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TP-Link AC2600 Router

Review: TP-Link AC2600 Router – Ideal for Everyone

TP-Link AC2600 Router

TP-Link AC2600 is envisioned to be the best wireless dual-band router. Millions of people use this device to get high-speed internet access. Enhance the security of the home network with this latest Archer router. Its MU-MIMO technology has improved the users’ data streaming experience. C2600 allows connecting multiple devices simultaneously with the same network. Besides, this advanced router is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux devices.

TP-Link has included effective security measures in AC2600. Many entrepreneurs use this device to secure the office network from cyber-attacks. It offers the best Wi-Fi coverage and reduces bandwidth usage.

Moreover, TP-Link AC2600 provides a stable and secure wireless connection. Transfer large files within minutes using this high-end wireless router. Play intensive multiplayer games, like Valoranty, without lagging issues. It won’t break your budget to buy this dual-band router.

Let’s check the exclusive features of the TP-Link AC2600 router:

Design & Connectivity

C2600 AC2600 has a sturdy and compact design. Many use this router for its portability and easy to use features. It has one power and four RP-SMA antenna connectors. TP-Link has added four built-in Gigabit LAN ports and one WAN port in AC2600.

And, there are no LED indicators for the ethernet ports. But, it has one LAN LED which blinks when connecting the computers. TP-Link router users can also connect game consoles and smart TVs in this port.

Additionally, it is equipped with two USB 3.0 ports to connect storage devices. There are plenty of vent slots in this TP-Link product. AC2600 has 7 green LED light indicators. The green power LED blinks when the device restarts or after the firmware update. Ensure the power adapter is connected to the router when the light stops flashing. There is also an Internet light that flashes white when connecting to the PC. And, the orange Internet LED indicates there is no Wi-Fi connection.

What does the other TP-Link AC2600 Router’s LED Light indicate?

C2600 has two wireless LED lights – one for the 2.4Ghz band and the other is for the 5Ghz radio. These wireless connection lights blink while switching from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz. And, the LED stops flashing when you disable the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Access the router’s web interface to change the bandwidth frequency. Otherwise, you can do that in seconds from the Tether app.

There is also a WPS light in the TP-Link AC2600 router. It flashes while setting up the device using the WPS button, and it will continue blinking for 2 minutes and turn off after that. Add the client network to the device when the LED is flashing.

Never hold the WPS button for more than 2-3 seconds, and it might cause connection issues in the TP-Link AC2600 router. Contact an expert if you can’t configure the device in the WPS method.

Moreover, there is also a USB LED light in this dual-band router. It flashes green when connecting compatible USB flash drives, and it stops blinking when the router identifies the storage medium.

Is this LED light not blinking after connecting the USB devices? Then, you might have plugged in the flash drive in an incorrect port. It could be because of changing the router settings. Remove the USB device and connect it again to resolve this error.

Processor and Storage

Archer C2600 has the latest Wi-Fi technology, including a dual-core IPQ8064 processor. It also features a Qualcomm Atheros QCA8337 ethernet switch. TP-Link integrated Qualcomm’s 802.11ac MU-EFX chipset in AC2600. This router’s 2.4Ghz band offers an average data transmission speed of 800Mbps. And, its 5Ghz bandwidth delivers 1733Mbps Wi-Fi speed.

Place the TP-Link router close to the computer or laptop. Otherwise, you might face issues while accessing the internet. Additionally, the AC2600 router comes with 512GB RAM and 32MB flash storage.

Do you need more storage space in the device? Consider buying TP-Link’s A10 AC2600 router. Or, you can even go for the Archer C2300 to store more cache entries.

Setup & Configuration

TP-Link AC2600 can be installed without technical support. Users can mount this device in the wall using the screw slots. Moreover, this wireless router is designed to be placed on a flat surface.

Keep C2600 in the office/home desk to get uninterrupted internet services. Access the dual-band router’s web interface to complete the setup process. And, it is important to acknowledge the default gateway IP before that.

Not aware of TP-Link’s private IP address? Right-click on the Wi-Fi network name and locate “Open Network and Sharing Center”. Wait until the next window opens, click on “Connections” and choose “Wi-Fi”. Select “Details” from the wireless network status window. Navigate to “IPv4 Default Gateway” to find the router’s IP address.

Now, open a reliable web browser, go to the address bar and write the gateway IP. Enter “admin” in the password and username field and click “OK”. It will open TP-Link AC2600’s configuration page.

Cannot access the wireless router’s web interface? An incorrect IP address can cause this issue. Enter “” as the AC2600’s default gateway to open the setup wizard.

How to Configure TP-Link AC2600 Router?

TP-Link has included exclusive security features in AC2600. Configure the security settings by going to the “Advanced’ menu. Toggle on the SPI Firewall and Denial of Service protection feature. Change the Quality of Service settings to prioritise the device’s incoming traffic. And, the NAT forwarding menu allows you to set up VPN servers.

Enable the port triggering to open data ports when LAN devices require the internet. Do you need to troubleshoot connection issues? Go to the “System Tools” section and click on the diagnostic options.

Additionally, TP-Link AC2600 users should change the WAN type. Move towards the “Security” tab to change the encryption type. Set a secure password and network name (SSID) from there. Don’t forget to enable the MAC filtering and QSS feature.

Who can use the TP-Link AC2600 Router?

Certain system requirements must be included in the list before buying AC2600. Without a compatible cable or DSL modem, you can’t use this router. Additionally, this router can be configured from Internet Explorer 11 version.

Install Chrome’s 20.0 version to access its web interface. Get Firefox 12.0 on the Windows computer to use this router. Switch to Safari 4.0 to 3.2 to set up the device from the admin interface. Contact the router administrator if you are facing issues configuring the router.