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Funny IP Addresses

How to Check Whether the IP Address is Valid or Not?

If you have a basic understanding of the IP addresses, for instance, of what they represent, then this will definitely help you in determining the validity. The user will also find the free utilities that are available on the web. This allows the users to enter a specific IP address to determine the network and broadcast IP address.

What Does An IP Address Represent? 

For your information, an IP address is a 32-bit code that represents a computer and other devices to the IP network. And this 32-bit code contains four octets, known as IPv4. After that, the octets are converted to the dotted decimal format, thus resulting in a series of four numbers separated by dots. Among those numbers, the first three numbers represent the network, and the last number represents the host. 

Indication of a Valid IP Address

There are certain protocols that a valid IP address must follow. We have listed the protocols down below.

  • For class A or large networks: to
  • In the case of class B or medium-sized networks: to
  • For class C or small networks: to

Indications That The IP Address Is Invalid

There are a few general instructions that you must know about a valid IP address. We have listed them below.

  • In any of the octets, the number 225 should not appear. 
  • In the IP address, the number 0 cannot be the first or the last number. 
  • For exception cases, the number is used by hosts that do not know their IP address. 
  • The 255 number is reserved for broadcast addressing and is used in the subnet mask. That is a code used by the IP network that tells whether the host is on a remote network or not. 


So here we have given all the required information that you need to know if the IP address is valid or not. There are some protocols for both valid and invalid IP addresses. We have listed them to make it understandable. Hopefully, this will give you a clear vision. 

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