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TP-Link AC1900

TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide

TP-Link AC1900

TP-Link is best known for offering high-end routers, and AC1900 is not an exception. Since its launch in the market, many have bought this next-generation router. This dual-band wireless router is ideal for apartments and small offices.

TP-Link has included beamforming technology to increase the router’s data transmission speed. This feature also generates reliable and secure wireless connections. It reduces the latency and boosts the AC1900 router’s performance. Besides, the TP-Link AC1900 smart Wi-Fi router offers the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

This latest TP-Link router has MU-MIMO data streaming support. And, it provides the users with an access point to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Users won’t face any internet dropping issues while connecting this router with different networks.

Moreover, you can connect smart TVs and NAS storage devices with AC1900. But, the users need to set up the device first to avail these benefits. Though it is easy to set up and configure, you might need expert help for the initial router setup.

Are you planning to buy a TP-Link AC1900 smart Wi-Fi router? Check the following features before making the ultimate decision.

Compact Design

TP-Link kept the AC1900’s design simple yet stylish. Many users install this device for its portability and compact size. This router has four Gigabit LAN ports and one USB 2.0 port. Additionally, you get five high-end Ethernet ports that deliver high-speed internet.

Connect game consoles, PCs and laptops with these ports without any hassle. TP-Link has included five different LED indicators in this wireless router. The green power LED blinks after you turn on the device.

Is the green LED of the ethernet light blinking green? This indicates that the Wi-Fi enabled device is connected to the TP-Link router’s ethernet port. You will even see a green LED light flashing while changing the wireless band. This wireless router has two lights for the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands.

Further, the green “Internet” LED blinks when the internet connection is available. Contact an expert when this light is not blinking. This indicates that something is wrong with the smart Wi-Fi router’s Internet port.

What additional features do you get in the TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router?

TP-Link has included three detachable antennas in this wireless router. These are designed for offering maximum wireless coverage in a wider area. Additionally, you get a 1Ghz dual-core processor in TP-Link AC1900. It helps to get wired and wireless connections simultaneously without any disruption.

This smart Wi-Fi router must be ideal for streaming online content and gaming. It has three data streams that provide a 3x faster Wi-Fi connection than AC routers.

Experiencing issues connecting the PC to the AC1900 router? Restart the TP-Link router to resolve this complicated error.

Easy to Setup and Configure

TP-Link AC1900 smart Wi-Fi router can be installed without an expert’s help. You can set up this networking equipment without technical knowledge or expertise. First, determine the place where you want to keep the router.

Don’t place the TP-Link AC1900 router far from the Wi-Fi enabled devices. This might cause connection issues in the home Wi-Fi network. After finding a suitable spot for the router, use screws to mount it on the wall. Once done, connect the ethernet cable to TP-Link AC1900 and access its setup wizard.

How to Configure TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router from the Setup Page?

Connect the PC or laptop with TP-Link AC1900 and wait until the internet LED lights blink. Now, find the IP address of this wireless router to get into the setup page. Not aware of this smart Wi-Fi router’s default gateway? It will be either “” or “”.

Open a web browser, write the IP address and press the Enter key. Enter instead if you get an error message or the page takes time to reload.

Wait for a few seconds until TP-Link AC1900’s login page opens. Enter the smart Wi-Fi router’s default username and password and tap on “Login”. It will direct you to this wireless device’s setup page.

But, if that does not open this web interface, then check the router’s user manual immediately. Moreover, you can find these details in the label present at the backside of TP-Link AC1900. Can’t find the wireless router’s login credentials there? Contact the router administrator for instant support.

What else needs to be Done?

Once you access the router’s setup wizard, head to the “connections” tab. Change the WLAN connection type to “WPA2 Personal” from “WEP” to secure the router network. Further, this WLAN connection allows the users to set an encrypted password.

Move to the “Password “ or “Passphrase Key” section and enter a secure password. Combine letters, numbers and special characters in TP-Link AC1900’s password. And, there should be at least 10-12 characters in this passkey.

You can also change this smart router’s network name. Go to the “Network Name” or “SSID” section and enter the new Wi-Fi name. Enable the “MAC filtering” and “Firewall’ options from the “Security” tab afterwards. Tap on “Save” to complete the router setting process. Or, you can use TP-Link’s Tether app to set up the AC1900 router.

Install the latest version of this mobile app on the Android or iOS device. Ensure the smartphone is connected to the right Wi-Fi name. Open the app to configure the required TP-Link AC1900 settings.

What are the Other Features of TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router?

TP-Link has the airtime fairness feature, which boosts the overall network performance. But you need to enable this option to avoid unwanted interference. Move to the “Wireless Advanced Settings” from the router’s admin interface.

Locate airtime fairness and toggle on this feature. This smart Wi-Fi router also has a smart connect feature, and it automatically identifies the best wireless channel for smart devices.

Moreover, AC1900’s 5Ghz Wi-Fi radio is powered by Qualcomm QCA998, which improves the Wi-Fi speed. This TP-Link router’s OpenVPN lets the users connect their devices with a VPN server.

Further, its cloud services allow you to conveniently manage the home/office network. This router can be controlled via smart voice assistants, like Alexa. And, keep the router firmware updated to improve online safety. Consult with a router expert before changing the settings of TP-Link AC1900.