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D-Link Router Lights

D-Link Router Lights – Everything You Must Know

D-Link Router Lights

Your D-link router has many components that are crucial for its functioning. And, the lights are undoubtedly among the most important ones of them. After all, they help you identify various issues with the router or its network. The lights also help you make sure whether the router is functioning properly.

Your router’s lights might blink, stay still, or turn off under various circumstances. And, you might have to take various steps to fix any issues they indicate. So, read to know all the essential details about your D-Link router’s lights. Apart from that, we also have effective solutions that you must try if they indicate any issues.

What Lights does Your D-link Router Feature?

The latest router models come with multiple LED lights to indicate various aspects of the device. But, the number of lights on your D-Link router might differ depending on the model you are using. All D-link routers come with a light to indicate the power and the internet.

Apart from that, they also come with lights to indicate WLAN and ethernet port connections. The latest models also have a WCN light, which indicates a connection with the USB flash drive.

What does it Mean When Your D-Link Router Lights Blink or Remain Steady?

Each function that the lights perform indicates something on your router. Depending on the light in question, here are what blinking or being steady mean:

Power Light

Does your D-link router’s power light start blinking? Then, this usually indicates an issue with the power supply. So, you must try disconnecting the plug from power and waiting for 30 seconds. Then, connect it back to the power source and check whether the light is blinking. Also, make sure that the power cable is connected properly at both ends.

But, what if the blinking persists? Then, you must update your D-Link router’s firmware. If you are wondering, you can do that from the interface in the latest models. If you are using an older model, you must download the firmware update from the D-Link support website. Then, you need to log into your router’s interface and upload the update there.

Internet Light

Do you find your internet light steady? If yes, then this indicates a connection to the internet port. If there is no connection to the port, you must try restarting the router to resolve errors. As it happens, your D-link router might often face errors due to overheating.

What if the internet connection blinks on your router? If you are wondering, that usually indicates an ongoing data transmission process.

WLAN and Ethernet Port Lights

The WLAN and ethernet port lights also blink or remain steady depending on the functions your router is performing. A steady WLAN light means that the wireless segment is ready for use. And if it blinks, that indicates your router is transmitting data through WLAN.

But, what if you see a steady light while transmitting data? Then, this probably indicates an issue, and you must try restarting your router.

The ethernet port lights usually remain steady when you are not using the ethernet ports. If you see these lights not working, that might indicate an issue with its port. And, the light for a particular port should blink whenever you transmit data through it.

WCN Light

You can perform a wireless LAN setup on some D-Link routers by connecting a USB drive with Windows Connect Now (WCN) information. And, the WCN light should blink thrice if wireless settings are transferred to the router successfully. If it is steady while you can try to transfer the wireless settings, that indicates an unsuccessful transfer.

Make sure you have connected the USB drive properly to your router. Reconnect it to the router, if required, and check whether that does the trick. If the problem persists, there might be an issue with the drive. So, using a different USB drive might fix the issue in such cases. If that does not work, you might want to reach out to a technician.

What to do if Your D-Link Routers Shows a Red Light?

The Internet or Status lights might often turn red under various circumstances. In such cases, you can usually fix the issue all by yourself. But, you must apply an appropriate solution depending on what the problem is.

You can easily identify the problem by checking your D-Link router’s lights. After that, you should get a solution by applying one of the following fixes:

Power Cycle Your Router

You cannot use your router while it blinks red. So, you would probably want an immediate solution to the issue. The red light might have a wide range of causes, and temporary errors are possible among them.

You can fix that by simply power cycling the router. So, unplug the router while running and plug it back in after a minute. Then, turn it on and wait for the light to turn green.

Check for Modem Failure

Your router might fail to connect to the internet due to an issue with the modem. In such cases, you would find its internet light showing red. So, make sure whether the problem lies with the modem. Contact a technician if required to determine whether it is a case of modem failure. Then, replace the modem if it is faulty, and that should provide you with a long-lasting solution.

Cable Connection Issues

Your router might blink a red light because of an issue with the cables. So, check all the cable connections you are using with your router and make sure they are connected properly. If that does not work, you must also try replacing the cables as they might be damaged. And, that can provide you with a long-term solution if you have detected the problem correctly.

Clean the Ports

The blinking red light might also do with your router’s ports. So, unplug the cables and clean up the ports to fix the issue. If you have not cleaned them for a long time, that might explain the problem you are facing. Also, make sure to keep your router’s ports clean to avoid any further connection issues.

Keep the Firmware Up-to-date to Avoid Red Lights

Your router might keep showing a red light due to outdated firmware. After all, that is quite a common cause behind this problem. So, you must make sure whether that is the case if the aforementioned fixes are ineffective.

You can download the new firmware version through the interface in the latest D-Link routers. But, if there is a service outage, you must wait for the service providers to fix the issue.