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D-Link AC5300 Router

D-Link AC5300 Router 2022 Review

D-Link AC5300 Router

D-Link routers come with a wide variety of features and specifications for users. You would surely find one that perfectly suits your requirements. Here, we will look at the D-Link AC5300, which is among the most popular of their launches.

So, you might want to try it out if you are looking for a new router. And, considering its features is the right way to proceed with that. Read to know the important features of the D-Link AC5300 and its pros and cons.

D-Link AC5300 Router Features

The AC5300 comes with a wide range of features for users. The most significant one among them are:


The D-Link AC5300 router comes with a pyramid shape, which is unique from other router models out there.

Moreover, it also looks very different from other routers in every aspect. The AC5300 comes with eight adjustable and removable antennas depending on the model you buy in this series. It features ports at the back, as in most other router models.

The D-link AC5300 features a WAN port, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. As most routers do, it also comes with WPS, Power, and Reset buttons on its rear.

The LED lights of this router are located on the top spine of its pyramid shape. These lights indicate the power, 2.4 GHz band, 5 GHz band, USB 2.0, USB 1.0, and internet connectivity.

Installation and Setup

The ease of installation of a router is a crucial factor in how viable it is for you. You would want a router that you can set up easily and within a short time. When it comes to the D-Link AC5300, the installation procedure is quite easy to understand. The installation guide should provide any help you might need with the installation.

You can set up the AC5300 using your browser through the Setup Wizard. Apart from that, you can also do that with the Quick Router Setup mobile app. Want to start using your router immediately? Then, you can simply use the WPS button for an easier connection with your device.


You can make a wide range of changes to the AC5300 through its web-based interface. It offers you advanced customisation options for the Firewall, QoS, port forwarding, and website filter, among others. Moreover, you need not download the firmware updates from the manufacturer’s support website anymore.

The AC5300’s interface includes a firmware update option as well. You can also create access schedules and view network statistics and system logs through the interface.


The D-Link AC5300 is a high-speed router suitable for multiple devices. It can offer you a speed of up to 1000 Mbps on its 2.4GHz band. Moreover, it can cross the speed of 2000 Mbps on its 5GHz band. Not only that, but it also comes with a feature called Traffic Prioritisation.

In other words, it ensures better performance for running high priority programs. And, that makes the AC5300 a perfect choice for video streaming or gaming.

You can also connect slower devices to this router without affecting its performance. It will simply adjust the data rates to prevent network lags in such cases.


The only routers worth your money are the ones that come with the optimal security measures. After all, it is quite a crucial requirement because of the rising threats to your data. The D-Link AC5300 comes with all the security features you might need to protect your device. You can encrypt your Wi-Fi with WPA/WPA2 for ensuring the highest level of security for the network.

Apart from that, you also get many other security features on the AC5300. And, that includes the Guest Wi-Fi Network with which you can create a separate network for guests. And, this helps to keep any malicious networks away from your local devices.

Advanced SmartBeam Forming

You can move around in your home while using the network without declining performance. The AC5300 directs the bandwidth towards your device as per the requirements to maintain the speed.

And, that means you can expect the same level of performance in all areas of your home. So, you probably would have no need for Wi-Fi extenders in your home.

Remote Monitoring

You can remotely control the network of your D-Link AC5300. All you need to do is install the mydlink Lite app. This app comes free with the product and lets you change the home network. Moreover, you can also use it to troubleshoot your router’s network problems.


The D-Link AC5300 can offer you great performance even when connected to multiple devices. It offers you a fast and stable internet connection regardless of the bandwidth you are using. Apart from that, the wide range of features in it can significantly enhance your experience.

Firmware Updates

The firmware updates play a crucial role in maintaining the performance of any router model. And, you can get timely updates for your D-Link AC5300. Moreover, you can do that through the interface, as mentioned earlier. You can also look out for the latest firmware updates on the official D-Link support site.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support anytime to fix any issues with this router model. Moreover, you can expect a quick response to the problems you report to the support team. Apart from that, you can also simply check the manufacturer’s official website for various helpful information.

Reasons to Buy

Here are the main pros of the D-Link AC5300:

  • High-speed internet connection at a greater range.
  • Easy to set up and has a very simple interface.
  • Includes advanced firewall features, such as DoS protection, SPI, and NAT.
  • Comes with essential features, such as a guest Wi-Fi network and parental controls.
  • It can work with the latest Wi-Fi devices as well as older ones.

Reasons to Avoid

All users might not find the D-Link AC5300 suitable for every requirement. Here are the main cons you find:

  • It is more expensive than some other router models with the same performance.
  • The average home Wi-Fi user does not need such a wide range of features.
  • You might need more ethernet ports than this router features.


The D-Link AC5300 offers a wide range of features and can provide a great performance. But, you might find it a bit overpriced for what it has to offer. Moreover, it is a viable choice only if you need to connect many devices.