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TP-Link Router Bandwidth Control: Facts You Can’t-Miss

TP-Link Router Bandwidth Control

The internet connectivity comes with some bandwidth limits and restrictions. It indicates that every device connected to the internet has to share that limited amount of bandwidth. A home network, in general, comprises several devices that connect to the same network. Now, if any device is using high-bandwidth applications, others have to compromise with the…

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How to Fix a TP-Link Router Not Detecting WAN Issue?

TP-Link Router Not Detecting WAN

Routers from TP-Link are really good, and they can last long. However, glitches and bugs are unexpected and inevitable. Users have complained that they have been experiencing the TP-Link router not detecting WAN problems. The responsibility of a router is to send and receive data from different networking nodes. Additionally, routers support both LAN and…

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How to Connect Printer to TP-Link Wireless Router Network?

Connect Printer to TP-Link Wireless Router

You can make printing tasks easier by sharing your printer over your router’s wireless network. But, your printer and router should have a USB function for that purpose. Provided that, you can easily connect your printer to your TP-Link wireless router. Follow the steps given below if you need some help in doing that. We…

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Review: TP-Link AC2600 Router – Ideal for Everyone

TP-Link AC2600 Router

TP-Link AC2600 is envisioned to be the best wireless dual-band router. Millions of people use this device to get high-speed internet access. Enhance the security of the home network with this latest Archer router. Its MU-MIMO technology has improved the users’ data streaming experience. C2600 allows connecting multiple devices simultaneously with the same network. Besides,…

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TP-Link Router Website Block: How to Enable?

TP-Link Router Website Block

Handling a wide range of network devices can be difficult. The situation can be tricky when you are managing an internet connection at your office. There might be one or more than one website that you want to block. If you have currently bought a TP-Link router and want to set a TP-Link router website…

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How to Change Channel on TP-Link Wireless Router?

Change Channel on TP-Link Wireless Router

Interferences from nearby networks are quite a common issue in routers. It can cause your Wi-Fi performance to drop significantly. Apart from that, you might also face issues with your wireless network due to some other reasons. Changing the wireless channel can offer an effective solution in such situations. So, you might want to try…

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WDS Bridging TP-Link Router – A Step-by-Step Guide

WDS Bridging TP-Link Router

TP-Link included the WDS Bridging feature in the latest wireless routers. It allows the users to connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices with multiple access points. The Wireless Distribution System (WDS) changes the wireless links into an ethernet connection. This technology also reduces the bandwidth consumption of wireless networks. WDS Bridge function supports the TP-Link routers…

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How to Configure TP-Link Router Parental Controls?

TP-Link Router Parental Controls

The internet has answers to every query. But, it might be essential to restrict the network connection to smartphones, PCs, and tablets sometimes. Additionally, you might want to block some specific websites so that other device users can’t access them. All these functions are available under TP-Link router parental controls if you have a TP-Link…

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TP-Link Router Keeps Dropping Wi-Fi: How to Fix it?

TP-Link TL-WDR3500

You might sometimes face a drop in your router’s Wi-Fi connection, regardless of the brand and model. So, this issue is quite common in the latest TP-Link models. The more frequently it occurs, the more annoying it gets. You might want to get a quick and effective solution in such cases. However, you need not…

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