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Potential Reasons that can Lead to Spotty Wi-Fi & Learn How to Fix

how to fix spotty wifi

In this pandemic situation, nearly everyone is doing work from home. That is why the internet connection in your home must be safe and stable. While working, playing games, or being a part of any entertainment, in your leisure time, if you witness that the WiFi signal is lagging, then get ready, you are going to witness some serious problems as well as learn how to fix spotty wifi signal.

It actually indicates that your WiFi is getting spotty gradually. Buffering videos, signal drops, WiFi turning off automatically are the prime symptoms that you will see. Spotty WiFi signals are very much annoying and can backfire your ongoing productivity as well. 

Possible causes for having Spotty WiFi

There are several causes that can lead to spotty WiFi. If your home is constructed in vintage style, then there will be thick walls that obstruct the signal. Apart from that, if your home is quite big, then there is a high chance of having a spotty signal. Unauthorized access, too many devices sharing the same network, network congestion, old router models are the other possible causes. 

Methods on How to Fix Spotty WiFi

You must not keep your WiFi spotty as it is will hamper your work. So, let’s get on to more practical matters with the best possible solutions. 

Method 1: Sit and Work near the Router

Your home can help you to maintain a healthy life, but if it is a big one, then as a result, you can get a poor WiFi signal. So, all you have to do is place your router in an open centralized area. 

After that, sit near the router to get a good and strong signal. Avoid any kind of physical obstructions. In case, you are having more than one floor and portable areas like lumber rooms, garages, and others, then you can get spotty WiFi Signals. 

Method 2: Unauthorized Access in your Network

If the security of your router is not up to the mark, then it might be prone to data theft by hackers who are looming around. They are ready to break into your network. Obviously, you don’t want that. So, all you have to do is to configure the router properly. Use the encrypted settings in the router. Set a strong 16 to 20 character password. 

The password must contain uppercase, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. While you are on the network, monitor the activities with the dedicated software provided by the router. While monitoring, if you suddenly recognize an unknown IP, block it immediately. 

Method 3: Eliminate Network Congestion

Whenever you are living in a joint family, obviously there will be many members. As a result, more people will try to hover over the same router to connect to the internet. In doing so, you will face much network congestion. So, in such cases, select a different router channel in order to surf the internet. 

If you have a 2.4 GHz frequency router, then there will be 11 channels in it. Try to choose and alter every channel and see whether you are getting good connectivity or not. According to network experts, channels 1, 6, and 11 will deliver good connectivity. Else, you can get a 5 GHz router to solve the problem with ease. 

Method 4: Upgrade your Router

A bit old router model can be responsible for slowing down the data transmission. If you are using a normal Gigabit router, then you should opt for an AC router. These routers are advanced from those ‘B’, ‘G’, and ‘N’ models. The AC routers have superb bandwidth of about 8×160 MHz to 4×40 MHz. This will help you in increasing the data transmission without slowing down. 

Method 5: Check and fix the router’s security settings

Apart from unauthorized access, overall wireless security also plays an important role in the speed of data transmission. If the network port of the router is open or using the WEP, change it as soon as possible. 

The open port of any network will help anyone to connect to your WiFi but also have a severe vulnerability. The best option is to set the security protocol to WPA2 with AES. It is an advanced technology and has more protected settings, that will help to get high data transmission rates. 

Summing Up…

All that matters for now is to identify the problem. Once you have done it, you will be able to fix them with ease. If you want a better network speed without changing the router, you can use WiFi extenders.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What does spotty WiFi mean?

Anything which is unfair, in particular in quality, is inconsistent. 
You can call the connection spot if you can never rely on your internet connections when you try to watch film.

Why is my home WiFi spotty?

See if the software updates are required for your WiFi router and/or modem. 
You may have this problem if your router is at the far end of your home from where you need WiFi. 
Try to bring your router closer to the location you want.