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IGMP Snooping: Should You Enable it or Not?

IGMP Snooping

Multicast traffic addresses many IP addresses rather than a specific IP address. Earlier, the unicast mode failed to handle excessive network load and bandwidth. Thus, IGMP Snooping came into play, and network switches use this protocol to determine multicast groups. A multicast group is a colony of computers or network-enabled devices that receive the same…

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Google WiFi vs Netgear Orbi: Which One is More Reliable?

Google WiFi vs Netgear Orbi

Do you dream of a seamless wireless network around your home? Countless Wi-Fi systems are available in the market to turn your home into a smart or advanced premise. It’s extremely significant in terms of internet and relative connectivity. If you own numerous network-enabled devices, such as PCs, home appliances, TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, voice…

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BGW210 Broadband Light Blinking Red: How to Fix?

BGW210 Broadband Light Blinking Red

AT&T offers trustworthy and competent internet and cable TV services. It’s even better if you use AT&T modem routers in your home network to avail connections around your house. BGW210 is one of the most demanding modem routers launched by AT&T Inc. Once you have registered yourself to get telecommunications services from AT&T. There are…

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Is 50 Mbps Good for Gaming Experience?

Is 50 Mbps Good for Gaming Experience

Internet connectivity comes with a diverse magnitude for everyday lifestyle. Whether it’s normal browsing, streaming content, social media platforms, or gaming- everything requires an internet connection. However, one expects that the internet connection’s speed should be good enough so that you should not come across buffering. The speed of internet connectivity plays a vital role…

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Belkin Router Lights Meaning: Why Orange and Blue Lights Keep Flashing?

Belkin Router Lights Meaning

Belkin routers show off green or white light when they are properly connected to the internet, mostly. And, like any other router, Belkin router lights meaning indicate what’s going on with that particular router. If you are experiencing a solid orange or flashing orange light, then there’s something wrong with your Belkin router. Users have…

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Aerohive Router Login – How to Proceed?

Aerohive Router Login

Aerohive is best known for offering high-end and durable routers. These devices have improved millions of users’ browsing experiences. Aerohive routers deliver high-speed internet and come with incredible features. These networking equipment have multiple radios which provide 802.11b/g/n connection. Even Aerohive’s wireless routers are ideal for home and office use. Most of its latest routers…

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Hitron Router Login – Everything You need to Know

Hitron Router Login

Hitron is known for offering quality networking equipment – routers are no exception. Their routers are hard to compete with when it comes to performance. Hitron’s routers have next-generation features which improve the user’s browsing experience. Besides, these wireless devices offer high-speed internet and have MoCA support. The Hitron routers have DOCSIS compatibility, which helps…

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All routers have a public IP address and a private one. The public IP address connects your device to the internet. And, the private IP address helps you gain access to your router’s private network. You can use it to make various customisations to your router. So, it is an important requirement for logging into…

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Fix Bell Router Error 1102 (3 Easy Hacks)

Bell Router Error 1102

Internet troubles are unwanted, especially when the entire world is about to witness the 5G network. Still, we are facing minor hiccups in connecting to the internet, and it’s quite frustrating. If you’re using Bell Internet Wi-Fi devices, then you might have come across different errors that might halt the internet connection. Bell Router error…

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