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Arris Router Enable IPv6

Arris Router Enable IPv6: How to Set?

Arris Router Enable IPv6

IP addresses are digital addresses for every computer and other network device. Assigning definite IP addresses makes it easy for the internet to identify where to carry out the email or other piece of information. IPv6 is a network layer protocol that makes the network services more extensive and secure.

Therefore, you can enable more network devices with IPv6 protocol. If you have an Arris router, you can go for the Arris router to enable IPv6 operation for a stabilised network experience. You should turn on the IP6 connection, and then you can use the IPv6 connection from the corresponding Internet Service Provider. This guide will help you with the Arris router enable IPv6 connection.

How to execute the Arris Router enable IPv6 Process?

To enable the IPv6 connection on your Arris router, you need to visit the web interface of the Arris router. Configuring the Arris router enable IPv6 connection includes the following steps:

Connect your PC to the Arris Router

Hopefully, you have turned on the Arris router, modem, and computer. Connect the modem to the router using a competent ethernet cable. Now, you can explore all wireless connections around your computer. Click the corresponding SSID of the router network. Additionally, secure the wireless connection to your router through a valid password.

On the other hand, you require none of these if you go for a wired connection. Simply plug an ethernet cable into both your computer and router. You have successfully connected your computer to your Arris router.

Visit the Login Prompt of the Arris Router’s Web Interface

The next step for the Arris router to enable IPv6 connectivity is to explore the login prompt of the router’s Control Panel. Open any web browser on your PC, and it can be anything from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

Once the browser opens, go to the address bar. Type the router’s default IP address if you haven’t changed it. Enter in the address bar, and it should lead you to the login page of the router’s admin dashboard. You need to provide the default login credentials to access the control panel.

You might have configured the login credentials. Then, you need to provide the previously set username and password in the perspective fields. After that, you can click the Sign In button or simply press the Enter key.

Make Necessary Adjustments

This is the final step to the Arris router enable IPv6 connection procedure. Check out the Home and Abroad section and locate the Advanced option. Click the IPv6 option, and it should be enabled. If not, then you need to enable it by toggling the switch.

You need to check if your Internet Service Provider allows you to enable the IPv6 connection. Opt for the Enable option. Make sure that you provide the required information according to the ISP details. Additionally, you should keep every LAN port appropriately configured.

How to determine whether your Android Device has Access to IPv6?

You might have connected your Android device to the Arris router and want to know if it works on the IPv6 connection. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Explore Settings on your Android device.
  2. Press the Mobile Network section.
  3. Then, tap on the Advanced option.
  4. When the Access Point Name appears on the screen, you must press it.
  5. Choose the APN you are connected to right now.
  6. Press the icon of the APN.
  7. Switch to the IPv6 connection.

Don’t forget to save your network changes.

Is it Necessary to Enable IPv6 on your Arris Router?

The IPv6 protocol offers better networking options. Additionally, it’s the best option when assigning or adding more devices to the network. On the other hand, we can’t discard the security standards the IPv6 provides. Therefore, you can switch to the IPv6 protocol from IPv4 one if you want more efficient operations on your home network.

There should be no issue regarding the compatibility of programs running on the network. Most programs and software are designed to run along with the IPv6 protocol. However, you can check the compatibility factors to be extra sure.

On the other hand, Windows Server 2008 and recent versions of Windows support Internet Protocol version 6. Therefore, you should not disable the IPv6 connection on your computer. If you feel that there are glitches in the network services, then verify whether you have set the network protocol to IPv6.

How to Change the IPv4 Connection into IPv6 on your Computer?

If you want to verify whether your computer is using IPv6 or not after you have activated the Arris router, enable IPv6 connection. Here’s how you can test your computer’s connection:

  1. Go to Settings on your computer, and click the Network & Internet section.
  2. Go to the Advanced Network Settings and choose the option that says, ‘Change adapter options’.
  3. Right-click the current network that you’re using.
  4. Click the Properties option from the pop-up menu.
  5. Make sure that the boxes beside the IPv6 and IPv4 connections are checked. If not, then check them.

Make sure that you apply the changes by clicking the OK button.

Does Arris Router get faster Internet through Enabled IPv6?

Internet Protocol version 6 is faster as it does not need to translate IP addresses through Network Address Translation. The internet connection might be slower if you are receiving comparatively larger data packets. Ensure that you keep the Arris router enable IPv6 connection for a superior experience.

Summing up…

IPv6 connections are more reliable, secure, efficient routing, and a faster global option for internet connection. You should go for an Arris router enable IPv6 protocol for a privileged internet connection. However, it might take longer for the entire world to shift from IPv4 to IPv6.