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Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum

How to Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum (Step-by-Step Guide)

Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum

Smart Wi-Fi combines the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands to ensure the users get high-speed internet. This advanced technology extends the Wi-Fi coverage and improves signal strength. Optimum includes smart Wi-Fi in the router and Altice One.

Turn on the Wi-Fi when transferring 1TB files or playing games without ping issues. And, turn it off when you no longer need an internet connection. Is the web browser taking time to reload? Disconnect the Wi-Fi enabled devices from the Optimum router to fix this problem.

You should turn off and on the smart Wi-Fi to resolve the complicated connectivity issues. The Optimum router fails to connect to the internet due to overheating. Turn off the Wi-Fi connection in such circumstances to avoid the glitch. And, many faced problems while doing that.

Optimum is an ISP that makes turning off smart Wi-Fi on routers quite complex.

But, why would you disable the wireless functions? And, also how to turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum router? Follow this guide to get in-depth knowledge about that:

Why Should You Turn off the Optimum Router’s Smart Wi-Fi?

Before you turn off the Wi-Fi, think about the reasons to do that. Reduce the bandwidth usage by disabling the router’s wireless capabilities.

Don’t want the Wi-Fi owners or ISPs to track your online activities? Turn off the smart connect feature from the wireless router to increase web security.

Additionally, you should turn off Wi-Fi from unwanted devices to increase internet speed. Smart Wi-Fi can decline the connected device’s battery life. Disable this feature to conserve the PC or smartphone’s power.

Besides, you should never connect more than three devices to the same Wi-Fi network. It might cause internet loss issues when performing important work. Turn off the smart Wi-Fi option from the Optimum router’s admin panel to restore the Wi-Fi connection.

Here are a few more reasons why a router user needs to turn off the smart Wi-Fi:

To Disable the Internet Service

Disabling Wi-Fi does not reduce the internet bill unless you have a pay-per-usage plan. If you want to stop paying for the internet, turn off the smart Wi-Fi. And, contact the internet service provider to discontinue the ongoing services.

Fix the Slow Network Issue

Turn off the Optimum router’s Wi-Fi when the wireless devices are off. It will reduce the chances of power supply failure. When the wireless router works for hours, it can generate excess heat. And, this can damage its hardware units and prevent the device from working. Turn off the smart Wi-Fi to extend its longevity.

Moreover, you should disable Wi-Fi when the internet is slow. Sometimes it eliminates this network issue from the wireless devices. However, if the error persists, restart the Optimum router to get a faster speed. Or, you can also power cycle the router and modem to overcome this problem.

Prevent the Security Threats

You should not always keep the Optimum router smart Wi-Fi on. It increases the security risks, leading to data threats.

After the initial setup, did you change the wireless router’s default SSID or password? The hackers can access the network by entering the login credentials. Change the Wi-Fi password to protect the router from cybercriminals.

Hide the Wi-Fi name from Hackers

Disabling Wi-Fi is not enough to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the network. When you turn on the smart Wi-Fi features, they can still check your online activities. You should hide the SSID to prevent the other users from using the Wi-Fi.

Access the Optimum router’s web GUI, and head to “Advanced”. Tap on “Wi-Fi”, select the network name and click “Edit”. Opt for “Hide Wi-Fi”, select “Save”, and close the admin interface.

Fail to open the wireless router’s admin panel? Check the default IP address and login details and repeat these steps.

How to Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum on Computers?

Did you connect the home Wi-Fi router to a laptop or computer? Open a web browser, go to the address bar and write the internal gateway IP. Press the Enter key and provide the login details when the new web page appears. Click “Sign In” or hit the Enter button to access the Optimum router’ setup page.

Move towards “Wireless” and check the Wi-Fi settings from this secretion. Search for wireless radio and tap on “Disable when you get the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz band. It will turn off the smart W-Fi feature of the Optimum routers.

However, sometimes, you might not get the option to disable Wi-Fi. Double-tap on the Wi-Fi icon from the Windows device’s taskbar to turn it off. Additionally, you can press the laptop’s Wi-Fi switch to disable the smart Wi-Fi feature.

How to Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum using DD-WRT?

Optimum router users should install DD-WRT to disable wireless capabilities. It is an open-source firmware that helps to change the router settings easily.

Moreover, DD-WRT is easy to set up and configure. Most wireless routers support this firmware. But, before downloading it, check the compatibility first.

Access the smart Wi-Fi router’s settings page and go to “Management”. Tap on “Upgrade Firmware” to install the latest firmware file. And, you also need to change the username and password afterwards. Head to “Wireless”, select “Basic Settings”, and disable “Wireless SSID Broadcast”.

Now, it’s time to schedule a time to turn off the smart Wi-Fi. Navigate to “Wireless”, choose “Advanced Wireless”, and click “Radio Time Restrictions”. Select a preferred time and date when you want to disable wireless functions. Choose “Apply” to save this Optimum router’s wireless settings.

How to Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum using Altice One Remote?

Altice One is Optimum’s first-ever 2-in-1 router which contains a built-in TV box. And, you can turn off its smart Wi-fi feature when you aren’t streaming online content. Press its remote’s home button and choose “Settings” when the pop-up menu appears.

Opt for “Internet” and click “Turn off Smart Wi-Fi”. It will disable this next-generation router’s wireless features. Unplug the router’s power cables if that doesn’t turn off Wi-Fi. Contact a router expert if the Wi-Fi keeps turning off when browsing the internet.