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Arris Router Ethernet Ports Not Working

Fixed: Arris Router Ethernet Ports Not Working

Arris Router Ethernet Ports Not Working

You can usually get a more reliable connection with your router by using an ethernet cable. But, even ethernet connections are not free from vulnerabilities after all. And, you might face certain problems while using an ethernet connection with your router.

Many Arris router users have reported that the ethernet ports on their routers are not working. And, this problem might have quite a wide range of possible causes.

Are you unable to connect to your Arris through its ethernet ports? Then, you will find all the possible solutions here. We have effective methods to resolve the “Arris router ports not working” issue.

What Causes the Issue and How to Fix it?

There are various possible explanations for a router’s ethernet ports not working. And, there are as many solutions to the issue. In most cases, you can fix the problem all by yourself unless there is a hardware problem.

Try out the following methods for a solution when your Arris router’s LAN ports stop working:

Restart the Router

Have you tried a restart to fix the problem? If you have, then you can move on to the next solution. But, if you have not tried it yet, you must do so before applying other fixes. After all, a restart can fix quite a wide range of errors on your Arris router. Turn it off and unplug it from power for at least 1 minute. Then, turn it back on once you are ready to check on the problem.

Do you find the Arris router ethernet ports not working again? If yes, then your router has a bigger issue than temporary errors. You can proceed with the next solution or reach out to a technician in that situation.

Check for Ethernet Cable Issues

The ethernet ports not working might have something to do with the cable you are using. So, the problem does not always lie in the ports. And, you must make sure that your cables are not at fault. The LAN light of the port you are using should blink when you insert the cable.

So, disconnect any cables connected to the ports and make sure to insert them properly. Do you find the lights blinking? If yes, then your router’s ports should work now. And, if the lights do not blink, you might be using a damaged ethernet cable.

Borrow another cable if required and try connecting it to the router. This should resolve the Arris router ethernet ports not working due to a damaged cable.

Use a Different Ethernet Port

Your Arris router has multiple LAN ports for setting up ethernet connections. And, the problem you are facing might only occur in one or two of them. You can resolve the issue in such cases by simply switching to a different port for now. Also, doing that will help you determine whether there is a hardware problem.

Remove the cable from the port you are using and insert it into a different one. Was the “Arris router ethernet port not working” issue resolved? Then, you can be sure that the port you were using previously has a problem.

Run the Ethernet Troubleshooter (On PC)

Do you need a quick diagnosis of the problem? Then, you can rely on the troubleshooter tool on your PC for that. It can diagnose and fix problems with various components of your device.

You can run it by going to the Troubleshoot section on your settings and selecting the component. In this case, you must use it for the ethernet connection.

Apart from that, you can also simply right-click the ethernet icon on your taskbar. Then, click on ‘Troubleshoot problems’ and follow the instructions on your screen. If the troubleshooter cannot fix the problem, you can do that manually with the help of the diagnosis.

Disable Wi-Fi on Your Device

Have you enabled Wi-Fi on the connected device while using your router’s ethernet ports? Then, that might explain your Arris router ethernet ports not working. After all, your device might be configured to prioritise wireless connections over ethernet ones.

You can fix the problem in such situations by simply turning off the Wi-Fi. If you cannot do that right now, you must try to use the ethernet connection later.

Go to your Wi-Fi settings and disconnect from the wireless router network. Also, you need not necessarily turn off the Wi-Fi to do that. And, this method can often get your Arris router’s ethernet ports back to work.

Enable Ethernet Connections

As you might know, you can disable ethernet connections on your Arris router. Apart from that, you can do the same on your PC. So, you must make sure that ethernet connections are enabled on both devices.

Make sure the ethernet connection is enabled in the Network Connections section on your PC. Alternatively, you can simply use a different device to connect to your Arris router.

You must also ensure that the ethernet connection is enabled on the router. Log in to its web interface and navigate to the ethernet connection settings. Do you find ethernet connections disabled there? If yes, enabling it can resolve your Arris router ethernet ports not working.

Reset Your Arris Router

If no other solutions work, resetting your router might fix the problem with the ethernet ports. But, that applies only if the issue has something to do with a misconfiguration.

Do you want to try resetting your router? Then, you can easily do it by pressing and holding down the Reset button on the device.

Release the button when you see the router’s light flashing. Then, configure it and make sure to enable ethernet connections. Check on the problem once you are done and get professional help if it persists.

Contact a Reliable Technician

Are you unable to fix the ethernet port issues on your Asus router by yourself? Then, you might want to contact a technician immediately. Until then, you can simply use a  Wi-Fi connection if possible. Also, you might have to replace your Arris router to ensure a long-term solution.