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Arris Router Factory Reset

Arris Router Factory Reset: The Ultimate Guide

Arris Router Factory Reset

Arris routers are great for a fast and reliable network at your home and office. Yet, network glitches such as slow network speed or forgetting passwords can trigger the need to perform an Arris router factory reset. A hard or manual reset of any router can help minimise any kind of technical glitch.

However, you can use the router’s web interface to reset the router. This will work when you can remember the username and password to enter the web interface’s gateway.

Once you factory reset the router, it will roll back to factory default details. For example, the network settings, IP address, username, password, SSID, and other related details will be reverted back to their default values.

Therefore, if you want to retain a few network settings, make sure that you note them down or back up the router.

Let’s check out how you can accomplish an Arris router factory reset procedure.

Arris Router Factory Reset through Reset Button

Every router or any other networking component comes with a physical Reset button. And, so does your Arris router or modem. To perform an Arris router factory reset, you should have the following prerequisites:

  • Physical access to your Arris router
  • Any sharp object such as a paper clip or ball pen

Now, you can carry on the process for a successful Arris router factory reset.

Find the Reset Button

Generally, the Reset button is on every router. These buttons are comparatively smaller than usual buttons and hidden inside holes. However, the reset button’s size might vary from one router model to another.

You can easily locate the reset button on your Arris router with the help of the user manual. On the other hand, it can be a WPS button that works as a reset button for your Arris router if you can’t find a dedicated button for reset. Check your router’s user guide for a detailed explanation.

Long-Press the Reset Button

Once you are sure about the Reset button on your Arris router, you can move on to the next step. The Arris router should be turned on while performing the Arris router factory reset operation. If the reset button is small, then you can twist a paper clip and long-press the button.

Otherwise, you can use a ball pen to press and hold the reset or WPS button. Make sure that you hold the button for 10 seconds or so. You can release the reset button once the LEDs start flashing. You need to wait for the lights to become solid.

Now, you can connect your computer and other devices to the router and surf the internet.

Use the Web Interface for Arris Router Factory Reset

If you can still log in to the web admin panel of the Arris router, then you can use this method. Otherwise, you have to opt for the previous method to factory reset your Arris router. Here are the checks you should conduct before proceeding with the Arris router factory reset via the web interface:

  • You should connect a computer or similar device to the Arris router’s network.
  • Additionally, you should know the IP address of the Arris router.
  • You must be aware of the router’s password.

You can try the following steps to sign in to the router’s web interface.

Connect a Computer to the Router

The first step is to establish a stable connection between a computer and the Arris router. Use a compatible ethernet cable to avoid the struggles of providing a password for the dedicated SSID. If you can’t use an ethernet cable, then search for the router’s SSID by clicking the Wi-Fi icon on your computer.

After it expands, type in the password. The default SSID and password should be mentioned on the router’s label. You have to use them if you haven’t modified them. And, you should have connected your PC to the Arris router by now.

Launch a Web Browser

After you have connected your computer to the Arris router, your computer can browse the internet. Explore any web browser as per your choice. For example, you can go for Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera.

Move to the address bar of the browser. Type in the IP gateway of the Arris router. If you have kept the default IP address for your router, then any of the following IP addresses should work:


If you have changed the router’s control panel’s IP address, then provide it accordingly. Press the Enter key, and you should notice the login prompt of the router.

Next, you have to type in the username and password for your Arris router. The most common and default username and password are admin and password, respectively.

Check out the Required Settings

The steps to reach the reset page of the arris router might vary from one router model to another. Generally, the Arris router factory reset option should be available under the Utilities menu.

Head towards Utilities and click the Factory Defaults option. Again, click on the Factory Defaults option. Afterwards, you have to click the Factory Reset or Restore option, and you might have to confirm your changes.

After that, your router is set to reset. Wait for a while as the router will restart automatically. Ensure that you don’t close any browser tabs when the reset process is still going on. Additionally, don’t turn off the Arris router.

What’s Next?

After successfully performing an Arris router factory reset operation, you can access the router’s network through its default settings. Additionally, you have to keep all the default values handy while accessing the web interface. Contact professional support if you’re facing trouble with the Arris router’s factory reset process.