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Belkin Router Lights Meaning

Belkin Router Lights Meaning: Why Orange and Blue Lights Keep Flashing?

Belkin Router Lights Meaning

Belkin routers show off green or white light when they are properly connected to the internet, mostly. And, like any other router, Belkin router lights meaning indicate what’s going on with that particular router. If you are experiencing a solid orange or flashing orange light, then there’s something wrong with your Belkin router.

Users have reported that they have come across an orange, amber, or blue light when the Belkin router is not functioning properly. Therefore, if you’re experiencing any of these light schemes, you should know what they mean and how to overcome the situation.

Let’s find out what you should learn from Belkin router lights meaning.

When the Belkin Router Shows a Solid Orange Light?

If it’s a solid orange light on your Belkin router, then it simply interprets that the router currently connects to the modem. But, the modem is not connected to the internet, and so the router can’t connect to the internet. So, the solid orange LED among Belkin router lights meaning hints that you can’t browse the internet.

When the modem is not connected to the internet, there’s nothing you can do. Your Internet Service Provider may fail to connect you. This will be resolved once your ISP restores your internet connection. Contact your ISP and check if there’s anything wrong with the connection.

If there’s no issue at your ISP’s end, then you can power cycle both your modem and router. Additionally, you can re-configure your router and observe if that changes the circumstances.

Belkin Router Flashing an Orange Light

There are many possible reasons behind the Belkin router lights meaning and flashing orange only. Your Belkin router probably can’t detect the mode, which is why you are facing an orange light on your Belkin router.

Here are the reasons behind your Belkin router flashing an orange light:

  • The modem is not active or turned off
  • Belkin router doesn’t connect to the modem via a cable
  • The modem fails to get a stable internet connection
  • Slow internet connection
  • Improper configuration of Belkin router
  • IP address conflict between the Belkin router and other network accessories around
  • Overheating router
  • Outdated firmware issues

How to Fix Blinking Orange Light on Belkin Routers?

You can apply numerous solutions to your Belin routers to recover them from a blinking orange light. Let’s try them and check if you can eliminate the flashing orange light from your router.

Power Cycle Router-Modem Duo

It’s better to go for the easiest solution available for resolving the Belkin router lights meaning problem, and when it’s blinking orange. Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. First, detach the power cable from both the router and modem devices. Wait 20 seconds or so.
  2. Then, you can plug those power cables back into your router and modem.
  3. Restart your Belkin router and modem and wait at least 20 seconds before you start them again.

Now, you can connect your PC to your Belkin router and check if the orange light is still blinking on your router.

Get a Belkin Router Firmware Update

Another workaround for Belkin router lights meaning should be updating the router’s firmware. Users have claimed that updating the Belkin router’s firmware has helped in mitigating the error.

Note down your Belkin router’s model and version number. Go to the official website of Belkin support and search for the latest firmware for that particular router model and build number.

Download the file and log in to the web interface of the Belkin router. Select the Utilities option from the left navigation panel. Once it expands, go with the Firmware Update option. Browse to your recent firmware update’s folder.

Select the specific firmware folder. Next, click the Update option and follow on-screen instructions. This will update the firmware of the Belkin router.

Reset your Belkin Router

Many users prefer hard resetting their Belkin routers before contacting the official Belkin support or the Internet Service Provider. You can do the same to discard the Belkin router lights meaning error:

  1. Ensure the  Belkin router is turned on while performing the hard reset on your router.
  2. Check your router’s rear side and locate the Reset button. You can also refer to your router’s user manual for the exact position of the Reset button.
  3. Grab a paper clip or pen to press and hold the Reset button for 10 to 20 seconds.
  4. Release the button when all LEDs on the Belkin router start flashing.

Don’t try rebooting or turning off the Belin router when the router is going through a reset procedure. Once it finishes restarting and retains a solid green light, you can connect to the router.

Belkin Router Lights Meaning: What do other Colours Indicate?

When your Belkin router shows no light on it, then it simply means that the router is powered off. Apart from showing off a solid or blinking orange light, the Belkin router lights indications differ based on the colour.

If your Belkin router comes up with a solid green, blue, or white light, then it means that your router is successfully connected to the internet. It means that you should expect a solid blue, white, or green light on your router when there’s no issue.

However, it’s not true if the same lights are blinking on your router. If you notice that your Belkin router flashes green, blue, or white lights, it indicates that it is rebooting. And, you already know when the router should blink orange or show solid orange.

What to do if Belkin Routers Flash Blue and Orange Lights Simultaneously?

Several users have reported this case. You can try all the solutions mentioned to eliminate the orange light flashing on Belkin routers. Additionally, check if the connections between the router and the modem are proper. Hopefully, this guide is helpful for Belkin router lights meaning.