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Does WiFi Extender have Ethernet Port?

Does WiFi Extender have Ethernet Port

Nothing can be more annoying than the Wi-Fi connection lost between your PC and router. Setting up a fast, reliable, and hassle-free home network is a difficult job, especially when you have a big house. If you rely on a single router, then you might have to deal with dead ends. And, that’s why users…

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Can You See Incognito History on Router?

Incognito History on Router

You might use the Incognito mode quite often to hide your browsing history from a browser. The sites you visit while using this mode do not appear in the browser history. The browser cannot use the cookies and cache files while in Incognito mode. Many router users might have the question “can you see incognito…

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How to Setup a Network Switch?

Network Switch

A network switch is a great way to expand the capacity for ethernet connections on your router’s network. Do you need to connect a lot of devices to your router and prefer using ethernet connections? Then, the number of ethernet ports on your router might not be enough for your needs. And, you must consider…

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How to Fix Moderate NAT Type

Fix Moderate NAT Type

Imagine a situation where you are about to win a multiplayer game, and a moderate NAT error pops up. And, it disconnects the game from the remote servers after a while. Most gamers think this problem occurs because of a slow Wi-Fi connection. But, this issue triggers by changing the incorrect NAT type. Gaming consoles,…

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Router’s Ethernet Port Not Working – How to Fix it Effectively

Ethernet Port Not Working

Connection issues are quite common on routers regardless of the connection type you are using. Ethernet connections are usually more stable than wireless connections. They are also more secure and often faster than the latter. However, that does not mean that ethernet networks are free from problems. Ethernet connection problems might not always lie in…

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How to Connect WiFi Extender to Router with Ethernet Cable?

How to Connect WiFi Extender to Router with Ethernet Cable

A wireless extender allows you to increase the range of your WiFi network. And, you need to connect it to your main router’s network for that. You might usually prefer to do so over a wireless connection due to its convenience. However, you can also connect the router to the extender with an ethernet cable.…

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Comcast Cable Box Blinking Blue — How to Troubleshoot?

Comcast Cable Box Blinking Blue

Comcast cable box’s blue light blinks when there is no signal or feed. It indicates the device fails to connect to the internet due to a service outage. This light also flashes continuously if something is wrong with the cable box. Ensure this Comcast product is working properly to avoid connectivity issues. A faulty cable…

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How to Comcast Business Default Router Login?

Comcast Business Default Router Login

Using your browser, you can access your Comcast business router’s web management interface in a few simple steps. All you need to do for that is use its admin credentials. Depending on whether you have set up your router, you must use the default or custom credentials to log in. You must also find out…

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What is the Best Place to Put Router in 2 Storey House?

What is the Best Place to Put Router in 2 Storey House

The location of a router plays a crucial role in the performance you get from it. And, this applies mainly when you are using a wireless network. Most people probably use WiFi to connect their devices to the internet as it is more convenient. If you do the same, you must carefully consider a location…

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