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Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode

Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode — Is it Safe to Enable?

Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode

Sagemcom included several high-end features in the routers – Bridge mode is one of them. It allows the device to function as a DHCP server without IP conflicts. This router option lets you connect two routers without facing connectivity issues. Extend the Wi-Fi coverage by enabling the Sagemcom router bridge mode.

Moreover, you can connect multiple devices when using this next-generation feature. Sagemcom’s wireless router’s Bridge mode is disabled by default. You have to access the configuration page to enable it. Use this feature to get uninterrupted internet services.

Sagemcom router users should enable Bridge mode when playing online games. It will help them to overcome unwanted internet dropping issues. Additionally, it increases wireless security and improves the browsing experience. Open the setup wizard and turn on the bridge mode to get these benefits.

What is Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode?

Before you enable this feature, you should know what it means. Bridge mode is one of the most important networking features, and it establishes a reliable connection between two compatible routers. Once you enable this router option, the extended router creates a mesh network.

The router users can connect to the Wi-Fi from a distance when Bridge mode is on. And, it automatically disables the NAT functions, which might cause network congestion. Disable the Bridge mode if you are getting frequent connection errors.

When Should You Enable Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode?

Bridge mode might increase work efficiency and productivity, removing the hassle of installing a Wi-Fi extender in large spaces. Many use both an extender and a Sagemcom router in their homes or offices. But, this can create problems and hinder business activities.

Suppose, you want to print an image from the smartphone wirelessly. If you use an extender and router, the phone will be connected to the extender. Whereas, the wireless printer will be connected to the Sagemcom router. The smartphone will fail to connect to the printer to print the picture in this situation.

These devices need to be in the same network for hassle-free printing. The bridge modes play the most integral role in solving the problem. It lets you connect multiple devices to the same Wi-Fi network without issues.

How to Set up the Sagemcom Router Bridge Mode?

Before enabling this router feature, note down the primary router’s SSID and password. Additionally, you need to check its wireless security mode and bandwidth frequency. Once you get these details, follow these steps to enable the Bridge mode:

Enter the Default IP address

Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write the Sagemcom router’s gateway IP. Press “Enter” to access the login page.

Did you get any error messages after entering the private IP address? This indicates you have provided the wrong gateway IP. Check the product label to find out the wireless router’s IP address.

How to Check the Sagemcom router’s IP address from a Windows PC?

An incorrect IP address can prevent you from login into the router. Locate the IP address beforehand to avoid issues when enabling the Bridge mode. Tap on the “Wi-Fi name” from the taskbar and click the “i” icon.

When the next page opens, go to the “IPv4 DNS server” section. Here, you can find out the Sagemcom router’s local gateway IP.

How to check the Sagemcom router’s IP address from a Mac device?

Did you connect the wireless router with a MacBook? Open the Apple menu, go to the “System Preferences” section and tap on “View”.

Choose the Wi-Fi network the device is connected with. Select “Ethernet”, and wait until the next page opens. Apple will display the Sagemcom router IP address after this.

Log in to the Sagemcom Router

Once you get the IP address, enter that in the address bar. Hit the “Enter” button to open the Sagemcom router’s login page. Enter the Sagemcom router’s login details and click “Sign In” to access the setup page. But, if that doesn’t open this web page, check the router’s username and password.

Not aware of the wireless router’s username and password? The default username and password is “admin”. Enter that when the login page opens to go to the router’s setup wizard. Reset the Sagemcom router if you forget the password you have set recently.

Enable the Bridge Mode

Go to the “Settings” section when the home page opens. Tap on “Advanced Settings” and select “Advanced Setup”. Locate the “Bridge Mode” option and move its slider from left to right. And, the Bridge Mode configuration page will appear on the screen. Choose “Quick bridge” from there and enter the secondary router’s SSID.

Write the other router’s wireless frequency, security mode and password. Click “Apply” and close the Sagemcom router’s configuration page. Restart the router, and it will connect to the secondary router to offer you the best Wi-Fi coverage.

Advantages of Sagemcom Router’s Bridge Mode

Bridge mode is highly beneficial if you want to extend the wireless network range. Moreover, its use is not limited to small businesses. Large-scale offices and commercial spaces will be benefited from this router mode.

Don’t buy additional routers to get a super-fast Wi-Fi connection. Instead, use the existing one as a range extender using Bridge mode. Moreover, this Sagemcom router mode eliminates the dead zones, and it ensures the users won’t lose signals when far from the router.

Disadvantages of Sagemcom Router’s Bridge Mode

Despite all these benefits, this mode has certain limitations. It disables useful wireless features, like parental controls and MAC filtering. And, this can cause security issues when using the Sagemcom router. Prevent the online threats by disabling the Bridge mode.

You don’t necessarily have to enable this feature all the time. If the home router provides high-speed internet, there is no need to use Bridge mode. Only use this feature when connecting more than four devices to the Sagemcom router.

Failed to enable the Sagemcom Bridge Mode? Here’s how to fix it

Many Sagemcom router users have faced problems when enabling this feature. Usually, it happens for providing incorrect router details. This error might occur for power connection failure.

Check the wireless router’s power cables. And, if there is any wear and tear, replace it immediately. Place the router close to the PC to avoid connectivity issues.