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Arris Router Flashing Blue

Why is Arris Router Flashing Blue & How to Fix it?

Arris Router Flashing Blue

The lights on your Arris router can help you know what is going on in the device. And, that is why they are a crucial component of your router. You might find the lights working differently depending on the router’s functioning.

A blue light on your Arris router might indicate various aspects. Do you find the device flashing blue light? Then, the meaning depends on the flashing pattern of the light.

Here, we will look at what your Arris router flashing blue indicates. Also, keep reading to know how to fix the problem with your router if there is any.

What does the Flashing Blue Light Mean?

You will only find the Receive, Send, and Link lights showing blue on Arris routers. The Power and Online lights either blink green or show a steady green.

Here are the meanings of blinking green on each light:

Receive Light

The Receive light indicates the downstream channel of your router. If you find it blinking, your router is looking for a downstream channel connection. So, you can start receiving data only after this light becomes steady.

Do you find it blinking continuously? Then, you might have to take steps to fix the problem all by yourself.

Send Light

The Send light indicates the upstream channel on your router. While blinking, it indicates that your router is searching for an upstream channel connection. So, you have to wait for it to become steady to be able to send data.

Does it keep blinking even when you can send data from your device? Then, the light is probably malfunctioning, and you must find a solution for that.

Link Light 

The Link light on your Arris router indicates the ethernet connection. You should find it blinking when sending or receiving data through the LAN port. So, it is usually a good sign if this light blinks.

But, what if it goes steady? In that case, it means that you have connected a device to the port.

How to Fix the Arris Router Flashing Blue Issue?

As we have seen, flashing blue lights often indicate a problem with your Arris router. In such situations, you can take various steps to resolve the issue.

In most cases, you only need to apply some basic troubleshooting steps for a solution. If that is not effective, you can simply reach out to a professional technician.

Alternatively, you can also follow these methods to fix your Arris router flashing blue:

Restart the Router 

Regardless of which light is flashing, you can often expect an immediate solution with this method.  All you need to do is turn off your router and unplug it from the socket. Then, wait for a few minutes before you plug it back in and turn it on. Connect your device to the network to check the router’s functioning.

Do you still find your Arris router flashing blue? Then, you can proceed with a more effective method to fix it. If this method was ineffective, the next one might do the trick in many cases.

Make Sure all Cables are Connected Firmly

Your Arris router flashing blue might have something to do with the cable connections in some cases. So, you must make sure that all the cable connections with the router are connected properly at both ends.

If required, you must disconnect the cable from the router and your computer. Then, check them for any damages and connect them firmly to both devices.

Try using a different cable if reconnecting the cable does not work. And, that should fix the blue light flashing continuously on your Arris router. If it does not, you might need to reset your router for an effective solution.

Reset Your Arris Router

Are you unable to fix the issue with the previous methods? Then, resetting your Arris router might do the trick. After all, it is quite an effective fix for the “Arris router flashing blue light” issue. You can reset your Arris router in the following two ways:

Using the Reset Button

The Reset button is located at the back panel of your Arris router. You can simply press it for a few seconds to reset your router. The router should show a blinking status light when you perform a reset.

Resetting the router, as you know, would restore the factory settings on it. So, you would have to configure it again. And, that is why you must take this step only as a last resort.

Through the Web Interface

Arris routers usually have the IP address Enter it in your browser’s search box to open the login page for the web interface. Then, use your admin credentials to access your router’s settings.

But what if you have forgotten the credentials? In that case, you must use the Reset button for this task.

Go to the Utilities section on the interface and click on Factory Defaults. Confirm your decision to proceed with a reset, and then restart the router after the reset. Complete the configuration procedure before checking whether the Arris router flashing blue persists.

Check Your Router’s Lights

Check the router’s lights after you have applied all the aforementioned steps. Do you still find one or more of the flashing blue? Then, you must wait for a reasonable amount of time for your router to stop the flashing. And, if the blinking does not stop, you must finally contact your router provider.

Get a Professional Repair

If the Send and Receive lights refuse to stop flashing blue, you must reach out to a professional immediately. Getting an accurate diagnosis of the problem should help you know what to do next. You might even need to replace your Arris router in some cases.