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D-Link AC 750 Router

D-Link AC 750 Router Review: An Unbiased Opinion 2022

D-Link AC 750 Router

D-Link is a name that you can trust for network components such as routers, extenders, and modems. Nowadays, a home or office is incomplete without the right network setup. And, a router is something that you should have for the right network coverage even when you are on wireless means. If you are looking for an in-budget option for a D-Link router, D-Link AC 750 router must be on your checklist.

But, is it worth your search or installation at your home? This D-Link AC 750 router review will clear your vision about this specific router. We have installed the router and tested its capabilities. Let’s check whether you should invest in this D-Link router or not.

An Overview of D-Link AC 750 Router Review

The best thing about the D-Link AC 750 router is that it is easy to set up. Even if you are just a beginner, you can easily set up the router. If you have been looking for this router, the model number is D-Link DIR-819 AC750 Dual-band router. When looking for a router, you should focus on the network speed and how much area it can cover.

Otherwise, it won’t be useful if the router can’t provide satisfactory coverage and a decent internet connection speed. This D-Link AC 750 router review will tell you whether you should go for it or not.

Key Specifications: D-Link AC 750 Router Review

Before jumping to the direct D-Link AC 750 router review, let’s look at the key features of the router. The manufacturer mentions all these specifications.

  • Model Number: D-Link DIR-819 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Router
  • Wireless Speed: 750 Mbps (2.4GHz + 5GHz)
  • SDRAM Capacity: 64MB
  • Flash: 8MB
  • Antenna Type: External, Fixed Antenna (2×2+1×1)
  • WAN: 1 (10/100)
  • LAN: 4 (10/100)
  • Static IP: Yes
  • Dynamic IP (DHCP): Yes
  • Static IPv6: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Protect Setup (WPS): Yes (PIN/Button)
  • WPA-PSK (Personal): Yes
  • WPA2-PSK (Personal): Yes
  • Wi-Fi Mesh: N/A
  • L2TP: Yes
  • PPTP: Yes

Detailed D-Link AC 750 Router Review

Let’s start with the installation process. The router requires a standard installation process. You need to connect your D-Link AC 750 router to your existing modem through an ethernet cable. The build of the ethernet port of the D-Link AC 750 router is recommendable. It’s easy to determine which one is the ethernet port (it’s yellow), and you can readily connect the modem to the router.

After you have successfully connected the router and the modem, the same thing has to be done for your computer. You can use another ethernet cable to make a wired connection between a computer and the router.

Or else, you can switch to a wireless connection by following the instructions on the Wi-Fi configuration card. This card is available with your D-Link AC 750 router. Now, you can turn on the router.

To power the router, you will be provided with a surge protector or backup battery. After you have set up and powered on every device, wait for a while. Meanwhile, all your devices will reach a stable power and internet connectivity condition. The best part of the D-Link AC750 router is that you need no specialised technician to install the router.

What we got after Testing: D-Link AC 750 Router Review

After the D-Link AC 750 was launched, we tested its abilities. D-Link DIR-819 Dual Band AC 750 router is a winner in all terms. It showed pretty good coverage when you are talking about an internet connection. The performance shown by the D-Link AC 750 router seems optimised, and the coverage area is recommendable.

It’s a primary wireless router, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a wired connection through this router. The wired connectivity comes with four 10/100 fast ethernet ports. So, you can get an uninterrupted performance in the category of wired connection. Additionally, the speed of the wired connection is remarkable.

On the other hand, the router offers dual-band connectivity for wireless connection. The first one is 2.4 GHz that provides connectivity up to 300Mbps. In addition to this, the 5GHz connectivity band supports up to 433 Mbps. The area coverage is approximately 450 square feet. However, the area coverage might vary depending upon the architecture and all,

Additional Information: D-Link AC 750 Router Review

The D-Link DIR-819 AC 750 Dual-Band wireless router has got 3 antennas to make the connectivity stable and extend the connectivity range. So, if you are looking for a router with decent range characteristics for your small apartment or 2BHK home, then you can go for the D-Link AC 750 router.

What are the performance metrics of the D-Link AC 750 router? The router is not only for vigorous browsing and other simple internet things but also for video streaming and playing games online. The router is powerful enough to provide support for high bandwidth when you are playing heavy web-based applications and much more.

Additionally, there has been no complaint registered regarding the connectivity mode. There’s no connectivity issue when you try to connect the router to any of your network-enabled devices. Therefore, you can replace your old router with a D-Link AC 750 router or make it your first router ever.

Pros of D-Link AC 750 Router

So far, we have noticed the following perks of the D-Link DIR-819 AC 750 router:

  • The decent range across the house (however, the coverage might vary under diverse circumstances)
  • Flawless internet connection
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Comparatively lower power consumption
  • Great for video calling, streaming videos, and gaming experiences

Cons of D-Link AC 750 Router

There’s only one disadvantage regarding the D-Link AC 750 router. This router is not compatible with large area coverage, and it’s suitable for small to medium-sized apartments. Otherwise, the D-Link AC 750 router is one of the must-buys for reliable routers.

Final Recommendation

This D-Link AC 750 router review will help you to decide on whether you should buy this router or not. The D-Link DIR-819 AC 750 router is a great product, and it provides the same performance as promised by the manufacturer. Whether it’s the wired connection or the wireless one, both services are great for the router.

In addition to this, if you have a great internet connection, this router will be a perfect addition to your home network. You can easily configure and secure your D-Link AC 750 router, and no doubt, it’s one of the best home routers from D-Link’s affordable range of routers.