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D-Link Wireless N300

D-Link Wireless N300 Router Review

D-Link Wireless N300

D-Link offers you a range of wireless routers to provide an optimal experience for all users. With wireless technology advancing constantly, you can always upgrade your existing network. Are you looking for better performance from your home Wi-Fi? Then, the D-Link N300 router can become your go-to choice. This model might offer you the upgrades you want in your router network.

You must carefully consider the features of a router to make sure it is perfect for your requirements. So, we must look at what the D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 router has to offer you. Keep reading to know the important features of this router model and its pros and cons.

What Do You Get in the D-Link Wireless-300 Router?

There could be many reasons for you to get the D-Link N-300 router or avoid it. But, to decide that, you need to take noteworthy features into account. So, here are the main features D-Link offers you with their N300 wireless router:


The D-Link N300 router comes in a black and rectangular shape, and it has only a single colour option, like most other models. With two high gain Omni antennas on its sides, it allows you easier access to the ports located at the back. This model has three LED lights to indicate the power, Wi-Fi, and internet connection.

Moreover, it weighs only 65 grams, making it much lighter than other D-Link routers. Overall, the design is quite simple and unique from other D-Link router models.

Ease of Setup

You would want a router that comes with an easy setup procedure. And, the D-Link wireless N300 router comes with a considerably easy setup. With the D-Link Assistant app, you can set it up easily on your mobile device.

Apart from that, you can also use the web-based interface to set up this router easily. You must log in to your router using the default IP address ( for doing that.

Ease of setup is usually not an issue with most router models out there. However, they might differ on the level of ease they provide in installation. The D-Link Wireless N300 surpasses many other models in this aspect. However, it does not have the highest ease of installation among all D-Link routers.


The D-Link Wireless N300 router features a WAN port and four 10/100 LAN ports. However, the 10/100 LAN ports offer a low internet speed compared to the wireless connection. So, you can usually get better performance while using the Wi-Fi.

Further, you can switch to the ethernet connection if you need a stable network. However, this does not affect the performance of the D-Link N300, as you would usually prefer wireless connections.

Internet Speed

The network speed is among the essential features of a router, and it is probably the important aspect that matters the most for the users. And, the D-Link Wireless N300 router can offer you a speed of up to 300 Mbps. And, that means you can connect it with multiple devices at the same time, without affecting the performance.

Moreover, you can also expect a high-speed transfer of audio, video, documents and image files. So, it might be a perfect choice to provide faster Wi-Fi at your home or workplace.

However, the Wireless N300 router does not offer you the highest speed among all D-Link routers. Some models can offer you a speed of over 600 Mbps, and that too in the 2.4Ghz bandwidth. So, you must make sure whether the D-Link Wireless N300 router is the best option for your requirements.


Your router needs optimal protection from rising cybersecurity threats. The D-Link Wireless N300 router includes a wide range of security features for protecting your network. And, that includes WPA/WPA2, NAT and SPI firewalls, MAC and IP filters, and DMZ. So, the D-link Wireless N300 router can upgrade the security your current Wi-Fi network enjoys.


The D-Link Wireless N300 may or may not be perfect for your requirements. Regardless, you can always expect a good performance from it. As mentioned earlier, it offers you a faster connection and speed. Moreover, it also comes with a wider range than many other D-Link router models.

Price and Warranty

The D-Link Wireless ask for a reasonable price considering what it has to offer you. You can buy it at a discounted price online. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty period, which is higher than many other routers offer you.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of a product that you must always consider. When it comes to the D-Link Wireless N300 router, you can access a 24/7 toll-free technical support phone line.

So, it is pretty easy to reach out to the manufacturers if you face any issues with the router. Apart from that, you can also visit D-Link’s official website for FAQs and other helpful information.

Reasons to Buy

Based on what it offers you, there are many reasons to choose the D-link Wireless N300 router. Here are the main ones among them:

Easy Installation

You can set up this model within a concise time. The service manuals and the manufacturer’s website will help if you need any. Moreover, you probably would not need help and can install the router easily the first time.

Stable Internet Connection

As per many customer reviews, you can expect a stable connection from the D-Link Wireless N300. And, this is one of the most important pros of this router model. It would be a good investment if your current router cannot maintain the connection speed.

Good Value for Money

You can get a quality Wi-Fi connection at a very affordable price with the D-Link Wireless N300 router, and it is one of the most cost-efficient routers out there. Moreover, you can get it at an even lower price during online sales.

Reasons to Avoid

There are not many reasons to avoid the D-Link Wireless N300. You can look for more viable options if you want to. Many customers have reported that this router does not suit their range requirements. You might also face technical issues while using it due to manufacturing defects, and some customers also find the connection cable to be too short.

Final Verdict about D-Link

As we have seen, the D-link Wireless-N300 router has quite a lot to offer you. It fulfils all the requirements for an entry-level router perfectly. Also, it is more suitable for you if you prefer using a wireless connection. Among other things, you also get regular firmware updates on this router model.