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Router Connectivity

Can a WiFi Extender Have the Same SSID as the Router?

Can a WiFi Extender Have the Same SSID as the Router

An extender can help you expand your Wi-Fi network and fix various issues. It can help you receive strong Wi-Fi signals in areas where you otherwise cannot venture into. So, you must consider setting up one or more Wi-Fi extenders at your home or workplace if required.  What SSID should you use for your extenders? …

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Wireless Multicast Forwarding – Everything You Need to Know

Wireless Multicast Forwarding

The Wireless Multicast Forwarding feature forwards the multicast traffic in wireless devices. It helps the users to overcome the multicast transmission issues on the network. WMF uses IGMP technology to keep track of all the participants in the group. This feature is enabled in situations when the hosts need to receive a multicast. You can…

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Wi-Fi Range Extender: How to Pick and Setup?

Wi-Fi Range Extender

Struggling with wireless signal in the dead spots of your home is real when your home is much more spacious. Your router might not be strong enough to support seamless streaming at each corner of your home. It’s irritating if you have to change your or your router’s placement every time you face a slow…

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How to Setup DMZ Host for Home or Personal Use?

Setup DMZ Host

You would want to ensure optimal security for your private network while accessing the internet. The latest routers can help you with that through a wide range of settings and options. Many of them let you create a section of the network that can access the internet but not the rest of the network. This…

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Optimize AMPDU Aggregation On or Off (Should You Enable it)

Optimize AMPDU Aggregation

The latest routers offer you various advanced options to optimise your Wi-Fi performance. They can help you customise your network to suit various requirements. One such advanced option is the Aggregate MAC Protocol Data Unit (AMPDU) which is available on most current routers. You can enable or disable it through your router’s admin interface whenever…

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What is WiFi Signal Strength?

WiFi Signal Strength

Your router transfers data to connected devices through signals when you use a WiFi connection. And, your device should receive good signal strength to use the network without any issue. Otherwise, you might fail to connect to the internet or face a slow connection. So, the WiFi signal strength is an important factor in the…

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WiFi Repeaters vs Extenders: How Do They Differ?

WiFi Repeaters vs Extenders

With the latest technology, homes are turning into smart homes. The key to constructing a smart home is to have an uninterrupted wireless network all across your home. Otherwise, your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as computers, smart cameras, voice assistants, and others won’t respond to your commands. However, having a steady and stable internet connection at…

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“I Reset My Modem Now No Internet” – How to Fix?

I Reset My Modem Now No Internet

A reset has become a general fix to almost every issue ever happening to a network device. If you have been suffering from an issue with your modem, then you might have performed a hard reset on your modem. Perhaps, you might be thinking ‘I reset my modem now no internet’. Well, a handful of…

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Dish Hopper Won’t Connect to WiFi: How to Fix?

Dish Hopper Won’t Connect to WiFi

Dish Network is popular for offering IPTV services, internet connections, and so on. It’s better to get a combo of IPTV service as well as internet service. Therefore, Dish Hopper is an amazing device for the Whole-Home HD DVR experience. Dish Hopper saves more than 2000 hours of your favourite shows and movies. Users have…

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