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BGW210 Broadband Light Blinking Red

BGW210 Broadband Light Blinking Red: How to Fix?

BGW210 Broadband Light Blinking Red

AT&T offers trustworthy and competent internet and cable TV services. It’s even better if you use AT&T modem routers in your home network to avail connections around your house.

BGW210 is one of the most demanding modem routers launched by AT&T Inc. Once you have registered yourself to get telecommunications services from AT&T. There are chances that you have received the BGW210 modem router.

Users have been complaining that they have been experiencing the BGW210 broadband light blinking red. Generally, the broadband light on any router detects the internet status of the entire network. If it’s blinking red, then it indicates that it’s an unstable internet connection.

Chances are there that the gateway fails to work properly. On the other hand, if BGW210 can’t receive the DSL or signal, its broadband light can give you a red flash.

If the gateway can’t connect to the Internet Service Provider’s network, you can experience the same BGW210 broadband light blinking red issue. Fortunately, you can fix this issue using the following solutions:

Is there a Service Outage?

AT&T is the Internet Service Provider for your network. If you are facing the BGW210 broadband light blinking red issue, then it might be a service outage. You can directly check the dedicated address for the outage site on AT&T’s behalf.

The site will let you know if anything is wrong with the internet service in your area right now. If you have experienced a storm or any other natural calamity, then it’s quite obvious to come across such a service outage.

Additionally, it can be a power outage that makes the internet unavailable. The site should have mentioned the reason along with the status of the internet connectivity. If everything is up according to the site status, then you can try other fixes mentioned below.

Power Cycle Your Modem Router

Since AT&T BGW210 is a modem router, you can simply restart this device to power cycle the entire network. Additionally, restarting the network device can remove the glitch from the system and unplug the gateway.

Follow the instructions for successful elimination of the BGW210 broadband light blinking red:

  1. Switch off the BGW210 modem router.
  2. Detach its power plug from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds to 60 seconds before you plug in the power cable back into the power supply.
  4. After you have connected the power cable to the electrical outlet, turn on the modem router.

If you have a separate modem and router, then you have to repeat the same process individually for the router and modem. Make sure that you turn on the modem first and then power on the router after turning them off.

Reposition the Device

If the modem router fails to get the DSL signal from the source, then you can encounter the BGW210 broadband light blinking red issue. The position of your modem router matters. Therefore, you should check if your mode router is receiving any kind of network interference, and it might be the reason for the blinking red light.

There should be no concrete wall between the modem router and the primary modem. Additionally, make sure that no home appliance is interfering with the signal the modem router receives. Before you try any other complicated solution, try repositioning your router.

Examine the Connections of the Device

Believe it or not, a loose wired connection can let you suffer from the BGW210 broadband light blinking red. Check every connection and connector manually. It’s even better if you can disconnect every wired connection and reconnect it firmly.

You should pay attention while reconnecting cables and connectors. There should be a green DSL broadband cable connected to your modem router from AT&T. Check if it perfectly sits in its position.

On the other hand, you might come across corrosion while checking the cables and connectors. If it’s the situation, then you should replace them.

Reset the Modem Router

In case nothing turns out to be successful to eradicate the BGW210 broadband light blinking red, then you should try resetting the device. However, keep in mind that you have to begin everything from scratch once you reset the modem router. The router will be reverted back to its default factory settings.

Hence, we suggest you backup your network name, Wi-Fi password, and other networking preferences before you reset the network device.

Here’s how you can reset your AT&T modem router:

  1. Find out the reset button on the device. It’s generally situated beside the power input.
  2. Get something pointed to press and hold the reset button. You have to hold the reset button for 10 seconds minimum.
  3. If you release the button before 10 seconds, then the gateway won’t reset. Instead, it will only reboot.
  4. Therefore, make sure that you hold the button for 10 seconds. After that, you can release the button, and the modem router will restart.

This should mitigate the BGW210 broadband light blinking red issue. And, the broadband light will turn solid green.

Alternative Way to Reset the Device

You can use the gateway interface of the AT&T router to reset the device. Thus, you can confirm the reset process with a few clicks. Go through the following guidelines:

  1. Explore a web browser and provide the router’s default gateway, that is
  2. Hit the Enter key and it will take you to the Gateway Interface.
  3. Now, go to Settings and navigate to the Diagnostics option.
  4. Locate the Resets category and select it.
  5. Click the Reset to Factory Default State to reset the modem router.
  6. If you are using the NVG gateway then click on the Reset Device option under the Resets category.

What if Nothing Works?

If the BGW210 broadband light blinking red is still bothering you, then you should contact the customer support of AT&T telecommunications. They can tell you what’s wrong with your modem router. It can be a hardware fault, and their technicians might resolve it for you. Otherwise, you can go for a replacement of the networking device.