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Sagemcom Router Reset

Sagemcom Router Reset — How to Proceed?


Sagemcom Router Reset

Sagemcom allows the users to restore the router’s default settings from the setup wizard. A factory reset improves the router’s performance and speed. It helps you to troubleshoot complicated connectivity issues. Every wireless router should reset the device after every three months. This will increase network security and prevent malware attacks.

Did you forget the Sagemcom router’s login credentials? Resetting the smart Wi-Fi router will solve the problem. A router reset wipes out all the customised settings, including username and password. It also lets you re-select the least crowded Wi-Fi channel for each device. Besides, the users can reconfigure the wireless settings after the reset.

Need to know how to perform the Sagemcom router reset? Follow this guide to get in-depth knowledge about the factory resetting process.

Difference between Resetting and rebooting a Sagemcom Router

Reboot and reset sound pretty similar, but these two methods work in different ways. If the internet is down, resetting the router might help. But, you can’t fix this connection error by restarting the Sagemcom router.

Moreover, you should restore the factory settings when having problems connecting to devices. However, rebooting will fix the issue if the router has stopped working.

When you reboot the wireless router, it turns off and turns on after a while. But, after a factory reset, the router reverts to its previous state. And, you should always reboot the router when experiencing any network issues. Resetting the device might be the last option to solve this problem.

2 Easy Methods for Sagemcom Router Reset

Resetting a wireless router is pretty easy and a less time-consuming process. You can do this without any technical support using a button. Moreover, the users can restore the factory settings from the configuration page. Certain factors need to be considered before the Sagemcom router reset.

Ensure there is a stable Wi-Fi connection. Place the router close to the PC or laptop to avoid connectivity issues. Connect the Ethernet cable properly to the router and computer’s port. Update the web browser and the Wi-Fi drivers. Adjust the router’s external antennas and check the Wi-Fi speed. And, restart the router if the Wi-Fi is less than 7 Mbps.

How to Perform the Sagemcom Router Reset with a Button?

Sagemcom included a reset button in most of the advanced routers. Use that to restore the device’s previous configuration. Usually, this button is located at the router’s back, and you need to press that with a sharp-pointed object for at least 7-10 seconds.

Don’t exert excessive pressure while pressing this button. It might damage this Sagemcom router unit. And, you have to replace the reset button for that. Release the button when the router restarts and the power LED turns green. Then, open the router setup page and change the wireless and security options.

How to do a Sagemcom Router Reset from the Setup Page?

Sagemcom router users need to locate the IP address and login information. Otherwise, you can’t reset the device from the setup wizard. These details are mentioned in the product label. But, if you don’t find that over there, contact the router administrator.

Follow these below-mentioned steps to factory reset the Sagemcom router:

  • Enter the Private IP address

Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write the private gateway IP. Press “Enter” to access the router’s login page.

Failed to login to the Sagemcom router? Then, you might have entered an incorrect local IP address. Check the router gateway IP from the Control Panel to avoid this issue.

Additionally, you can hold the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run box. Write “cmd”, press the “Enter” button to access the Command Prompt tool. Write “ipconfig/all”, hit the Enter button and move towards “Default Gateway”. Here, you can find the Sagemcom router’s internal IP address. 

  • Provide the Login Details 

Now, it’s time to enter the correct login credentials on the following web page. Sagemcom set the default username as “admin” and password as “admin”. Write that in the blank field, press “Enter”, or click “Sign In” to open the setup page. But, if this page doesn’t appear, write “password” in the “password” box instead of “admin”. 

  • Reset the Default Router Settings

When the setup wizard opens, head towards the “Administration” section. Tap on the “Restore/Save/Upload” option and choose “Restore”. Select “Ok” when the confirmation message appears on the screen. And, the router will reboot automatically once it completes the factory reset. Now, you open a web browser and perform the internet-based work without lagging issues.

How to Reset the Sagemcom Router Password?

The wireless router users should change the password once a month, and it will reduce the data vulnerabilities and secure the device from hackers. Open a web browser, enter the local gateway IP, and press “Enter” to open the login page.

Enter the current login details, and click “Sign In” to get into the setup page. Move towards the “Wireless” section and tap on “SSID”. Additionally, you need to remove the current wireless network name.

Enter a unique Wi-Fi name and go to the “password” section. Delete the default wireless password and set a new secure password. Combine letters, words and special characters like “*@” there. Choose “Save” to complete the password resetting process.

Is the Sagemcom Router not working after the Reset? Here’s how to fix it

Sometimes, the router might stop responding after a reset. Usually, it occurs for connecting incompatible devices to the wireless router. Press the WPS button for a few seconds and release it when the status light blinks.

Follow the on-screen instructions minutely to use the router without further interruption.

Change the bandwidth frequency from the mobile app. Moreover, you should disconnect and reconnect the power cables to fix this problem. A faulty ethernet cable can prevent the router from working after the reset. Replace it immediately to overcome this critical issue.

Besides, the users should clear the router and modem cache. Incorrect security settings can block the router from connecting to the internet. Change the device configuration to resolve this communication error. And, you should also set up the Sagemcom wireless router. Repair the Sagemcom router immediately if these solutions don’t fix the issue.