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Show WiFi Password

Show WiFi Password – How to View Your Saved Wi-Fi Password?

Show WiFi Password

You must always secure your Wi-Fi network with the most formidable password you can come up with. This is one of the essential and most effective security measures for your router. But, you might often end up forgetting your Wi-Fi password. And, this can cause a lot of trouble in accessing the network.

Have you lost the password you set for your Wi-Fi? Then, you need not worry as you can make your computer show Wi-Fi password. The methods given below should help you do that if you need any assistance.

How to Show Wi-Fi Password on Windows Systems?

Your Windows device should be connected to the wireless network to find its forgotten password. Otherwise, you must find other solutions to this problem.

Are you using an ethernet connection with your router? Then, you cannot use the steps below to recover your Wi-Fi password.

Open the Wi-Fi Settings

Click on the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar to open its settings. Also, you can do this by going to the Settings menu and opening the Network & Internet section. You will find further options on the Wi-Fi tab. In this case, you need to check the options given under ‘Related Settings’.

Go to the Status Page

Select the ‘change adapter settings’ given under Related Settings in the Wi-Fi section. This will open a new window on your screen with your Wi-Fi network mentioned there. Right-click on the network and select the Status among the options you see. This will open another window on your screen with various details of your router.

Open the Security Tab in Wireless Properties

Click the Wireless Properties on the Status page to view the Properties of your Wi-Fi network. You will find a Connection and a Security tab on the Properties window. Open the latter, and your screen will show Wi-Fi password as black dots. Then, click on Show Characters to view the password.

How to View the Wi-Fi Password On Your Mac Device?

Is your Mac device connected to the network while you cannot remember the password? If yes, then you must proceed with the following steps:

Open the Utilities

You can reach the Utilities, through the Finder icon, at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on the Go option at the top of the screen. The menu that drops down should have Utilities, among other options. You can also open the Utilities by pressing Shift, Command, and U.

Find Your Network Name in the Keychain Access

You will find a wide range of tools and programs in the Utilities section. To find the Wi-Fi password, you must open the Keychain Access, and this will open a window where you can view the passwords you had saved on your device. Then, look for your Wi-Fi network listed there and double-click it.

Check the Password in the Attributes Section

Clicking your network name would open a new window on your screen with its details. You can check this network’s name, kind, and account from this page. Moreover, you can show Wi-Fi password using the option given at the bottom, which will bring up the password on the adjacent field.

How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password Using the Router?

Was your device disconnected from the Wi-Fi when you forgot its password? Then, there is no way to retrieve the password using your computer. But, you can do that easily by accessing your router. Here are the steps that you must follow:

Find Your Router’s Default IP Address

You must use the default IP address of your router to access its login page. So, you need to find it out first if you do not know it. You can usually find the default gateway of a router printed on its label, and the manufacturer’s website might also help you with this information.

Connect Your Device to the Router

You need to set up a strong connection to access the router’s interface. So, using an ethernet connection is the best way to proceed with that. However, some devices might lack an ethernet port. In such cases, you can simply use an adapter for the connection.

Log Into Your Router Using a Web Browser

Open a browser on your computer after connecting it to your router. Then, enter the default gateway in the search box to reach the login page. You must use the admin credentials to access the interface. If required, look for your router’s default username and password on its label or service manual.

Find the Password on the Wireless Settings Page

Go to the wireless settings page once you access your router’s interface. The security settings are located on this page on most router models. You should find the password mentioned under the security type you are using. Change it if you want to and save it somewhere to not lose it again.

How to Connect to Your Router without a Password?

The latest routers come with many new features that you did not get in the earlier models. Many of these features have made it easier for you to use your router, and the WPS button is one of them. It lets you connect to your Wi-Fi network without having to enter a password.

You have to connect this button and then connect to your router’s network with your device. However, this feature is not available on all router models. So, resetting the router is the only solution left to try, keeping aside the aforementioned ones.

Reset Your Router to Restore its Default Password

Are you unable to join your router network with any of the mentioned methods? Then, resetting the router will surely provide you with an effective solution. So, press the reset button for 30 seconds or until the light starts flashing. Then, you can access your router with the default password and set a new one.