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Router Connectivity

Dish Hopper Won’t Connect to WiFi: How to Fix?

Dish Hopper Won’t Connect to WiFi

Dish Network is popular for offering IPTV services, internet connections, and so on. It’s better to get a combo of IPTV service as well as internet service. Therefore, Dish Hopper is an amazing device for the Whole-Home HD DVR experience. Dish Hopper saves more than 2000 hours of your favourite shows and movies. Users have…

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How to Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum (Step-by-Step Guide)

Turn off Smart Wi-Fi Optimum

Smart Wi-Fi combines the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands to ensure the users get high-speed internet. This advanced technology extends the Wi-Fi coverage and improves signal strength. Optimum includes smart Wi-Fi in the router and Altice One. Turn on the Wi-Fi when transferring 1TB files or playing games without ping issues. And, turn it off when…

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Why is My Broadband Light Red & How to Fix it?

Broadband Light Red

Your router, regardless of the brand and model, features multiple lights. And, these lights may show various colours depending on the router model you are using. Red lights usually indicate an issue with a component of your router. In other words, they are a bad sign in most cases. And, you need to find and…

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How to Configure Router to Use WPA2: 3 Easy Steps

how to Configure Router to Use WPA2

Wi-Fi connection has become the key to any home or office network. Most network-enabled devices stay connected to the working router through Wi-Fi mode. Have you ever thought – if your router remains accessible to everyone, be it your home or office? If you keep your Wi-Fi network open, then anyone can access it. And,…

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Error Message 651: What does it Mean and How to Fix it?

Error Message 651

Internet access might not always work as you want it to on your Windows PC. You might come across various problems while trying to connect to the internet. In such cases, you usually receive an error message that shows a specific code. And, the error message 651 is one of the most common internet access…

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What to Do if Your Router is Unable to Join the Network?

Unable to Join the Network

Connecting your Wi-Fi router to the network isn’t usually a complicated task. You can perform it quite easily by connecting your computer to the router. But, your router might often face trouble while trying to connect to the network. Moreover, this is quite a common issue that you might encounter in pretty much all routers.…

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53: What is it & How to Fix it?

Wi-Fi Hotspot Error Vivo Y53

Vivo Y53 is envisioned to be the best Android smartphone out there. With its Snapdragon 425 processor, you can browse through the internet for hours. But, what are you going to do if the Wi-Fi connection is lost while sending an important mail? Yes! Use the Vivo Y53’s hotspot to complete the necessary work. But,…

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Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8: What is it & How to Fix It?

Wi-Fi Authentication Error Galaxy S8

Nowadays, Android devices can be connected with Wi-Fi, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not an exception. But sometimes, the device might refuse to connect with the wireless network. And, the reason behind that could be many. It might be because of the recent software update. Moreover, due to misconfiguration, the Wi-Fi authentication error message…

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How to Fix “Wi-Fi Error: Can’t Connect to this Network”?

Can’t Connect to this Network

In this remote working environment, the dependency on the internet has increased. Starting from sending emails to attending meetings, you will need Wi-Fi for everything. However, sometimes, the device might refuse to connect with the wireless network. As a result, it will adversely affect daily office productivity. Thus, if you are experiencing the “Wi-Fi error:…

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