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D-Link Wireless AC750 Review

D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Cloud Router (Review 2022)

D-Link Wireless AC750 Review

D-Link acquires widespread recognition for offering high-end wireless, and AC750 is no exception. It is envisioned to be the best dual-band wireless router. Currently, hundreds of people use this D-Link router to get high-speed internet access. It is also easy to use and comes with standout features. This compact-sized router is ideal for small homes and offices. Besides, DIR-818LW is also available in four different colour options. Even this wireless router can be set up without any technical support.

D-Link AC750 has received positive feedback from the users, and it has improved the user’s browsing experience with uninterrupted internet services. This router offers an average data transmission speed of 750 Mbps. It contains two concurrent wireless bands which avoid connection issues or interferences.

D-Link AC750’s dual-band also helps users get a stable Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, the users can access the router from D-Link’s SharePort app. It won’t break your bank to buy the D-Link wireless AC750 dual-band cloud router.

Are you thinking of buying this D-Link router? Check these following features before making the ultimate decision.

Sturdy & Compact Design

Do you need a portable and budget-friendly router? Go with a D-Link wireless AC750 dual-band cloud router. It is small enough to fit inside an office bag. Though, DIR-818LW’s design looks similar to DIR-868L.

However, DIR-868L is about a third of the size of D-Link AC750. Moreover, in the latest version of this router, D-Link has included high-end processors. Earlier, processors were only available in the Black AC750 model. But, you can now get that in white, orange and teal models.

Moreover, the users can mount this wireless router to the wall easily. It offers four incredible Gigabit LAN and WAN ports despite its small size. D-Link wireless AC-750 dual-band cloud router also has USB 2.0 ports.

There are two indicator lights in this router. One displays the power status, and the other helps the users check the Wi-Fi strength. Contact an expert when the orange LED starts blinking. This means something is wrong with the D-Link’s wireless router.

Where Can You Find the Router’s Password or Network Name?

D-Link AC750 has a label present in front of the device, which shows its password. Besides, you can find the pre-set wireless network names there. If you don’t see these details in the label, use the configuration card instead. Then, connect the routers’ power cords, and plug in the network scale in the WAN port.

Open the laptop or PC, choose the correct Wi-Fi name and use the internet without hassle. Need to configure the D-Link wireless AC750 dual-band cloud routers settings? Access the web interface using this cloud router’s private IP address. Change the security options to protect the home network from hackers. Even the users can reset the router’s password from this web page.

Easy User Interface & Exclusive Cloud Features

D-Link allows the users to set the router from the web interface. Additionally, the users can troubleshoot the internet issues from there. Don’t know how to access this D-Link wireless AC750 cloud router’s interface? Open a web browser, enter the default gateway and press the Enter key. This will direct you to the D-Link router’s login page. Enter AC750’s default username and password to get into the web interface.

D-Link has assigned “” as AC750’s IP address. But, check the router manual once to avoid further issues. And, you should enable “web content filtering” and firewall after accessing the interface. Toggle on “QoS” to enhance the router’s internet traffic management capabilities. Enable the “IPv6 Support” feature to prevent internet dropping issues. Tick the port forwarding and dynamic DNS services checkboxes.

Benefits of using D-Link’s Cloud Features

This cloud router also offers two guest networks to the users. But, you need to change the network type for that. Additionally, D-Link AC750 helps connect storage devices via its USB ports. DIR-818LW has stood out from the competition by offering the best cloud features. You can access the router’s interface from the Mydlink app. Then, the router users need to head to the “MyDLink portal” to change its configuration.

Don’t have enough space in the iOS or Android device? Install the MyDLink app’s Lite version to do this. D-Link AC750’s cloud features are ideal for checking the home network on the go. But, the users can’t change all the router’s settings using the cloud feature. You have to access the D-Link router’s web interface to make the necessary changes. And, this includes changing the router’s encryption type, SSID and other security features.

High-End Wi-Fi Specifications

D-Link Wireless AC750, a dual-band cloud router, supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards. It has a high-end wireless spectrum which received massive appreciation from the users. This router’s 5GHz brand offers a maximum speed of 433Mbps, ideal for gaming.

And, its 2.4 GHz band provides an average speed of 300Mbps, which is great for online streaming. Though, the users can perform the daily intensive work with this internet speed. But, if you need more speed, buy a D-Link N600 router instead.

Stable and Seamless Performance

D-Link Wireless AC750 dual-band cloud router offers exceptional performance. This router offers 136MBps speed when placed in close range on the 5Ghz band. But, if you keep this router 100-feet away from the device, you will get an average of 41-45Mbps speed. Besides, D-Link AC750 got the highest ratings for offering the best internet coverage.

Even when you connect this router with 6 devices, it provides a stable Wi-Fi connection. But, if you face any Wi-Fi issues in the future, restart the device to fix it. Besides, the users can transfer a large amount of data without any inconvenience.

You can download large game files and applications within minutes using this router. But, ensure to keep the router near the PC or laptop. Or else, you might face connection problems in the long run.

What are the other Features of the D-Link Wireless AC750 Router?

D-Link AC750 offers a WPA2 wireless security option to the users. But, you need to access the router’s setup wizard to enable this feature. Enter the default IP address and when the login page appears, enter the credentials. And, then go to the “Wireless” section and choose “Security” afterwards. Now, enable the WPA/WPA2 feature to secure the router from data breaching instances.

Alternatively, you can use D-Link AC-750’s WPS button to secure the office network. Enable the “NAT” feature of this home router to enhance the network’s security. Unable to connect this cloud router with the mobile? Ensure the device supports a 4G connection.

This wireless router is compatible with  Windows 8, 10 and 11 computers. But, if you still can’t connect the device to D-Link AC750, take an expert’s help immediately.