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Finding the Best Spot for Your Router

Finding the Best Spot for Your Router – Detailed Guide

The internet plan might play the most important role in your router’s performance, but you must give attention to other aspects as well. Now, that mainly includes the location of the router as it can make a lot of difference to the performance. You must find the best location for your router so that all connected devices receive a strong Wi-Fi signal strength. 

Are you looking for the best spot for your router right now? 

Follow the tips given below if you need any help with that. A good location for your router can help you ensure great performance on it. 

Why does Your Router’s Location Matter?

You might come across various performance and network issues while using your router. Changing your router’s location can fix many of these problems that often seem to be complicated. 

Especially so, in cases where the devices connected to the router’s wireless network are receiving weak signals. Now, that is mainly because the position of your router makes a lot of difference to the signal strength you receive. 

Your router must not be too far away from the devices using its wireless network. Since people mostly use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, the router’s location has become more important than ever. After all, the location would not have mattered if you were using an ethernet connection. 

Distance from the connected devices is not the only thing to consider while choosing your router’s location. You must also consider various other things, we shall see: 

8 Tips to Find the Best Spot for Your Router

You might already know various important tips regarding router placement, but there is probably more to learn on this topic. Go through the following tips and apply them to get the best spot for your router:

  1. Do not Place it on the Ground

You might have seen most people placing their routers on an elevated place and you must do the same. After all, you would want the signals to cover the areas where the connected devices are located in. Also, you would want them to do that without facing much interference or obstacles. Thus, you should avoid placing the router on the ground. 

What if you are placing the router on the second floor of your home? In that case, you might want to place the router near the ground. So, you still do not need to place the router on the ground in case of two-storeyed houses. The best spot for your router depends on which floor you are placing it on in such situations. 

On the first floor, you must keep your router as close to the ceiling as possible. As mentioned earlier, you must place it as close to the ground as possible on the second floor. 

  1. Keep it in the Direct Line of Your Sight

Is your router placed away from your line of sight? You might get better performance by placing it within your line of sight instead. This can help you fix the performance and network issues on your router in many cases. So, you might want to apply this tip if you have not tried it yet. 

Fewer obstructions to the signals mean that the connected devices would receive a stronger Wi-Fi connection. 

Is it possible to remove the objects lying between you and your router? 

If yes, then you must relocate them to remove obstructions to your router’s signals. Alternatively, you can find a location where there are not any such obstructions. 

  1. Minimise the Number of Walls Between You and the Router

Is it impossible for you to place the router in your line of sight? In that case, you must try to minimise the number of walls between you and the router. Now, this will help you ensure the least amount of obstruction possible to your Wi-Fi signals. As a result, you might find better performance on your existing Wi-Fi network. 

This tip can help you get a good performance from your router in most cases. Also, it is quite an important step that many experts might recommend to you. You must also avoid any other dense objects other than walls between you and your router. 

  1. Keep it away from Cabinets and Storage Spaces

Cabinets and storage spaces are quite commonly used as spots for placing routers. However, you might want to avoid doing that as it can affect your WI-Fi performance significantly. 

After all, the signals would bounce within the cabinet or storage space if you place them there. The same applies in situations where you place the router close to other objects. 

So, you must find a space where there are not many objects around the router. It should be placed in a location from where it can send its signals properly in all directions. Any spot where your router cannot seem to do that is not a good one. 

  1. Place it at a Central Location

You would want all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi to receive good signal strengths. So, you must place the router at a central location in your home or workplace. This would ensure that the signals reach equally in all directions. As a result, your Wi-Fi might perform significantly better if it was facing issues earlier. 

You might sometimes fail to place the router at a perfectly central location. In such cases, you should try to place it as near to the centre of your home or office as possible. Now, that can help you ensure optimal performance on your Wi-Fi network as well. You must not ignore this crucial tip while choosing a spot for your router. 

  1. Keep Other Wireless Devices away from it

Two wireless devices would get in conflict if they are placed near each other. This applies to your router as well apart from other devices. Any conflict between your router and another wireless device significantly affects your Wi-Fi performance. So, you might want to place wireless devices as far away from your router as possible. 

Have you placed your smartphone or laptop near your router? If yes, then you must move them away from it right away. After all, these devices transmit wireless signals even when they are not working. Doing this might improve your Wi-Fi network’s performance even if slightly. 

  1. Avoid Spots with Electrical Wires and Devices

Electrical wires can affect your router’s wireless signals by transmitting RF noise. So, you must place your router away from spots with too many electrical wires. 

Are there some electrical devices placed near your router as well? If yes, then you must consider removing them away from the router. 

  1. Choose a Spot away from Windows

As mentioned earlier, you must place the router at a central position of the building. If that is not possible, you must keep it away from windows by all means. After all, the router will transmit the signals outside if you place it near your windows. As a result, there might be a significant wastage of signals in your case. 

The latest routers feature beamforming to concentrate their signals on connected devices. So, you may or may not need to follow this hack depending on your router. You must place the router away from windows by all means if it does not feature beamforming. Now, that can contribute significantly in improving the signal strength that the connected devices receive. 

How to Ensure a Strong Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Your Devices?

As we have seen, choosing the right spot for your router is all about ensuring a strong signal strength on connected devices. The location of the router is not the only factor of the signal strength as you probably know. 

So, you must also take the following steps to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal on connected devices:

  1. Kick Out Unwanted Devices

You might often find unwanted devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Kicking them out can help you fix any network performance issues you might have been facing. So, you might remove any unwanted devices from the network and apply the necessary measures to keep them out. 

  1. Keep the Firmware Up-to-date

The router’s firmware plays a very important role in your Wi-Fi network’s performance. So, you must update it regularly to fix and prevent any issues with your Wi-Fi signal. You can update from the web-based interface on many router models. 

  1. Use Extenders

Do your router’s wireless signals fail to reach certain parts of your home or building? In that case, you must consider setting up a Wi-Fi extender in areas with low signal strength. This will surely help you receive a much stronger Wi-Fi signal in the previously affected areas. 

Experiment With Your Router’s Location

The first spot you choose for your router might not be the best for it. So, you might have to relocate it several times to find the right spot. 

Are you facing issues with your router’s wireless network performance? In that case, it is time to try out various locations for it and choose the best one.