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D-Link Cloud Router 1200

D-Link Cloud Router 1200 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

D-Link Cloud Router 1200

D-Link has offered the best cloud routers over the years, and AC1200 is no exception. Millions of people use this wireless router to secure the office network. And, it allows the users to exchange the routes of two different private cloud networks. This D-Link router helps change the wireless networks without disrupting traffic. Many large-small scale business owners have installed this high-end router in their offices. And, it has improved their productivity by providing high-speed internet.

Besides, users get unlimited intent voice calls from this device. Stream online movies or play games without any IP conflicts. You can connect multiple devices with D-Link cloud router 1200. After the massive success of the 860, D-Link released this 850L model in the global market.

Since then, it has received immense positive responses for offering the best wireless coverage. Moreover, D-Link has also added advanced Wi-Fi technology to this router. Spend a few bucks and buy the D-Link cloud router 1200 immediately.

Check the following features before making buying this wireless router:

Classic Ultra-Black Design

D-Link DIR-850L received positive feedback for its compact and ultra-portable design. Because of this cloud router’s small size, it can be carried anywhere. Though it is smaller than the 860L model, it features the latest RTL8197D processor.

AC1200 is D-Link’s first AC router which has this latest Realtek processor. Additionally, it has a Realtek RTL8367RB switch which wasn’t there in the earlier D-Link models. This cloud router features two dBi internal antennas and four LAN ports. You can connect computers, storage (NAS) devices and gaming consoles to these LAN ports.

Do you need a wireless router that has USB ports? Then, go for buying the D-Link DIR-850L model. It has one USB 2.0 compatible with the D-Link Share port Plus drive. Moreover, this single USB port supports the printer sharing 2.0 feature. Besides, this home router has a 10/100/1000 Mbps WAN port.

There are two LED indicators of this AC1200 router, and one shows the power status. And, the other one blinks when connecting to the internet. Like 860L, there are no indicators to show D-Link 850L’s Wi-Fi or ethernet status. This router also has a Reset button that can revert the device’s factory settings. You can also contact an expert for instant help.

Fast and Secure Home Networking

This D-Link router delivers the fastest internet connection in the home network. It has dual-band 802.11ac support which offers high-bandwidth connectivity. And, this helps the users to surf the internet without any hassle. AC1200’S Gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to connect four computers.

D-Link has also included the MAC filtering feature in DIR-850L, and it blocks incoming traffic from unauthorised devices. But, you need to enable this security option from the router’s interface. Once you access this setup page, tap on “Mac Filter Address”.

Head to the “Mac filtering rules” section and toggle on “MAC filtering On”. Now, enter the list of the MAC addresses that you would like to filter. Opt for the right “DHCP client” of those recently added MAC addresses. Create a schedule to set a specific time for blocking those devices. Lastly, tap on the “Apply” button after changing the network filters. Additionally, the D-Link router users should change the encryption type.

Enable the “WPA2-PSK” option to protect the routers from cyber-attackers. It allows you to set a passphrase to authenticate the Wi-Fi connection. Ensure to add at least 12-18 characters to the password. Combine numbers, letters and special characters like “@$-” to secure the passkey.

Easy to Set Up, Connect and Control

Many D-Link cloud routers 1200 users take professional’s help to install the device. But, you can do that without any technical support. First, you need to connect the router’s power cable. Plugin the ethernet cable to its correct port. Place the D-Link AC1200 router near the PC.

Or else, you might face issues while connecting the ethernet cable. Now, it’s time to plug in the modem’s cable to DIR-850L’s internet port. Wait for a few minutes and then power on the router.

Turn on the computer, open a web browser and enter the router’s IP address. D-Link has set 192.168.01 as AC1200’s default gateway. So, enter that and wait until the login page opens.

Now, provide the login details and tap on “Login” to access the setup wizard. You can configure the D-Link 850L’s Wi-Fi settings from this page. Moreover, the users can also choose mydlink service. Once done, tap on “Next” to select the Wi-Fi connection type. Then, select “Next” again to complete the cloud router setup process.

Is there any other way to Set up the D-Link Cloud Router 1200?

Install D-Link’s Quick Router Setup Mobile app on Android or iOS devices. Plugin the D-Link 850L router, open the application and choose the Wi-Fi name. Go through the on-screen instructions and press the WPS button to complete the setup. Additionally, you can set up the device from the “mydlink Zero configuration” page.

Don’t know how to access this page? Connect the mydlink-enabled to router 1200 and wait until the setup page appears. Now, follow the instructions to set up the D-Link 850L router within a minute. Furthermore, the router users can use the CD for a hassle-free router setup

User-Friendly Router Interface

D-Link cloud router 1200 has a unified interface that improves the user’s experience. Users can easily configure and set up the router from D-Link 850L’s interface. Moreover, you can change the essential router settings by accessing this web interface. Enable the QoS feature to enhance the router’s Wi-Fi speed and performance. Ensure to toggle on the UPnP feature to configure the router, irrespective of the OS.

Move to “Security” and enable “Firewall” to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the router. Additionally, you should enable UDP/TCP endpoint filtering from the router’s interface. Check whether the IP access filtering and graphic authentication are enabled.

Change the Wi-Fi connection type to “Dynamic IP” to secure the router from hackers. Besides, you can check D-Link cloud router 1200’s MAC address from this page. Users can even check the other D-Link 850L features from the interface.

What are the other features of the D-Link Cloud Router 1200?

D-Link 850L has UniFi support which can be used to access VoIP phones. Because of its UniFi compatibility, you can connect security cameras with this router. Many users connect controller devices with the D-Link cloud router 1200. This wireless router also has a printer sharing feature and two wireless bands.

Moreover, 850L’s network can be monitored remotely from D-Link’s web portal. Users can connect USB storage devices to this cloud router for sharing files quickly. Keep a backup of the essential media files from D-Link’s SharePort mobile app. And, if you can not set up the router, contact an expert immediately.