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Xbox One Can’t Get an IP Address

Xbox One Can’t Get an IP Address [Solved]

Over the years, users have reported different network issues with Xbox One consoles. Xbox One can’t get an IP address – one of the most recurring errors while connecting the console to a wired or wireless network. 

Fortunately, we have come across a few tried and tested solutions that can help your Xbox One console restore its IP address. Perform them one by one and check if they mitigate the issue. Let’s get started:

7 Fixes to Eradicate Xbox One Can’t Get an IP Address

Since Xbox One can’t get an IP address from the connected router or modem, you can’t connect the device to the internet. After all, IP addresses are numerical tags of any network-enabled device. So, you can’t connect your gaming console to the internet if it lacks an IP address.

Your modem or router might fail to assign IP addresses to your gaming consoles due to 2 prime causes. The router might suffer from malfunctioning. Otherwise, all the available IP addresses are already in use by other connected devices.

Before you try complicated tricks to bypass the obstacle, go through these primary steps. First, make sure that you connect the gaming console to a router that broadcasts its name. Next, enter the right Wi-Fi password carefully on your Xbox One console. 

Therefore, it can securely connect to the intended router and get an IP address. If you still get an error that says, ‘Xbox One can’t get Teredo IP address’, follow the steps below.

1. Reboot Xbox One and Additional Network Hardware

Power cycling or rebooting the console, router, and other network gears might help you in the given circumstances. Start by unplugging the power cable from the gateway, router, or modem. 

If you have different network gateways, such as an individual router and modem, unplug them from corresponding power sources. Keep them like that for 5 minutes or so.

Now, return to your Xbox console and follow the guidelines below:

  • Long-press the Xbox button from the centre of the respective controller. This should take you to the Power Centre of Xbox.
  • Now, choose Restart Console, followed by the Restart option.
  • If the console is freezing, you must press and hold the Xbox button for at least 10 seconds. This should turn off the console.
  • Next, touch the Xbox button to power the console.

After restarting the console and the 5 minutes are over, you have to plug in the power cables of your internet gateway. Wait until all the lights on the corresponding devices return to normal. Now, you can test your Xbox One’s internet connection using the following path:

  • Navigate to Profile & System and click on Settings.
  • Afterwards, choose General, followed by Network Settings.
  • Click on Test Network Connection.

If you notice an unsuccessful connection, proceed with the next troubleshooting methods.

2. Avoid Wireless Interference

Electromagnetic interference from another wireless signal might interrupt your Xbox experience. That’s why probably your Xbox One can’t get an IP address. Microwave ovens, wireless headsets, baby monitors, air conditioners, CRT televisions, etc., are common sources of active interference.

On the other hand, passive interference can also disturb your network connectivity. This happens when any wireless signal passes via objects. As a result, the wireless signal can get refracted and weakened. Glass, concrete, copper piping, mirrors, plaster, tiles, and so on can cause passive interference. 

Ensure you can avoid such interference while connecting your Xbox console to a router. In addition, your Xbox One should be within a range of up to 50 feet from your router. Disconnect third-party wireless headsets to inspect whether it removes the error.

If you suspect any device causes active interference or comes between your console and router, just turn it off. Moreover, change the wireless channel by referring to your router’s user guide or website. Then, check whether Xbox One keeps saying can’t find an IP address.

3. Enhance Wireless Connectivity Strength

Weak wireless connections can also indicate that the Xbox One can’t get Teredo IP address. The settings called ‘Detailed Network Status’ of Xbox can show you the wireless signal strength of the connecting Wi-Fi. To reach this option:

  • Explore the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Next, navigate the following path: Profile & System → Settings → General → Network Setting.
  • Now, choose Test Network Speed & Statistics.

If the signal strength is less than 0%, then you can try the following instructions to amp up the connectivity:

  • Keep your router away from dense objects such as walls and metals.
  • In addition, don’t keep your Xbox console in an enclosed centre such as a TV stand or bookshelf.
  • Moreover, minimise the distance between your wireless router and the Xbox One console.
  • Consider a wireless repeater to avoid weakening of wireless signal.

Aim for these modifications and check if your Xbox console can fetch an IP address and connect to the wireless network.

4. Modify MAC Filtering

MAC filtering enables routers to prevent unauthorised network access. In addition to this, MAC filtering can lead to a hindrance in connecting your console to the desired router. 

If your router has MAC filtering enabled, then there are 2 things you can do:

  • Turn off MAC filtering now and check whether your Xbox One can get an IP address.
  • Otherwise, you can register the Xbox One’s MAC address in the router’s authorised list.

Try disabling MAC filtering for your router and verify whether it works. Otherwise, add your console’s MAC address to the router’s authorised MAC address list. How can you get the MAC address of your Xbox console? The following guidelines will tell you how:

  • Press the Xbox button.
  • Then, choose Profile & System, followed by Settings.
  • After that, select General and navigate to Network Settings.
  • Opt for Advanced Settings and look for MAC Address.

Note down the MAC Address and input this on your router’s authorised list of MAC addresses. Now, inspect whether the ‘Xbox One can’t get an IP address’ problem disappears.

5. Connect Your Xbox console to a Router with Cables

Your router may face a malfunction while assigning an IP address to your Xbox One console over wireless means. However, there’s a clever way to bypass this wireless glitch. You may restore the connection this way, even when the Xbox One WiFi can’t get an IP address.

All you have to do is to establish a wired connection between your Xbox One device and the router. This should automatically get your Xbox console the required IP address if it were a wireless network issue for the internet gateway. So, check out how you can connect your Xbox One directly to the router:

  • Grab a compatible network cable and plug its one end into your router’s port. Ensure that the cable is of a considerable length.
  • Afterwards, insert the network cable’s other end into your console’s port.
  • Now, you can test the connection.

If your Xbox One gets an IP address after a wired connection, the glitch lies in the wireless connectivity. You should update the router’s firmware to resolve the issue. Outdated firmware can deteriorate your experience with administrative, security, and network protocols.

Visit your router manufacturer’s website to explore how you can update its firmware.

6. Double-Check Cable, Port, and Networking Hardware

Have you connected your gaming console to your router via wired means, and still, the Xbox One S can’t get an IP address? Test the connecting Ethernet cable and ensure that it’s working. Additionally, you can get a replacement Ethernet cable and see whether it helps your console regain an IP address.

On the other hand, test the connecting port on your Xbox console and networking device. Switch the current port with another port on your router and modem to notice if it works out.

7. Test Your Console in a Different Place

This might sound weird, but that’s the only way to understand whether your console has serious issues. Additionally, this will clarify whether your router is compatible with your console. 

Therefore, disconnect your console and take it to your friend or relative’s house. Then, connect your gaming console to their wireless network from scratch. And, notice if it says that your Xbox One can’t get an IP address.

Further, contact your Internet Service Provider if the Xbox can connect to the internet at that other location. However, if you receive the same error even after changing your location, then it might be banned. So, contact the Xbox Enforcement team to learn more.

In Conclusion

These above-mentioned potential solutions should sort out the issue when your Xbox One can’t get an IP address. If you are still stuck on the error, then seek expert advice. The fault might be at your Xbox console or the router. Only a professional can mitigate the hardware problem and suggest the next step.

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