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D-Link Router DIR-601 Review

D-Link Router DIR-601 Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

D-Link Router DIR-601 Review

D-Link is widely known for offering advanced wireless routers, and DIR-601 is one. This next-generation router provides the best internet coverage. Currently, millions of people are using this D-Link N150 home router. Besides, many entrepreneurs use this high-end device to enjoy high-speed internet access. D-Link has included the Wireless N technology to improve the router’s performance. N150 allows the users to connect multiple devices over a secure Wi-Fi network.

D-Link router DIR-601’s QoS technology has enhanced the user’s gaming and VoIP experience. It has a plethora of security features that help to protect the home network. Moreover, the D-Link N150 router is compatible with the UPnP devices. And, these include printers, gaming consoles, IP cameras, smartphones and smart TVs. You won’t face internet drop issues when connecting four devices with this router. DIR-601 is the most affordable wireless router out there.

Do you need a single-band D-Link router? Consider buying DIR-601 and improve the browsing experience. Check the following specifications to get in-depth knowledge about this advanced home router:

Compact Design

The D-Link router DIR-601 can be installed anywhere in the house. Even, many bought this N150 router for its portability and sturdy design. Currently, this D-Link wireless router is available only in one colour black.

But, D-Link might introduce new colour options for this router model. Moreover, this device has four Gigabit LAN ports and an advanced USB wireless adapter. It has one external antenna and four LED indicators, and a solid green light of the power LED means the router has a power connection.

Do you know when the green internet LED blinks? This indicates the ethernet cable is connected to the internet port properly. This Light also blinks while transferring a large amount of data.

There is also a WLAN LED, which flashes green during the wireless data transmission. And, the local network LED blinks when connecting the router to ethernet-enabled computers. Contact a router repair expert when the red LED light starts blinking. The red/orange LED light indicates certain router units are damaged and need to be replaced.

Provides the Best Wireless Range

D-Link DIR-610 removes the hassle of installing additional Wi-Fi extenders. Because it can extend the wireless network range efficiently. N150’s wireless technology provides the same internet speed throughout the home. Besides, it is also compatible with wireless G devices. The DIR-601’s single-band supports different Wi-Fi standards. And, these include IEEE 802.11n, 802.3u,802.11g and 802.3.

Moreover, this router also has a super-fast WAN port which allows the users to connect to the internet. DIR-601 helps the users to transfer files and other media within a minute. You can even stream games or online movies without any issues.

But, never place the router too far from the Wi-Fi enabled devices. And, this might cause internet lagging issues. Restart the D-Link N150 router when the browser takes time to load. This will resolve the connection failure issues in the home wireless router.

Easy Installation

Many D-Link DIR-610 users consider taking professional help to set the device. But, you can install this router without any technical knowledge or expertise. This D-Link router comes with a CD-ROM, which can be used to install the router. Insert this CD in the PC’s SD slot and wait until the installation wizard appears. Go through the on-screen instructions to complete the router setup process. Turn on the D-Link router DIR-610 and check whether you can connect it to the PC.

Can you see the D-Link N150’s Wi-Fi name in the list? This means you have set up the wireless network and Wi-Fi connection successfully. But, if you can’t find that, insert the CD again and ensure to plug in the router’s power cables properly.

Once the setup process is complete, access the router’s web interface. Configure the router’s settings from this page. Choose the “Guest” mode and change the network and connection type. Set different router passwords for the Guest and Client mode.

Enhanced Security Options

The DIR-610 prevents hackers from accessing the network with its security features. Enable the WPA or WEP security option for better router protection. Go to the “Security” tab of the setup wizard to change this encryption mode. Additionally, the users should enable this wireless router’s “website filters” feature. It allows the users to set a browser list that multiple users can access over the network.

Open the set-up page, locate the “Website Filter” option and tap on “Allow”. Select the “Add” button and enter the website’s URL afterwards. Additionally, you can add the required keywords in this section. Click on “delete” if you want to remove any website from the list. Once done, choose “Apply” to save the recently added website list.

Besides, the D-Link router DIR-610 users should enable the “Firewall” option. This feature helps the users to overcome potential security threats. Along with this, it also offers a MAC filtering feature that blocks the incoming traffic.

D-Link has also included an inbound filter feature in this router. It controls the data that is received over the Wi-Fi network. Use this home router’s WPS button to activate these security functions easily.

What are the Other Features of D-Link Router DIR-601?

Most latest wireless routers consume a lot of energy when it’s on. But, D-Link DIR-610 helps the users to conserve energy. It turns off the link ports automatically when there is no internet access. Additionally, this D-Link router has a wireless LAN scheduling, and it disconnects the devices when the internet connection is no longer required. DIR-610 uses the latest power adapter, which reduces energy consumption.

Where to Find the D-Link router DIR-601’s Login Credentials?

D-Link has mentioned the login details on the label present at the backside of DIR-601. Users can find the wireless router’s password, username and IP address here. D-Link N150 router’s default gateway is, its username is “admin”.

Not aware of the DIR-601’s password? Check the user manual to know what the device’s default password is. Ensure to change this D-Link router’s password after every three months. It will secure the N150 router from potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, the D-Link router owners should also change the network name.

Access the router’s web interface to reset the password or Wi-Fi name. Or, you can use D-Link router DIR-601’s reset button to do that. And, if you are unable to do that, check the ethernet cable. With a faulty ethernet cable, you can reset the D-Link router DIR-610 to its factory settings. Replace this router unit with an expert’s help to resolve this error.