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Samsung T5 Portable SSD (250GB): The SSD You Can Trust

The Samsung T5 Portable SSD (250GB) is an external hard disk used for the purpose of storage. This is a similar sort of storage like HDD but a lot more secure. Due to its compact design, it’s easy to carry as well as secure. It’s only 10.5 mm thick and it has a weight of 51 grams. The size is even smaller than a business card. The Portable SSD T5 offers you access to the massive data storage on the go. You can store all the official documents as well as your personal data and still have some free space. So, if you want some extra storage for your PC or smartphone and planning to buy this SSD, then go through this article. Check out the specifications and features of Samsung T5 Portable SSD and what it can offer you.

Technical Details for Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Samsung T5 Portable SSD (250GB)Samsung T5 Portable SSD (250GB) has some exciting features that make it more secure than ever. The main highlight for this device are as follows:


The Samsung T5 Portable can transfer the data and files faster. This device composed by Samsung V-NAND flash memory. It also has 3.1 technology. The speed is for this particular device up to 540 MB/s. This is 4.9 times faster than external Hard Disk Drive. In this device, you can store HD 4K video and also high-resolution images. You can access those media anytime on the go and this is very secure as well.


The Samsung T5 Portable looks really great. The design and the built quality is perfect. It is made of metal and has a rounded unibody. It can easily fit in your palm. It has a nice blue aluminum body.

Compact And Light

The thickness of this device is 10.2mm and the weight is approximately 51gms. This device is very handy because of its compact size. It’s even smaller than a business card. So, carrying it won’t be a problem.


It comes with the sturdy metal body. So, it’s not going to break easily. Due to its metal body, it is quite safe for rough use.


The encrypted form protects your personal data. Thus, no can access that or steal any of your confidential information.


Samsung T5 Portable SSD has USB Type A to Type C which enables this device for seamless connectivity.

The Pros for Samsung T5 Portable SSD:

This device certainly has some merits to use. These are as follows:

  • Great Performance- In terms of performance, the Samsung T5 Portable delivers, it’s fast and at the same time, reliable as well.
  • Encryption- Due to the encryption in hardware, it enhances the security. It protects your confidential data. So, you get ample security where you work without any doubt.
  • Compact and premium design- As the device is very compact you can easily carry to anywhere. It has been made of metal, very classy in design and also unibody give the device a very attractive look. The metal body also protects the device from any damages. If the device drops from your hand its not going to break.
  • USB Type-C and Type-A– It allows the device to share data easily. Through this technology data and other content can be shared easily. The data transfer is from USB Type-C to USB Type-C and USB Type-C to USB Type-A. So, we can say connectivity won’t be an issue on this particular device. Therefore, anytime anywhere you can easily access your data.

The Cons for Samsung T5 Portable SSD:

There is some certain drawback for Samsung T5 Portable SSD.Samsung T5 Portable SSD (250GB) review

  • Bundled Software.
  • Expensive.


Despite all these, the device is truly amazing and one of the valued products. This can be one treated as the ultimate portable storage hub. So far, we have tried to discuss all the relevant information and all the features. So, if you are planning to buy it, hopefully, this article will be of help.

Now, if you are looking for a device which gives you the speed you certainly go for this device. This device is also secure so that you don’t have to worry about losing any confidential data. This is one of the best flash storage which companies are also using for fast and reliable storage.

So, overall we can say this is a good device which gives you great value for your money.
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