.

But, these updates can have a huge impact on the firmware and can upgrade the system in all aspects. Not only that, it even updates your system’s security. This updating firmware is very important because –

Fixes bug

One of the major flaws or errors in your program is a bug that can malfunction the system. Updating the Arris Firmware will ensure that you get rid of these bugs, improper connection, wrong configuration etc.

Enabling new features and functionalities

After updating the firmware, you will see new features and functions are enabled. Thus, making it easier for the users to perform all the functions smoothly. Even your system will run without any flaws.

Strong security

It was mentioned previously that it helps to make the router’s security more strong. This is one of the primary reasons why you need to upgrade your firmware. The hackers or cybercriminals would easily figure out the configuration of the old firmware. Thus, upgrading will prevent their action.

Optimise the performance of the hardware

By updating the firmware, you could easily optimise the hardware of your Arris router. Thus, making it work faster and smoother.

How to Perform Arris Router Firmware Update?

Below we have discussed the steps for upgrading the Arris router. The instructions are quite easy. And, you won’t face any trouble performing them.

Log in to the router

At first, you need to log in to the interface so that it can let you install the update to the router. The steps are given below –

Now, open the browser, type in the address bar, and enter the login credentials. If you have not set up a password, you might get the default credentials. The username will be ‘admin’, and the ‘password’ will be the password. Finally, select the Login option.

Find out the Correct Router’s Firmware Version

Finding out which version of the firmware is compatible with the arris router is very important. You can also check in the interface if any particular version is mentioned or not. Make a note of the mentioned version and move forward.

Now download the latest version. And, to do so, follow the instructions given below:

  • You need to scroll down the page and select the option Get the Software from the Software box.
  • After that, look for the firmware upgraded model and hit the download button.
  • Finally, save the file anywhere you want.

Upload the Firmware of the Router

After downloading the suitable firmware version, you need to upload the router’s firmware. The instructions are given below:

  • First, from the setup page on your router interface, you must select the Status option.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Router Upgrade option.
  • Now, select the browser and go to the file you downloaded right now.
  • After that select the Upgrade option followed by the Confirm option.
  • Finally, you will notice that the file will be uploaded and installed. Make sure not to switch off the router before the upload is complete.
  • The installation will be continued automatically, and your router will restart after the update.

So, you are advised not to turn it off before the restart. Lately, check whether all the changes have been installed or not.

Reboot the Router

In some of the models, you need to reboot. Either it can reboot automatically, or you might have to do it manually.

Manually, you just have to turn off the router and wait patiently for 5 minutes before turning it on.


So, this was all about the Arris Router Firmware Update. All the steps and the benefits that the user can get after upgrading the firmware are discussed. The steps are not confusing, so you can easily go through them. Moreover, you always have the option to contact professionals.